Tall and handsome with more than 50 years old “rich woman” Flash who know each other in debt

V Court of Xishan District, Kunming city in Yunnan province staged a siblings love divorce story in the civil courts, the heroine Dafang is more than 20 years older than her husband, said her husband Commander: “know, she claims to be the second generation, dressed as ‘ white Phu ‘, I didn’t know that she is not married, and I want a divorce. “Dafang refused to give up, trial told the judge:” I’m not, before I came to court by taking poison…… “the judge quickly 120 call, originally, Dafang poison is false.

“White Phu” to meet the “tall and handsome”

Big Fang is more than 50 years old, there was a marriage. Several years ago more than 30 years of the Shanghai man handsome handsome guy. “I was born in the cadres families, is a second generation … …” Dafang said several properties they own, dressed as his “white Phu”.

Although Fong more than 20 years older than he, but the Commander was determined with the “rich woman”, after a brief relationship, both parties registered for marriage in Kunming. After marriage, the Commander found that wives are neither Guan Er dai, nor rich at home was often a variety of creditors to harass them, life was poor. Commander wanted to live a rich life after the fall, Xishan District Court for divorce proceedings, said the divorce only, nothing else.

Xishan District Court the same day, the two sides met in court, Dafang “PLoP” sound to his knees in front of the Commander, pleading not to divorce, the show did not shake the resolve of Commander, this marriage is far from settled.

Woman claiming to be in court by taking poison

During the hearing, Dafang told the judge: “I hate divorce, stand, 2 hours ago, I came to participate in the hearing of the Court after taking poison, I would prove that life in the ‘ love ‘, if you are divorced, I only have died……”

Host judge Ge Lingqiu to immediately adjourn, 120 emergency phone call quickly.

After more than 10 minutes, 120 ambulances arrived at the Court, assisted by the Marshal, Dafang was taken to a hospital.

After the rescue of the medical, test results came out, all inspection reports show that the patient does not take any poisons, all normal body.

She then evolve?

Dafang is a graduate of Academy of the Performing Arts Department, please? Gregory judge cannot help but recall the Dafang Xishan District, to receive court summons by the Court for the first time, saying patients with advanced lung cancer, talk and cough, after a rapid coughing, there was a pool of blood on a handkerchief of Dafang … …

Later, the Commander told the judge: Dafang was in debt by a creditor when pulled to the Public Security Bureau of Xishan District, a police station, also posed as patients with advanced lung cancer, coughing and finally coughed up a puddle of blood. “She’s blood products in advance in a handkerchief, pretending to cough for a while, they coughed up blood. ”

The next morning, Ge Lingqiu judge when you come to the hospital to see Dafang, the doctor on duty told the judge: night, Dafang himself and went back home.

Guy jumped over the security of the building from the hospital bar horse bare-handed pickup


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    At noon on May 15, in the Emergency Department of the hospital in Guiyang City, Guizhou province, jinyang building, one young man jumped from a balcony, thanks to timely rescued by hospital security, not only caused the tragedy happened.

    You can see from this picture, this little guy was hung on the balcony on the second floor, the situation is very critical.

    Jinyang hospital security monitor Li Tianfu: “after our patrol to see, quickly informed the hospital. ”

    Subsequently, the hospital security staff rushed to the scene to persuade guy, Master Li and a colleague were kept below.

    Jinyang kangkai, Director of hospital security: “when his clothes, clothes slipped and fell down. ”

    Guy fell from the balcony of the moment, Master Li tie up horse ready to reach out to catch him. But due to the impact of large, Guy’s body hit the Master Li’s leg back to the ground.

    Jinyang Li Tianfu hospital security class: “get off in my hand, then fell on my lap, and dropped to the ground. Now my hands were also smashed a little pain. ”

    Balcony of the second floor of the hospital is five meters high from the ground, if not Master Li for the guy turned up, I can’t imagine the consequences.

