Pentecost man dumps of molesting a 13-year old boy has been arrested by the police

March 21 at noon, Hengyang, Hunan province, a 13 year old boy schools in the town garbage dump near a middle-aged man molested. The morning of March 24, Hengyang Public Security Bureau personnel to the Word Press (www. that the Hengyang police suspected men had been detained, the motive is not clear, the case is still under investigation.

On March 24, the Hengyang Public Security Bureau published the case informed the show, on March 22, the Hengyang Public Security Bureau received more than one user message reflect well the app platform near a middle school in the town of drug in the drink turned two students, after investigation, March 21, at noon, in a well near the town dump in a middle school in a child molestation case.

After receiving the police, well head police station immediately following investigation after questioning victims and witnesses, and quickly suspect Zhou (male, 55 years old, Jing TOU village people) captured, upon request, Zhou confessed to the crime of child molestation.

On March 22, Zhou was detained the suspects, at present, the case is under further investigation.

Hengyang Public Security Bureau the staff said, suspects have not been found to have a criminal record, the motive is still under investigation.

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