14 year old girl and second child younger brother Rob’s property: junior transfer my name

Original title: 14 year old girl and second child younger brother Rob’s property: junior transfer my name

According to the Beijing evening news, from Shandong’s Liu told reporters, her 14 year old daughter tells her, that might later be inheritance tax, than put Grandma and Grandma’s house ownership and brother to her name, she wants Grandma’s junior year, Grandma’s two-bedroom apartment to his brother. Users see this scene, could not help gasped, “it’s going to be next Deng!”

14-year old daughter in a school in the West on the second day. As a child, Liu and his wife has just left Beijing shortly, is busy working on Grandma’s child to Taian, Shandong province. Until elementary school, only reached Beijing. “At first, we only catch children, children and we are not particularly close, just better in recent years, but since there was a second last year, and aloof, she entered puberty, lots of ideas that we don’t understand. “Liu mentioned it’s scratching their head.

In a chat, the daughter began to tell her mother, junior transfer road asked mother to grandmother’s House in his name, and transfer of ownership of my grandmother’s two-bedroom for her brother. Not only does this make the child’s mother is shocked onlookers netizens also said, “now kids, Oh, how wonderful! is so small, you know so much!”, “this brother and sister do you have any feelings whatsoever? only cares about the money?”, “this is the next Deng!”

But there are also netizens who expressed their understanding, “this may be the parents haven’t leveled for a bowl of water”, “the child appears to be lack of love, insecure!”, “parents don’t have to make an introspection of education for children?” and “no problems, but this is a family tragedy. ”

For this phenomenon some netizens expressed, this is a case, not enough to cause great concern, but also the Netizen said “this is not the case, there is a 18 year old boy before because the mother gave birth to a second child, determined to parents the transfer House, don’t want to have a second child, the outcome is that the parents aren’t having a second child. ”

The six dragon figure of over 300 million yuan in South Song dynasty diaspora overseas when sold in New York in late Qing dynasty

Chenrong of the six dragon

New York, March 15, at seven o’clock in the evening local time, enveloped in a Blizzard in New York, highly-anticipated Fujita Museum of ancient Chinese art treasures at Christie’s New York on schedule to open the hammer. Chenrong the six dragon figure of $43.5 million (approximately RMB 300 million) price hammer, and Commission US $48.9675 million. Buyer is not known.

Chenrong six dragons map (detail)

From the Song dynasty painter chenrong (active in the 13th century) the hands of the six dragon is one of the most dramatic items. On the towel in the Preface: chenrong six dragon original choice. This auction valuation USD 1,200,000 1,800,000, for $1 million, are added directly to the $10 million competition eventually Wei Wei of the telephone and a man in the field, with 43.5 million dollars (about 300 million yuan) the fall of the hammer, and Commission US $48.9675 million.

Christie’s New York scene

Fujita Art Museum collection includes many important paintings in song and Yuan dynasties, including six beautiful hand roll, roll collectors on seal and copious art-directory of Royal treasures in China–record of the shiqu, proof roll former Emperor (1711-1799).

Chenrong the six dragon chart of local

It is reported that Christie Fujita Art Museum in New York six the shiqu description work deal totals of about 869 million Yuan (Commission). Which, chenrong six dragon figure sold price 48.9675 million dollars, Zhao Lingrang goose group figure sold price 27.1275 million dollars, Li Gong scales bridge Alliance figure sold price 17.6075 million dollars, Han Gan horse sex figure sold price 17.0475 million dollars, Wang Mian snow Mei figure sold price 8.6475 million dollars, Zhao Mengfu wash horse figure sold price 4.5035 million dollars, amounted to 123.901 million dollars, collection Yuan about 854 million Yuan.

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Fujita Art Museum hid the painting six shiqu Royal collection picture after gathering the volume will go from here?

Wen/Zhang Zi-Ning

Royal collection picture has a long history in China, dating back to the Eastern Jin dynasty by Fourth century at the latest within the House collection. Painting, impression, always at a time of change, decline in destruction of Greek boos; world peace, however long, again in good present. This constant rotation for thousands years ago, Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty period of the codification of the shiqu, painting and calligraphy appreciation of the Royal family then went up to the top! More than hundred years, the revolution succeeded, Jian Guo Regent Zai feng resigned at the end of living in Tianjin, Palace of the last emperor, Puyi, was born in alcohol at the age of six. New year’s Republic of China was founded the following year and Xiaogong Wang Puwei raise pay for Puyi restoration, most antique objects except the painting in March, sold to a Japanese antiques dealer named Jiro in the mountains. Founded the Chamber of antique dealers, and Prince Gong’s mansion in New York the following year 1913 heritage auctions, its catalogue receives heritage 536; March 5 to 6th of the same year the Prince Gong’s mansion in London Auction catalogue of cultural relics has accepted a total of 211, directory home also noted “the descendants of Emperor Daoguang Gong Wang Puwei from Beijing.”