    It is understood that this guy was in hit an old man riding a car battery. In hospitals and the families of the victims on the compensation issue, due to the conflict just took the floor.

    Comprehensive examination of the medical, the little guy was only slightly wounded, left the hospital on the same day.

    Kangkai, Director of defend jinyang hospital: “just an ankle bruise. Then he left. ”

    Computer top MLM website development 210,000 members in connection with the 520 million

    [Abstract] within six months, multilevel marketing organizations use more than the backbone, senior members, via the Internet and other channels, much promotion at home and abroad and trade “of five Union” MLM model has developed tens of thousands of registered members, and levels up to 130, involving 520 million Yuan.

    NET neo-after remorse for their actions from the State-owned enterprise workers to do computer sales, agriculture, stock advice to a MLM website, last work is 44 years old, the oldest from his computer last time, has gone astray … … In April this year, Sichuan Meishan danling involving smashed China’s 31 provinces and foreign countries “Trade Union of five” mega pyramid sales, amount involved the amount of 520 million Yuan. Prior to that, “trade” pyramid sales has been the Ministry of public security as one of the ten classic pyramid sales in 2013.

    Neo-Confucianism was a core member of the pyramid sales, last May, he and a partner established a network registration and billing systems. Investigations by the police, he was involved in the planning of the entire marketing organization structure, membership development, pay incentive systems, from University computer science graduates into a pyramid scheme mastermind … …

    Often run into a wall

    Work gone, business failure, “my life has no outlet and opportunities”

    MLM “suspect” before Neo-Confucianism had multiple “identities”–stock consultant, entrepreneur, businessman, State-owned enterprise workers, focusing on University computer science graduates … … Entered the University, studying computer science, Neo-Confucianism was once the envy of many people. Now, however, he refused to say his alma mater, “so, to lose face for school again? ”

    In 1994, 21 year old neo-graduated from Henan University, China Internet has just started at that time, the forefront of the industry, but uncertainty about the future is to get him to give up work in computer science. Enter the Unit became his choice for Government and enterprises. “At that time into a State-run factory, returns, at least stable. “However, with economic decline, neo-where the State-owned factory could not escape the layoff ruin the ending. In 2013, the neo-pursuit of stability comes to an end.

    After being laid off, the song and Ming dynasties in Henan local computer business, in fact, is to help people installed, selling computers, and print. At first, his business was good, with many enterprises to establish business contacts, but the increasingly fierce market competition, business depression slowly. “The sales I do not, not run so fast and the others will say, computer updates, a conservative being jilt. “In less than three years, his computer store was closed.

    The next farming, is the oldest of a real business. Around 2008, not familiar with the market and technical cases, rural land he could get edible fungus cultivation, and finally Peregrine, 4 years lost more than 100,000, on the back of debt. The next few years, he worked the stock advisory. Thought equity to fast money, reality is January 3,000 yuan fixed rate and his family also became a problem.

    “Say outlet has the opportunity, do you see me now have an outlet, has a chance? “Detention, neo-covered her face, long called a,” no “. “He attributed his bad situation to one of personality,” twist! Stubborn! Results of every turn. ”

    Desire to succeed

    Classmates and friends are leading their own nothing

    “Key universities, learning computers, if you insist on doing in the industry, should now be only modest success. “Song said, expressed the view of many people around. However, he did not think so, “every industry has the potential and space, but that doesn’t mean you can succeed. “For your life, neo-think as long as there is one thing to do is successful, there will be life, but the reality is nothing. His desire for success, but repeated combat, now gone astray thrown into jail.

    In addition to the work is not suitable, another hit from “contrast”. Neo-introduction, many of his students have become leaders, laid off colleagues also made achievements in new units, entrepreneurial business also went well, didn’t go to college even made a small “made money”, “look at me? “In front of students, former colleagues and friends, neo-raise my head, for a long time, he even cut off links with friends.

