Pupils in Shandong province was beaten to fracture continued: the teacher apologized to the families of parents do not buy it

On 21st, the qilu evening news • Qi Yi published the forgotten homework teacher leads to fractures reported in February this year, student Liu He (not his real name) forgot to bring homework, class teacher’s corporal punishment causes it to fracture. Interviews with reporters about the contact on the day the City elementary school principal, and the principals involved said there was no need to interview. 22nd Xuecheng district zaozhuang, Shandong province education officer called schools, female teachers involved family members, parents and students in the city schools by the met to discuss the matter.

Xuecheng District Department of education: corporal punishment is not allowed

“XING Cheng Elementary school teacher punishment thing, we only knew on Thursday, knowing that after all this contact with schools. “22nd, this reporter went to the Xuecheng District Education Bureau, Office Director Zhang told Xinhua, when aware of the situation after contact with schools and education,” recent checks in the province, Zibo, with staff to learn I was Friday, and just got back on Monday, then in charge of the Secretary reported the matter, saying let us actively seized of this matter. ”

Director said that the first will emphasize each education school corporal punishment or corporal punishment is never allowed, “Liu He’s father called me when I did say to parents, would respond the next day, but the parents first. Schools may also feel this matter can be resolved by the school because school, so has not been reported, this tripartite meeting, we will also do our best to coordinate. ”

City primary school teacher put the responsibility on schools

22nd afternoon, in, zaozhuang city, high-tech district xingcheng primary school room in, reporter see has Liu he of Grandpa, and dad and mother, Liu He Grandpa is excited, in room in, times choked, “we child of bones broken has, had has several hours only contact children mother, also is sports teacher to we playing of phone, wearing teacher know Liu he for fracture hospital, on to see has once never to, contact school also no replies, find reporter to, you also missing, if said you of child such has, you not worried? ”

Han said, teachers taught in XING Cheng Elementary School for 10 years, former students like her, is particularly responsible, I do not know why the recent special teacher change, “when she called me, and said it should be the school’s responsibility to schools is solely responsible for. This I say what now look like? I have views on teacher, contact Dai will shut down again this week, not contact. We hope he healed injuries, school will actively cooperate with. ”

Beat the teacher’s family an apology

Parents should not “buy”

Why are students in repayment? Such serious consequences, students and parents, the teacher what kind of attitude? It from beginning to end, reporters were not seen beating Dai, at the tripartite meeting on the day, the reporter saw the teacher’s husband. He said that because his wife is pregnant, he apologized to the students and their parents of the Plenipotentiary, together with the schools to solve this matter. But in the face of such a reply, he Liu’s parents said they only asked to see the teacher and does not accept its apologies to the families.

For refusing to be interviewed the day before, XING Cheng primary school and South Korea President explained, because at that time did not hear the reporters had arrived at the school door, and checks in the province are busy the last two days. “Knowing he fractures in hospital, Liu, is also the first time we passed, and also in the class wore to communicate with Liu He, but the teacher was hospitalized due to pregnancy, teacher’s husband came to settle this thing today, we teachers are proposed hospital payment certificates or other documents, but did not do so. ”

Students who to soothe pain? Who can understand the pain of the parents? Push the school teacher, teacher pushed the school, students hurt when to get up, then what how to solve the problem of, qilu evening news reporter will continue to trace reports.

(Qilu evening news • Shandong one point reporters fashion)

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