Pregnant women gym gym back to 10 cards were liquidated by its own

Kunming people she recently met a faux. On March 20, she going to the gym card was refused, but said he gave her 10 out of a total of denomination of 10,000 yuan for a health card, leave it to her to recoup their losses. “I do not recognize this fitness club, how is it possible to pull others to come in! ”

Customer I do not recognize how to introduce people

In 2015, ladies fitness contract with fitness, do a card, including personal trainers cost 15,600 Yuan, 6000 remaining so far no consumer. Li said that no consumption was two years gym has replaced 4 for her fitness trainer, free class fails to converge in the Middle, and also lost contact between instructor and student. She is waiting for the Club’s private teaching to enter into a deal with the aftermath, but had recently been pregnant, so I cannot continue to exercise.

Lee finally found at the fitness of legal and General Manager Mr. Wang. “He agreed to give me a total of 10,000 yuan for 10 fitness card and let me to the city Web site to sell, said a card selling 600 Yuan to 800 Yuan, will be able to recoup their losses. ”

“I do not recognize the health center, how can people come in! “Ms Lee said.

Manager contract specified no refund due as early as last year

Journalists and Lee come to hongcheng, 5/f, Mai fitness club. Club Manager said that Lee left no 50 personal training sessions to complete, but her contract had expired last year, and now want to refund is not possible.

The store manager took out a blank personal trainer agreement, articles wrote: each purchase courses within the prescribed time (every 5 lessons are valid for 1 month, single courses are valid for 1 week) finish, or as a failure, expired courses cannot be lessons. Also has provisions specify: personal training sessions after once paid will not be refunded.

In this regard, Lee does not recognize, she believes that the contract did not fail, she took out a signed agreement, sale date of March 28, 2015 only courses, course failure is blank.

Store managers said, “is going to have a baby and we fully understand that gives birth to baby, we can keep the course 1 year 3 months for her and to send 10 more lessons. There is no other treatment methods. ”

“Who knows what will be after a year. “Wang, General Manager, Lee insisted on a refund and called the phone.

Manager was overbearing clause, but not a refund is the bottom line

General Manager Wang said over the phone: “give your 10 cards are arranged, but it cost not, we will never retreat, this step is not taken. If I had to refund, unless notification of the Association or business. ”

She filed this year in a telephone “staged”, just media exposure of the personal training sessions and gym membership without refund.

“This is not to protect the interests of customers of the terms of the King, my personal consumer, I do not think this provision is absolutely reasonable, but consultation is the best way. “General Manager Wang expressed,” I understand very well where we do well, just give you another 4 coaches, I feel ashamed. But signed refund to apply directly for the boss, just cannot touch the negotiations. Either card or personal training, contract services, if you do not comply with the spirit of contract and terminate a refund, the industry may even survival difficult. ”

“So here’s 10 cards, discounted transfer, we turned the card for free, and minimize your losses. “The King said.

Society related articles shall be null and void

Kunming City Bar Association Finance Committee, Deputy Director of the Yunnan gun law firm, lawyer Xiaohui Zhang believes that fitness club protocol format terms are unfair, unreasonable, and 26th of the alleged breaches of consumer protection law provisions, the relevant provisions shall be null and void. Consumers can complain to the Association or the business sector, may bring a civil action.

At present, Lee has to name call the consumer hotline complaint, wuhua district, complaints have been accepted and transferred to related departments.

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