    In Neo-Confucianism’s view that he is a man of great learning, if you want to do one thing can do it carefully. Talked about stock, and planting and Internet, neo-freely on can said a big heap professional noun and himself Wu to of “experience”, “why venture failed, also is just said of always wall, wall has also not back……” he think if himself insisted do stock, also can open a stock advisory room, “has been dry to now, do a securities exchange of senior analyst is has this level of. “But he did not invest in the stock market, saddled with debt, he had no principal.

    “Why not keep doing it? “In the face of reporters ‘ questions, song paused for a moment, again pushed the cause to his personality,” or personality problems, is not flexible. ”

    Set foot in MLM

    Registry network built for a month, is also responsible for the maintenance control data

    All frustrations make song come to life at the bottom. In Neo-Confucianism’s own phrase, “one of the most easily when things go wrong is in the most difficult times, strong desire but no real content. “At this time, a friend gave him” hope “.

    Last year, qingming, friends introduced him to the unemployed a monthly salary of job, job he’s computer-related. Neo-down and the “employer” met Zhang Mingyang, Wang Nan. Song said after meeting, they would have to pay him 10,000 yuan of wages, and briefed him on the background of big boss, “a lot of money, in a foreign country. ”

    The generous hand of the other, neo-feel my chance came. According to song and Ming’s argument, then yourself in business failures, work flow, and living a difficult period of, the other party to give herself a monthly salary of job, which makes his heart.

    “They say they want to make a disc, saying a general pattern but is unable to complete computer language, you want me to do. “The song is this” disc (pyramid) “towards a network system. Subsequently, the song seek to build a network with a friend. A month later, neo-take out the network platform prototype, and then on the line.

    Site comes online, at the height of more than 2000 people every day registrations was crashed by the network, neo-and assume the role of Defender, is responsible for network maintenance, in charge of background data. Neo-call network system in respect of all the registered members, hierarchy, the daily accounts will be automatically settled and all under his administration.

    Million a month’s income to his new-found confidence. During that time, neo-trip, invited to the boss’s private parties, responsible for party photos for the boss, “basically not sitting in front of a computer every day, are free. ”

    This is the oldest university after graduation for the first time and his professional network, also found himself for the first time in “team” importance, but his professional use in the wrong place. Last April, the song caught by the police and many members of the pyramid, the first “successful”, he once again returned to its original level.

    Police investigations

    He’s become core members of the pyramid schemes, in charge of hard data and statistics

    Neo-Confucianism in the face of police interrogation, tried hard to show that his is only one paid officer who did not know was a pyramid scheme. But after the police investigation, he is not just its labor relations with Zhang Mingyang, but participated in planning including organizational structure, membership development, pay incentives such as the core issues.

    Police seized servers and by professional forensic recovery of bodies data shows that “cloud number five trade union of” pyramid selling cases, involving a total of 210,000 registered members, the level reached more than 130 Yuji, involved covering 31 provinces and 8 foreign countries such as Malaysia, Singapore. Amount of data beyond the imagination of investigators, “there are many and storage is difficult to calculate. ”

    According to police informed, May 2016 to December 2016, short half within, by neo-, and Division xxx specific organization implementation, using more name MLM organization backbone, and senior members, through Internet, channel, in both at home and abroad wantonly promotion publicity cloud number trade “five of Union” MLM mode, and pay award system, constantly development members, illegal profit, has development registered members tens of thousands of people, level up 130 level, involved amount 520 million Yuan, involved national 31 a province, and autonomous regions, and municipalities and Hong Kong, and Macau, and Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United States, Britain, Canada, Italy, Australia and 8 foreign countries.

