Parents scraped together enough 400,000 down payment on a house in Nanjing guy run left suicide note

Recently, Qi Xia Xian Lin, Public Security Bureau police station received a student parent police that his son had been missing for five days. After receiving the report, police quickly investigated. According to say, little HO have already graduated from a three-year, calls to my parents some time ago: “many of my classmates at Nanjing bought a House, buy a House and you also helped me in Nanjing. No House, I can’t even not object. “” We always support you after your graduation, prices are now so expensive, where we suddenly held out so much money. ”

Anyway, a week later, little Ho received his parents scraped together to 400,000 yuan, but holding the money, was not satisfied with how small: “so little money, how to buy a House. “Flay, Nanimatsu sent a note message to parents, has since disappeared.

After an investigation, police soon found little in the Xian Lin accommodation. At the beginning, sleepy little impatient to see parents, who come from the field. Later under serious criticism of the civilian police, small realized his error, promised parents will go to have a good job, and positive attitudes towards life.

Not unique. What parents just received little warning a few days ago, forest police station received an alarm of the young teachers in colleges and universities, saying the pan on February 25, 2017 at 14 o’clock the students leave the school has not, in the dormitory, leaving behind a suicide note.

After the alarm is received, the police attach great importance to. Pan note mentions that his parents have been working outside, from lack of affection to him. His graduating, afraid to look for a job, afraid of society to bear so choose death. It is understood that the Pan came from a poor family, both parents working in the field to support his school. Pushy parents after each finished living will tells him to study hard to repay the kindness of parents in the future. Pan is not happy, they did not want to take care of their parents, do not want to become parents aged machines. Young officers from using the platform of public security found a 26th Pan towards the direction of Bowa walks, then contacted authorities, culminating in the night of 28th find hotels that pan. With the help of the hotel staff, police found pan, and found a bottle of pesticide and a front opening knife. Yang said, “if one o’clock in the evening we arrived, the consequences could be disastrous. “On the way back, police officer patiently taught Yang Pan, still kept in touch with him. Through a few days of comfort, Pan’s mood began to calm down, began to go to school.

“My three years at University City Community police and police who went missing have run many college students leave school. “Yang said,” now, most of the parents are teaching kids how to spend money, not teaching them how to make money, some responsibility for getting closer to the social needs of students lack sufficient psychological preparation, even parents to feed them for life. Once they are on society, they live, they will run away. ”

Police hope to parents and the school attaches great importance to children’s education and character formation, if it is found that children suffer mental anomalies, be sure to attach, asks a psychologist for help to prevent the tragedy.

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