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The Roman Jewelry 101 Rome is considered as the origin of almost everything that we use today. An the idea of using jewelry trended when Hellenistic and Etruscan introduced their designs in the jewelry lovers. It was at this time that most of the jewels were adorned with precious stones and colored stones which improved the looks of a jewel. The glass was the only medium of exchange in the jewelry trade. During the reign of Augustan, the idea of using glass as the medium of exchange led to the introduction of glass jewel. The Romans designers came up with other forms of jewelry that was embraced even by conservative Romans who used to check keenly on what they were buying before the expansion of roman empire. Romans were concentrating much on conquering other nations to build a strong empire. Many designing ideas arose from these conquering activities which led to an introduction of new jewels. The designers used their expertise in designing the jewels and also used the influences from the conquest of other nation to come up with a good styling. Creation of an attractive jewelry design was the main target for this jewelers.
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The rings were designed to create a sense of belonging among women. They were the symbol of Rome. Ancient Roman ladies who belong to a certain class in the society used to wear eye catching rings on their hands. The rings were generally used to differentiate women with different levels of the Roman culture. The bracelets and earrings were also used by these ladies to add to their beauty.
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The cameo pendant was designed in the ancient Roman, and it is still used until today. the pendant is a traditional and classic piece of jewelry that is valued by women very much. The hoop earrings that were used to be worn by Roman women is now available on the market today. Many women are embracing the hoop earring designs that was developed long time ago. The roman culture very much arrives in the modern world with very many developments regarding jewelry dating back to the ancient Rome. the ancient Roman jewelry set trends that have been used for a long time where many women are borrowing this idea to select their pearls in the market. The ring that many people love wearing started all the way back in the Roman empire where it was for social class identification for women. The necklace made in the ancient past was ornamental, and it was very expensive to secure one especially if you were from a low social class.

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