    In the detention center days, thought a lot of Neo-Confucianism. In his view, is the money he took to the road. “The sentences, I’m not going to do it with money, trade-related work, just want to be an ordinary person, working to support the family, if you have the opportunity, I would like to stay in Sichuan, do some good for others, have implications for their business. ”

    “What work? “The reporter asked. Neo-pause, “the teacher? If at all possible. ”

    (In the names of aliases)

    Ma Rong Song 喆 shared cars their parents went to the Civil Affairs Bureau, Division of Wang Baoqiang property


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      # ACE talent scout # first bomb # Ma Rong Song 喆 Division of Wang Baoqiang property # Go hard Ma Rong days get other Scouts recently, together with Song 喆 used cars, parents like in-laws, I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to handle property Division, watching them smile, share of property should be very satisfied with … Although Ma Rong Wang Baoqiang end divorce, but Scouts are still bound to love the baby a second

      15 year old girl to lure man blackmailed out of reported rape

      Taihai NET on May 18, “I was extortion! “The afternoon of May 15, the municipal Public Security Bureau in Zhangzhou, Fujian longwen branch received a 26 years old boy Chen alarm. But the same day, the Dragon case Public Security Bureau received a 15 year old girl was raped, and Chen is a suspect in the case. What’s going on?

      Teenage Wu retained “rape” evidence, longwen Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade is not easy to judge whether, after some investigation, it found the case a rat.

      It turns out that the early morning of May 15, Wu (female, 15 years old, a Guizhou) use “nearby people” about Chen comes out to drink. Wu pretended to be drunk after drinking, Chen looked at, and intends to take her to the Open House, during which Wu pretended to be half-hearted. Later, Chen opened out, then drove Wu Yun Dong Rock Hill, longwen district, had sexual relations in the car.

      Meanwhile, Wu to send text messages to friends for help, saying she had been raped. Soon, Wu’s friends Lin, Ran Mou, Liu, Wang, a 4-man (both Chongqing) rushed to the cave rock, and took control of Chen.

      Subsequently, the 4 friends, someone reprimanded Chen raping underage girls, to activate the alarm, was also advised Chen to pay privately. At that time, Wu’s friend and no police on the spot, but left Chen and Chen to Longhai, a farm on the Hill, forcing Chen to write down amount is 50,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan, the three Zhang ious, to 130,000 yuan Chen extortion.

      Since then, Wu and others due to improper operation, the car had a little accident, Chen reported to the insurance. Insurance agent was told Chen it was extortion, based on insurance claims need to be made, with Chen to leave the scene.

      Then appear above the respective alarm scene. However, after Mo Pai surveys long Wen found that is organized, play with the design of “extortion case of rape”, was an upgraded version of “fairy dance”, and this kind of story, Wu, who has staged many times in Jinjiang, Quanzhou, and other places.

      On May 16, longwen police combat 24 consecutive hours, and Longhai, Quanzhou and quickly cracked “fairy dance” for the case of robbery, extortion, illegal detention and arrested Lin, Wu and other 5 suspects. Is more stunned is, upon checking found that Wu has been pregnant, but the child’s father is unknown.

      At present, the case is still under further investigation.

      Court of 290,000 sales more than more than 80 houses for the elderly with dementia: the contract should be cancelled

      More than 80 square meters of houses in Changsha city, was sold by octogenarian with 290,000, nasty lawsuit son recovered. Because elderly people were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and his son, signed a contract, should be removed. Recently, Furong district, Changsha city people’s Court announced the case, arising from the purchase contract unconscionable, the Court revoked the contract.

      Dementia elderly people to sell the House

      Contract questions

      Lee, 81, Changsha city, located in the center of the House, more than 80 square meters, who spend more than more than 130,000 bought, then rise to nearly 600,000, but in 2012 he sold for 290,000 of the low price. In June 2013, son Li learned of the incident, leave of absence returns to Changsha from Shanghai home, only to find that the title deed had disappeared.

