Passengers carrying 150 kilograms of ice fish from South Korea fined for immigration blacklist

Recently, some of the visitors through the carry-on baggage, carrying illegal entry is on the rise. Recently by the Shanghai port, intercepted a group of illegal carrying of iced fish.

Recently, the Pudong airport, inspection and quarantine in three Chinese citizens returning from Korea in the luggage carried by passengers seized more than 150 kilograms of illegally carrying ice fish, these fish are packed in seven in foam boxes, shape similar to the Yangtze River fish. It is understood that the Yangtze River fish because the number of rare, expensive.

Parties: they are saying that China recognized this, the Chinese came back to buy the fish and take something to eat.

Shanghai entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Immigration Commissioner hajie: because passengers carried a very large number of such a product, we gave him administrative punishment, this fine of 5,000 yuan, while against the tourists, we included in the blacklist, for his future entry and exit of the situation will be monitored further.

According to China’s relevant laws and regulations, foreign activities, fresh seafood and other may carry pathogens or cause biological invasion, with great risk, is prohibited.

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