Rag man finds a lover there are new rivals kill with a knife

Until one day, and met another man, majoring in knows he is not the only Wang Hongling. In the period, majoring and Miriam, two men had a common identity – Wang Hongling lover. Jealousy, envy, the battle between the two men, and a fight finally broke out, Miriam and even lost their lives. 16th, the Jinan intermediate people’s Court heard the case.

Found that he was not her only lover

One person, recycling, operating a laundry, a chance after their emotional entanglement for a number of years.

47, majoring in his hometown in Anhui Province, had married. To make a living, he left his hometown, little contact with his family. About ten years ago, he came to Jinan and continued to operate recycling businesses. Once, he came Wang Hongling recyclers from the cleaner, two people who know each other and become lovers.

Although there is no cohabitation, but the two met frequently, often having dinner to Wang Hongling of laundry.

Majoring in peaceful life, due to the appearance of a man to an abrupt end. He recalls, about a month before the incident, Wang Hongling calls to let him go to the store for lunch and to shop, he saw a man lying on the bed in the store, who tell their age, but tall. He “shot” to the fire, questioned Wang Hongling who this person is. Meanwhile, two men were abused.

This man was lying in the bed Mrs. Who the hell is he? Majoring in memory, after a dispute in the day, Wang Hongling told myself, Mrs day just to store clothes, they have no special relationship.

But then Wang Hongling of the testimony shows that it was just her stall majoring in rhetoric. Prosecutors presented in court testimony shows, said Wang Hongling, Mrs performing decoration work, 2005 years acquaintance with laundry renovation, about a year prior to the incident, two men contacted, became lovers.

Majoring did not knows this, he said in court, Mrs playing himself, he also picked up the smashed beer bottles to each other in the past. In peace talks with the Wang Hongling, two people is no longer disputed, majoring in leaving the laundry.

Conflict, call for a knife

In fact, not majoring in first because of emotional problems with Wang Hongling contradictions. He said Wang Hongling have families, but has been hidden on him until 2016, when told the truth at the beginning, “knows the thing, I was so angry, he departed from Jinan, went back to hometown in Anhui Province. “But no cut,” she let me go back to Jinan, I came back again. ”

Miriam did not disappear in majoring in life. At noon on June 16, 2016, he came to the laundry, only to see Wang Hongling and Miriam both are back on the table for dinner. The recurrence of conflict.

Wang Hongling advised opened two, but majoring in forgiving tone, so I call my landlord. Fortunately, the landlord time to persuade, and majoring in left.

Majoring in not gasification, he came to the landlord’s barbecue restaurant, ask the clerk for a triangular knife. This knife is a rag, he receives.

Get a knife, majoring in to a room to sleep for an hour or so. “Together, together, not together broke up. “Wake up, he said to call Wang Hongling.

This phone is not extinguished his fire, he’s going to find them, with the knife.

Meanwhile, Mrs Wang Hongling. Wang Hongling memory, majoring in left, Miriam heard her family’s air conditioning was broken, going home to visit. Get home soon, majoring in voice from outside the window.

A knife through your chest

Liu is to answer the door. Two men meet, a fire was lit. “I came Wang Hongling saw Mrs in front, his foot, he kicked me down to the ground. “Majoring in said. Fighting, majoring in took out the knives don’t waist.

Thorn a few knives, majoring in that he does not remember, “stunned”. Out of blood from Mrs body, Wang Hongling memories, he said, “on the breath for breath”.

After leaving the crime scene, Guo returned to sleep for an hour or so. He said, after waking up, realizing that Liu was seriously wounded, is preparing to borrow money when medical bills.

Why didn’t think stabbing? The presiding judge asked. Majoring in responded that doing brain surgery.

Make it big, and Wang Hongling testimony showed, after majoring in said to her on the phone, going to the police station to surrender. But in the end he was arrested. “Before it was captured, you have passed the police station, why not go to surrender? “The judge asked.

Prosecutors allege, autopsy reports showed that Liu after being stabbed knives to stab, ruptured lungs, spleen and other parts, causing bleeding, died, “one of the cutting edge, across chest, from a chest stab with a knife in, back out. “Two people fight, therefore, intentional injury charges are prosecuted.

Defenders say majoring in the Department of first-time offenders, guilty plea … In addition, in this case Mrs beating, there are some faults.

The case would choose a sentencing date. (Party name)

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