      “The House has been posted to the other name, but only got 100,000 yuan. “In August 2013, Li Zhang Lin to court house the buyer, want to return to the House. During Li took his father to the hospital for a checkup, the old man was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The court commissioned a forensic Centre for identification, identified elderly currently have limited civil capacity, not to make a decision that is inconsistent with his intelligence. (Names in the article are not his real name)

      Court responses:

      Void contracts there are significant misconceptions

      On May 16, 2014, Furong district people’s Court made the first-instance judgment, considering Lee’s mental condition, serious misunderstanding the purchase contract between the parties, should be abolished.

      In this regard, Zhang Lin appealed, filing an appeal to the Court. May 2015, the final judgement of the Court and upheld. After losing, Zhang Lin and filed a counterclaim, demanding he return first House of 100,000 yuan, and to pay 100,000 yuan for breach of contract. In October 2016, Furong district people’s Court is considered a contract is made, both the degree of fault and the fault roughly, old should return Zhang Lin paid Lee’s first purchase of 100,000 yuan, in addition to other fees are not supported.

      Lawyer claims

      Limited capacity

      Early identification

      According to the newly adopted provisions of the General Civil Code, 18 years of age total capacity due to mental, mental obstacles, and recognized by the courts, can also be found to be without capacity or with limited capacity.

      Hunan Wan Li and joint law firm lawyers say, if the family is unable to recognize or fully account for his own behavior of adults, can be found to apply to the Court for its capacity for civil conduct, to prevent similar to this in the case of contracts and dispose of immovable and other major civil actions resulting in significant losses.

      Pocket NPC marriage shocked the 2 people on the ground is less than 1 m in height

      “Global network reported,” according to the daily mail newspaper reported on May 16, in recent days, India Himachal Pradesh was a “special” wedding: two couple man and wife of less than a meter in height, called India’s “Pocket” of a couple.

      34-year old groom lajieshi·kumaer (Rajesh Kumar) and 30-year old bride saiergu·Kuma (Shelja Kumari) met in families assisted by the love, eventually airness, held a Grand wedding. Before I meet the right person, two people have been worried about this for looking for a suitable partner to end up alone. However, fate finally let two people finding each other in the world.

      The couple’s wedding on the ground caused a stir, and many people went all the way to wish the couple happiness. The groom and the bride very happy with each other, said they were “in heaven”. Rajesh said cheerfully: “we meet is the will of God. Sergia makes my life a success, we will be very happy. “Sergia said he was happy in his family’s help to find the right partner.

      Fraud training “love master” victims throughout the country’s 22 provinces

      [Abstract] group by downloading “screen red” photo, then build their own account to upload, create a “rich white American” image, by focusing on looking for men aged 25 to 45 years old, as “prey”, active and good hitting, so victims unknowingly strayed into “sex trap”.

      Drawing/Li Xiaojun

      Was a boy, but pretend to us-Heigh Ho, a group of young people into society in a fraudulent company training to be “love master”, using social software, obtaining large amounts of money, they are penalized.

      On May 16, the new Wu district, Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province, the people’s Court for the involved 22 provinces, hundreds of victims of mega-fraud case sentenced 18 accused have been sentenced to 3 years and 9 months, and fined 28,000 yuan to 6 months ‘ imprisonment, suspended for 1 year and fined, ranging from 3000 Yuan penalty.

      Girlfriend was a boy

      “‘ She ‘ chat is very happy, the money may not seem like it, just figure it out. “Recent university graduates two years of Mr LEE is a tech man, monthly income in Shanghai less than a million, but in the first six months were never met until” Bai Fu woman friend “cheated out of more than 50,000 yuan.

      In 2015, Mr Li met a girl at a leading dating sites, two people were hit, quickly developed into friendship between men and women. After a mutual friend, King found that the girl turned out to be a “white Phu”, not only attractive but was superior, frequented high-end establishments.

      Girlfriend always attentive to myself and said two people to accept arrangements at home dating by acquaintances. Mr LI will soon fall in love, and often sent similar “520” “1314” such as red, and he occasionally send each other gifts received. A couple of months later, girlfriend his “mother” push account to Mr LEE, are both to meet.

