Police crouched in the rain if I stayed all night just to catch away from suspect’s son

Chutian metropolis daily

April 20 at a community in Huangshi, Hubei Province, after police found the suspects rented house, worried about damage to the son of the suspect was on the third day, starting at 6 o’clock in the evening in the rain, squat down until the next day at 8 o’clock in the morning, after suspect son to school, to begin making an arrest. After the arrest, suspects that the capture of the truth, was moved to tears: “Thanks so very thoughtful of you.”

Woman was online casino Chase

In 2012, Huangshi city, Hubei Province yangxin County Police received a report in yellow catfish, pelteobagrus fulvidraco in yangxin town, Wei Yuan Kou Zhen, Fu Chi town and rural, it was private to open casinos, “pumped” for profit. Police investigations, 6 people, led by Deng, a Department of the Group Organizer. Yangxin county police to arrest Deng and others, Deng and other 5 people have been arrested, but of them, a woman surnamed Liu has been on the run, police repeatedly fruitless Hunt, hence its inclusion online fugitives.

According to the police, Liu is Fu Chi town half Pik Shan farm people, born in 1973. Her husband worked in Wong Shek Pier, Yellowstone renting for a long time.

“We never give up on her over the years to catch” yellow catfish, pelteobagrus fulvidraco introduced instructor Huang Xigang Town police station, they will be regular door-to-door surveys each year to persuade Liu husband told his wife to surrender, but Liu husband refuses to cooperate.

“She had a son, 10 years old, elementary school grade 4” Huang Xigang told the chutian Metropolitan daily reporter, Liu left his son at home, had been hiding in the field, is afraid to go home. 5 years, police arrested repeatedly descended empty.

Follow it to find suspect addresses

On April 19, Huang Sangkou Cheng Hongwen, Director of the police station and get a clue, traces of Liu was found in Yellowstone. Police found, son of Liu Xiaohua (a pseudonym) in Yellowstone in a middle school reading in grades 9, will take part in the examination, in order to take care of his son, Liu rented a house in Yellowstone to accompany us.

That morning, pseudobagrus town were sent immediately to set up the capture Panel, by Director Cheng Hongwen, instructor Huang Xigang, Deputy Director Chen Kai-Yu took two police went to Yellowstone to catch. After arriving in Yellowstone, capture the Panel encountered the first problem, because Liu is rent a living capturing group did not know where she lives, to catch Liu, Xiaohua who must begin.

“But if Xiao Hua out of the classroom, then took them to his mother, cruel! “Huang Xigang proposed that no action for the time being, until 6 o’clock in the afternoon after school, Xiao hua, tracking to find Liu’s hideout.

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