Pick up a package for security police contact the owner as a liar

In MS to recover lost images

“Sorry police comrades, I take you as phone fraud cheats. “14th at noon, aged 71 at least came to Kunming South Station for lost packages, packages of more than 10,000 yuan in cash, two mobile phones, a watch and a bank card. Her bag is forgotten Kunming South Station parking lot in the evening of the first day, was discovered by patrol officers on duty, police contact the owner in time, but in women to civilian police as a liar.

“Captain, C170 parking space behind the fire box in front of a red tote bag, inside a bag. “13th 8:50, Eagle iron security guards defend HSR Kunming South Station security guard xuzhen, discovered a suspicious bag in the parking lot, reporting to duty immediately and contact the police to deal with. Xuzhen have guessed that the package may be a driver forget, contact owner by police in a timely manner, but also does not exclude the existence of dangerous goods, such as disposal of security risks in a timely manner.

Kunming South railway station Police Department police station after the police arrived, to view the package, discovered packages containing 10200 Yuan, watch 1 and handset 2. Police later found the Lady-owner contact information. Police call on MS, but MS did not believe the package is lost, phone fraud police as a liar, then hung up the phone directly and rejected police subsequently dial the phone several times. But police only via text message to Yu explained. In later carefully checked his luggage and found that his bag was gone. That evening she loaded satchel tote bag was left in the parking lot, get in a hurry to leave.

At noon on 14th owner Yu arrived at Kunming South Station, property in the inventory package to recover lost packets. Yu expressed gratitude for civilian police at the same time, also apologized for the misunderstanding of police the previous day.

Queensland railway police tip:

Passengers at the station and by bus station, be sure to check your carry-on luggage items are missing, found the luggage loss should be immediately to the police for help. When receiving a strange phone claiming to be police, passengers if you can’t tell what’s real, you can verify with the public security organs.

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