Pregnant women toilet boy “rush” was born doctors and nurses aid in a timely manner

-Reporter Zhiqiang Gao Niu Jingfang

This woman, Hua Hua, was escorted to the hospital who had stayed at home, first entered the hospital woman will want to go to the bathroom, did not think children have “eager” was born. Doctors and nurses rushed to the urinal immediately next to the kids gave up and timely relief for the mother and, also launched the green channel. Yesterday, reporters to understand.

About 10:30 A.M. yesterday, reporter contacted the hospital’s Director, Dr, according to its introduction, on March 20 at about 6 o’clock in the afternoon, Hua county hospital outpatient service Hall on the first floor next to the toilet when there was a cry for help, shouting are particularly urgent, there is a baby’s cry. The nurses and doctors on duty immediately came over.

It is understood that the child was lying on the ground next to the urinal, could not stop crying. Women squatted on the side of the urinal looked pale, there are bloodstains on the floor. No time to hesitate, Zhu Yanli immediately the baby nurses carefully lifted maternal families of children with clothing wrapped up warm. Meanwhile, the delivery room doctor Gu Bing Yu arrived.

6:30 P.M. yesterday, Gu Bing-Yu told reporters she came to clean the infant respiratory tract, good cord ligation and skillfully, you leave mother and child to the maternity ward for further treatment. The Academy immediately launched the green channel, fast for women admission procedures. After medical staff work together to rescue, maternal and infant safely.

“The baby is a girl, children 5 kg 62, very healthy. “Director, Yang told reporters.

Subsequently, the reporter contacted her husband Mr Yuan. On March 20, he came to the hospital, accompanied by his wife, arrived at the outpatient service Hall had time to go through the admission procedures, Mrs Meng felt unwell, since this is the first child, Mrs Meng mistaken meaning contractions went to the toilet. No children had been born, family members rushed out scared and ran for help, which appears at the beginning of the scene.

“My wife and daughter could safely, thank the doctors and nurses. “Mr Yuen cheerfully told reporters.

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