Piao gang boss double life: live garage home living in a mansion in Zhejiang

[Summary] a suspected illegal horse is one of the 8 prostitutes under Deng, but in addition to first met Deng several times, and then was never seen again. “We will begin training by the boss, about what to do, how much, and my next cut. Then teaches us how to escape police investigation. ”

March 30 at 11 o’clock, just stay Hu at a hotel in the East, huangyan, Taizhou city, Zhejiang Province, attracted by that little card in the door. Card printing scantily-clad young women, the text is extremely simple: XXX private clubs and a contact phone number. Hu know this is a visit card of course, spirit of excitement, but he immediately dialed the phone … …

This little visit cards, not only brought to the attention of Hu, is closely followed up by the police for more than two months.

March 31, huangyan, Taizhou, huangyan District Public Security Bureau, and unified operations between Yichang in Hubei Province, captured suspected of using the card-issuing, led by Deng prostitution prostitution, using social software remote control command 7 suspects, amounts to arrested 16 people in prostitution, destroy the entrenched in huangyan city, new streets and other places suspected of organizing prostitution, provoke a crime gang.

Up to now, the suspects have been arrested.

In Deng’s mansion will be caught

Boss via cell phone to arrange prostitutes “working”

The criminal gang was headed by Deng, he is 1.7-meter, wenqi low-key at first glance.

He is opening in huangyan Poussin, garage, but once returned to Yichang, home, clothing, earthshaking changes have taken place: driving millions of Mercedes-Benz SUV, is the high-end residential luxury decoration.

On huangyan and distinct performance in Yichang, Deng so treacherous, just one thing.

Suspected illegal horse is one of the 8 prostitutes under Deng, but in addition to first met Deng several times, and then was never seen again. “We will begin training by the boss, about what to do, how much, and my next cut. Then teaches us how to escape police investigation. “Ma said that Deng is work through social software, where others do not know, but there is little brother to shuttle them to prostitution.

In order to avoid detection, Deng is gone, every illegal transaction information that knot by deleting and using other people’s identity cards to open bank accounts to receive the proceeds of prostitution, usually in urban community garage rental, often to change his number and temporary residence address.

In addition to 8 under Deng prostitutes, there are 5 thugs, some of them responsible for issuing the cards, is responsible for the pick-up prostitutes, sometimes to seize territory. Chen and pan is Deng’s thugs, they rented houses hidden in a hollow steel tubes and more than one meter of machetes, “older and as we have said, to hit with black cap and white gloves. The ‘ guys ‘ do not always in the same place, avoiding detection by police identified when renting. “If others found in huangyan by way of card use” snatch “, Deng gang by posing as clients, tracking and trailing way, for assault, intimidation related objects and force him to quit.

They can make small cards distributed at the hotel, in some cases, intimidation of hotel managers, even deliberately to cause trouble at the door to the hotel, make hotel bosses know they can’t get bad news.

Deng gang issuing almost all of huangyan piao.

Preliminary investigation by the police, gang’s ill-gotten gains there will be tens of thousands of Yuan a night.

Critical moment and “yellow” risks a Leaker, police strength between the net

Police said Jin Gaoxian, in February this year, Branch police found some unidentified people in different districts issuing the hotel visit involving dozens of hotels in the autonomous region. After investigation, criminal gangs led by Deng surfaced.

Faced with such cunning ruthless criminal gangs, card against the resurgence of prostitution, huangyan, Taizhou city, police in strong support of the municipal Public Security Bureau Department, Taskforce deployed security Brigade, the patrol Special Police Brigade, East station, the new station before elite police, overcome difficulties.

In identifying the groups from 2015, the Organization of prostitution, violence, designer behind yellow crime, the Panel decided to Yichang, huangyan, Zhejiang Province on March 30 between consolidated net.

Because Deng gang, not cunning, even more closely, holding one body, between the unified actions in different places, the time requirements are too stringent.

On March 30, the two men have been arranged properly, just waiting for the order. However, several suspects nothing that night.

“I was responsible for organizing the issuing officer arrested. That night, the guys in the garage, garage doors and fled upstairs, is not conducive to catching. The Poussin at the door I saw them, so I deliberately called the Poussin who was hit. “So a shout of civilian police, is responsible for pick up prostitutes and suspected of issuing the initiative came out of the door.

Deng was caught in Yichang, home.

Later, after review, it turned out that Deng not only cunning, cruel, suspects, and superstition: all things are inappropriate according to the Almanac, March 30, until 0 o’clock so he only make prostitutes out.

As of today (April 12), huangyan amounts involved 23 people arrested by the police, Deng, 7 of them were arrested for prostitution, affray and other detained, MA, 16 people have been detained on suspicion of prostitution. At present, the case is still under further digging.

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