      Expression of filial piety, in 38 days, Lee row, made a “wish”, “o”, “aunt”, “section”, “day”, “fast” and “music” seven red envelope, a total of 6000 Yuan. Even Mr Li and his parents said, met a nice girl getting married in Shanghai. Just when he was looking forward to a beautiful marriage, girlfriend suddenly break, worried that he had been informed by public security organs in the near future, the girlfriend is after the guy.

      “For several months and I cannot accept the fact, my feelings will be very harmful. “Mr LEE recalled the past six months, the other for bribes several times but always give all kinds of expensive gifts, it is difficult to imagine that she is actually a man cheats. It is understood that the victims reached hundreds of people like Lee.

      Suspects were after the

      Station 18 defendants in court, mostly 20-something guys, led by Zhou is 25 years old.

      After hearing of the Court identified September 2015 to June 2016, Zhou and Wang, were four in Wuxi trading company Manager, recruited through the network hired Lee, Zhao Mou, time and others to serve as clerk, and pre-job training provided to them. They first search through the lesser-known “net red” Download 50 to 80 photos, including photos, work, with friends and family and pet photos and private, such as using a month-often a social account to upload photos, create a well-fed, and favorite “white Phu” image.

      Since then, by focusing on looking for men aged 25 to 45 years old, as “prey”, according to company training chat template began “temptation of Eve”, active and good hitting, so victims unknowingly strayed into “sex trap”. Salesman after the victim convinced of its, taking holidays, birthdays as the victim requested 1314 red envelopes, 520, 888 has a special meaning.

      The defendant also “good intentions” in return for the gift, allow victims to delusion that since reciprocity must be true love. In fact, these gifts are inflated, price and the prices differ by hundreds of times. And these gifts are dictated by the victims to their website, website backstage will be paid according to payment for generating code to identify the sales, so as to determine the amount of royalty.

      “This is a new type of Internet fraud is the use of social tools not specific to most people commit fraud. “Wuxi New District Court Criminal Court President Huang huifang Wu introduces fraud company in such cases often are based on the physical existence of, mostly through formal channels for recruitment, swindling was younger trend of highly educated personnel. Most of these scam companies implement hands-on management, organized, planned, Division of labor, work, usually without any real trading, work is Web chat.

      “In fact, they are in order to achieve the purpose of the victims of illegal possession of money, set background fiction, repay the gift is only a cover for its illegal acts, and these gifts prices are artificially high. “Huang huifang said, these defendants most of proceeds into these particular fake shopping website monthly then returned to loot funds from a Web site based on performance.

      Say “law”

      Do not trust strangers easily your circle of friends

      Zhao 玥 long said the trial judge in the case, for the initiative to add must be careful of strangers, don’t believe has never met friends friends shows, you can see just the other side of hope you can see, is not real life. In this case, red packets just get money routine.

      Is worthy of our attention, these young defendants had just stepped into the community will face jail time, the lack of basic common sense. In this up case in the, accused in into vocational Hou accept of training content are is how color lure, and company internal salesman, and competent, and Manager, and boss work content Shang also are is chat, and con, and loot,, fundamental on not a normal enterprise should some work mode, which also has part candidates in found above situation Hou resolutely to left has company, no so and jail. All there are so many people stick to it, because they know how to get away with in an attempt to earn money quickly with this shortcut.

      In Australia “network red cat” at 1.2-meter or breaking the Guinness Book of records

      Shelties dog standing with Omar and home, it feels a bit higher than the dog. (Source: Instagram)

      China daily, May 17 (Gao Linlin) according to the New Zealand Herald, May 17, an Australian pet cat three times times the body length reaches the ordinary cat, it may soon be the Guinness Book of world records as “world length of longest cat”.

      It is reported that only 3 Maine Mao Peng long tailed cat named Omar now is 14 kg of weight, up to 120 cm in length, and currently holds the record of the British cats Ludo 118.33 cm in October 2015, measuring only in length.

