Media: “fresh meat” taking money was shelled, the pot back injustice does not cause?

Song Dan-Dan’s recent concern about “little meat” yide topic. China Youth Network reporter Li Tuo video cameras

CNS, Beijing, March 15 (reporter Zhang Xi)-sky-high salaries, not acting, love avatars … … Recently, on “little meat” issue found in newspapers, Senior Director, senior actors and writers have come out, accusing it of the destruction of the domestic television industry. So, the “little meat” back cause this pot does not cause?

“Tiny meat” originally referred to a young actor, and then gradually evolved into the young Idol fans many Lennon-McCartney, others give these artists a new name star–flow, because of their place on the topics and flow.

In a recent article titled writer Song Fangjin performances of a destroyed business was exposed in detail in the article “little meat” all sorts of stories, including acting with a stunt man, not rehearsed, serious phenomenon of late, with sky-high salaries, and so on.

Song Fangjin revealed in the article double truth

Which most let people shocked of is, popular of “small meat” are, often only 15 days of time shooting one drama, so crew by using of method is is so-called of “expression package performances”, “performances various angle, various expression, need four or five a environment changes Shi, or on with days took, or on with tree, or on with a wall, put he of face took finished, left of scene are by stand-in completed”.

This article is like a bomb and immediately spend movie career exploded.

Shortly thereafter, song Dandan, and Chen Daoming, and Zhang Guoli, and Pu cunxin, Xi Meijuan, Cui and Chen Kaige directed against “little meat” to express their views. Chen song even mentioned that content is King, is the greatest respect to the audience.

Renowned Director Chen Kaige respondents said, “I can only do quality films, always believed that content is King, this is the greatest respect to the audience. “Source: Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing photography

Song Dandan claimed that there were two stars to compete, sitting in the car has been reluctant to set, “in their view, Carpi who is who.” Chen Daoming dismissive “little meat” are called “dedication”, “broke, broke, water in winter, wearing a large fur coat in summer, you are doing this, your career is now also use it as a dedicated actor should eat such bitter.”

Publicity, who asked not to be named said a returning from abroad “little meat” a play breaking billion paid, another much-maligned actress acting salary of up to 80 million. She said, “rise, even a little mark in movies new asking price is also very scary, how could you say costs not high? ”

However, the producer Xie Xiaohu, along with economic development, TV shows have a huge economic effect, actor earned tens of millions of play also earned tens of millions of people are susceptible to bloat, “If ‘ fresh meat ‘ guy, I feel a bit too cause, because there are many actors are not acceptable quality.”

Information: Chen Daoming (left) are very concerned about “little meat” phenomenon. News Agency journalists tommykaira photography

Xie Xiaohu told reporter, in one years between shooting of domestic TV in the, can broadcast of has more than 200 more than, which can in Hunan, and Jiangsu, and Zhejiang, and East, and Beijing TV these important TV broadcast of only more than 100 more than, “‘ small meat ‘ also on more than 20 over, a a people impossible a years took 5 Department play, so everyone are in Rob they, also on into has scarce resources”.

“‘ Fresh meat ‘ time under tension to the show up a day off, went into the group. Because the price of their one-day income is between 2 million and 3 million, how could free him? So I think this is a market decision. “Xie Xiaohu said.

The famous writer Wang Hailin shelled several times in recent years, “little meat” yide, of the reasons he believes this was capital under pressure, play on the quality of work is more and more low, leading to a “little meat” center business model, “‘ fresh meat ‘ took its biggest budget greatly compressed space of other income, produces monstrous salary structure.”

“Tiny meat”, fans and broadcast platforms, who should be “back”? Wang Hailin says, “little meat” has an unshirkable responsibility, after all, the fans Idol is worshipped unconditionally, but its responsibility is of secondary importance. In his view, broadcast platform is a lot of responsibility, “as long as they flow, and even participate in hype, there are currently acting actress speculation has little space, has a face value of easy operation, so this pattern.”

Song Dandan earlier when interviewed also believe that young stars of self-restraint is not strong is not itself, to a large extent by the market. Need video marketing for producers, investors, young stars play it, no matter how much money and ask them to act, “young children have so much money how can you control yourself? Who will tell their values? Who’s going to tell them what is de? ”

How to change the status quo? Wang Hailin recommends, should take comprehensive, while broadcast platform not should blind Chase star, to has culture responsibility, on the to on brokers company strengthening management, “most important of is, to on young actor for ethics training, to let they know trick played good has only glory, and not Assistant more, and bodyguard more, and sat first class class, and live five-star President suite on glory, only will pendulum Pose do expression is shameful of”.

8 year old girl was biological father and stepmother as “pence” was hit by a car


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    Recently, Huiyang district, Huizhou, Guangdong police cracked a case of pence. A couple with a 8 year old girl repeatedly pence against a passing vehicle and vehicle traveling data recorder records the girls pence breathtaking scene.

    Driving recorder restore “pence” instant screen

    The trip recorder screen display of a foreign owner, on March 3, when cars are on the road to normal traffic, the girl suddenly ran out from the roadside, after contact with the vehicle was hit by a direct fly more than 1 meter away. At the side of the road with a man and a woman, suspected that the girl’s parents. Subsequently, the owners choose to alarm processing.

    “Pence” was discovered the couple after angry speech farce

    The afternoon of March 6, Huiyang Police Brigade, in the face of owner of vehicle traveling data recorder video, after learning of the traffic police on the question, men rage, insults in public traffic. While the woman forced the man was pushed to the ground and climbed the traffic police service desk in the lobby, wantonly Sapo.

    Traffic police are always ignored, men and secretly brought home their daughter, then three people lying in the middle of the road, blocking traffic.

    In the busy street-car “to start” two people have been arrested

    Police confirmed that suspect Yi and Zhang for the couple, girl, 8, was born to ex-wife of the man. It turns out that men work together with the child’s mother touched the girl to porcelain, hard really detestable.

    Recently, three people in Huizhou is also implementing a number of pence. According to the police, the suspects selected objects are mainly cars, and are more busy streets, slow speed, and select some unfamiliar with the road-car “hands”.

    Currently, Yi and Zhang were detained.

    The case involves not only “pence”, also includes the issue of guardianship of minors. The 8-year old girl was as Pence’s tools, their interests and even the personal safety were compromised. According to minors as well as the highest relevant judicial interpretations of the law relating to minors, may revoke the custody of the father. At present, since there are no other guardian, the little girl has been sent to Huiyang orphanage stay.