      Owner Hearst cross up Omar, look at it this way it’s really long. (Source: Instagram)

      Its owner sidifei·hesite said they thought Omar was the world’s first “longest cat”. Unexpectedly, that there is likely to be true. It is reported that Omar said it was only “net red cat”, and its photos are uploaded to a cat on a social media account, then she became popular. Guinness world records also get in contact with Hearst, and told her that Mullah Omar may be able to break the world record.

      Hirst said that Omar eat two tablespoons of cat food in the morning, eat some raw Kangaroo meat in the evening. It appears that diet does not seem to have any special features. In addition, Omar now may not have finished developing, which means it has the potential to become much longer.

      Hangzhou district 68 cars were also deliberately dirty words carved

      Parked cars were struck, the owner was angry and sad.

      A few days ago, bei Jing Yuan Ju Xiang Yuan of Hangzhou in the North District, there are 68 vehicles while being scratched! vehicle not only body bruised, were deliberately carved to unacceptable and dirty … …

      At present, the area has been involved in the police investigation, community has additional security strengthening dispatched a patrol.

      However, community owners are still worried: who is it? why?

      Just dozens of meters

      Six cars were scratched

      Yesterday at noon, evening news reporters came to the Garden District, bei Jing Yuan Ju Xiang. Community has 24 residents building, delivered in 2006, a total of more than 1000 residents.

      From the field of view, residential road parking is quite high, almost every resident in the downstairs of the berths are filled with cars on the ground. However, money reporter found and stopped vehicles on the road are being cut.

      Downstairs 12 buildings in the community, money reporter found, just dozens of meters wide, and there is a car, a Nissan, a Volkswagen, Mazda, etc totaling six-car body scratches. Every scratch carved in the side of the body, long has more than one meter, there are also four or five centimeters short.

      Live in District 12 master Zhuang told reporters, his home for three years Cars were not spared. “Probably one day last month, I parked on the street downstairs, results after a day driving, the body has been a lot of road … …”

      Reporters saw Zhuang master’s up to more than 20 pieces of scratches on the body, each of 5 to 8 cm long, in the position of the left rear door, even being inscribed on a dirty word.

      Mr Zhuang said, it is not the first time people, “after last year’s car Windows were also smashed, the building in front below the small intersection and was laid up. “Recently was on May 7, the community and many owners have found the vehicles deliberately struck. “That person must have been the night of May 6, community without monitoring, people slip away……”

      As regards losses, Mr Zhuang consulting shop, repair paint needed two thousand or three thousand Yuan. “The whole community has more than 60 vehicles are classified, how much?”

      Community has stepped up security patrols

      Plans to install surveillance

      After the event, community on multiple danyuanlou door car, smashed the car’s emergency notification and hope smashed car owners and that are reflected as soon as possible to industry authority.

      Director Zhao told reporters with security, property on May 7 a number of owners reflects the vehicles are classified, for the first time called the police, but because the community is not to set up monitoring, who’s car was not immediately clear.

      “Property has strengthening dispatched patrol, day except in community door set security outside, also has security not continuous patrol; night in community focus location arrangements 4 bit undercover security patrol……” but, Zhao Director also said, such of security configuration, for property for cost pressure is big, “community property fee is low of, from 2006 stationed in yilai, are is 0.45 Yuan/months/square meters, has been didn’t rose had. ”

      Zhao said outside the Garden District, in addition to juxiang, bei Jing Yuan and several other community there have been cars, stealing elevator Board, even stealing things from the wiper. “Judging from the past, is not necessarily for outsiders, before stealing the wiper issue identified was community and every owner. ”

      Since last year, property has installed monitoring idea, have been going door to door survey sign. “Currently there are more than 2/3 residents agree that concrete implementation plan needs to negotiate with the industry, the Commission. “At present, the area police are investigating the matter.

      At present, the area police are investigating the matter.