On February 22, 1915, Zhang Binfang alcohol Palace steward (steward Zhang Wenzhi) description in the shiqu early, sequel to Tang, song and Yuan in six volumes sold paintings to mountain Chamber of Commerce, and writings (see attached map). Mountain Chamber of Commerce, headquartered in Osaka, I do not know when, and this six-volume painting has been sold and the Fujita family in Osaka. Fujita Art Museum’s collection began when Mr Mogi Fujita (1841-1912), and after his death the collection passed to two sons, incorporated Fujita Art Museum was established in 1951, 1954 officially opened.
Published in 1983 King series China painting combined catalogue third volume Japan article I Museum, included Fujita Gallery Tang, and five, and song, and Yuan, and Ming, and clear painting 36 pieces (JM 14), which that including this six volume in the of Han Gan, and Zhao Lingrang, and chenrong three volume; 1998 published of Japan where China painting directory sequel, is and income biography for Li Gonglin of nine song figure a volume (number 513). Funny thing is, alcohol’s mansion sold six paintings with mountain Chamber of Commerce, Zhao Lingrang, Wang Mian, Chen Rong, Li Gonglin four volumes are collectors of “Prince Gong printing”, but this square and common Emperor’s six different for Yi Xin, or for printing a small gong Wang Puwei? The collection of the Prince Gong mansion paintings are famous, such as the jinluji of the calm, such as Tang Hangan according to Eve white. Alcohol House sold in six volumes, Zhao rang a curly tail “Prince Gong print” one “gift” printing, part of or derived from CI XI Queen Mother a gift.

Alcohol Palace sold six paintings with mountain Chamber of Commerce, stored in the Royal Library in the Qianlong period. Six volume in the except chenrong six dragon figure description Yu shiqu treasure bookcase sequel (1793 into book) outside, its rest five volume are description Yu early series (1745 into book); and six volume in the except biography for Zhao Mengfu of wash horse figure volume in shiqu treasure bookcase description in the as “inferior” outside, another five volume are for “fine” (chenrong six dragon figure volume package towel inside has “authentic fine” words). Tang Hangan of the horse and the lineation of the temporary Alliance of the two volumes, early into books in the shiqu, Qianlong continued adding poems syndrome differentiation clause, so the text not written by Yu Chu video. Fujita Art Museum collection in six volumes, four-volume title General of Emperor Qianlong, dating the earliest of the wash is Zhao’s horse, volume, when Qianlong problem in 1735 for the Port-au-Prince; latest is the temporary Alliance of Li Gonglin, problems in 1786, which span more than half a century. Many seal of six volumes on the Emperor, first used in Port-au-Prince, “Prince Bao Bao” (of the washing horses), and after his abdication as “too Emperor” (the bridge Alliance map volumes) is printed.

Biography for Tang Hangan horse sex figure volume and Shanghai Museum by hid biography for five back Zhao Yan adjustable Ma TU volume, two horse of attitude similar, worth for further of compared research; Li Gonglin bridge Alliance Hou paragraph (Qianlong problem General yihou) and Beijing Palace () by hid Yuan Chen and the of of bridge Alliance composition similar, but Qian paragraph is more out nearly 400 cm, about occupies full figure one-third, depicting Tang Qin King Li Shimin (that later of Emperor Taizong) Yu Wude nine years (626) in Changan suburb of bridge and Turkic Alliance of history story To study this value in the context a more complete picture of the subject. Southern Song chenrongmolongtu has handed down new, different calligraphy styles, such as: Boston Museum hid the Kowloon Map volumes, the Guangdong Provincial Museum of the molong map axes, while the six Dragons from the Fujita Art Museum map volume problem recognition is another style, is also worth exploring.

Therefore, the Fujita Art Museum collection shiqu description of six paintings, whether it is the study of art history or history of Emperor Qianlong, is a rare set of rare and precious cultural relics.

Woman altered license plates with white tape was found crying, said his daughter close to play

Recently, Haiyang Lady Sohn to evade traffic surveillance photographs, altered License Plate with white tape, after police seized, even cry for police to forgive, saying this is the fun up her daughter.

March 15 at 11 o’clock in the morning, police traffic Police Brigade of three squadrons in the area, Haiyang 210 highway while on duty, found a robust YAE36X compact car license plate trace may be altered, then motioned for the car to stop for inspection. After inspection police found the car driver, Sun, 32 years old, Haiyang, and 5 years driving experience. The car number plate for Lu YAF36X, will now be affixed with adhesive tape a horizontal line below the f, f at first glance into e.

For altering the illegal number plates of vehicles, Sun not to deny. When the police told him, according to the law of the people’s Republic of China on road traffic safety provisions of the 96th article, he should be given administrative punishment for five days and fined 2000 Yuan, Sun was dumbfounded, crying, said the license plate of his daughter fun stickers, their carelessness not found, request traffic police she.

Facing the Sun’s tears and excuses, police went ahead and launched a scathing criticism of education. Ultimate Sohn acknowledged altering license plates to avoid illegal driving after a high-speed electronic eye on capturing and deliberately.

The same day, police ruled that given Sun fined 2000 Yuan, punishment of administrative detention for 5 days.

Parents scraped together enough 400,000 down payment on a house in Nanjing guy run left suicide note

Recently, Qi Xia Xian Lin, Public Security Bureau police station received a student parent police that his son had been missing for five days. After receiving the report, police quickly investigated. According to say, little HO have already graduated from a three-year, calls to my parents some time ago: “many of my classmates at Nanjing bought a House, buy a House and you also helped me in Nanjing. No House, I can’t even not object. “” We always support you after your graduation, prices are now so expensive, where we suddenly held out so much money. ”

Anyway, a week later, little Ho received his parents scraped together to 400,000 yuan, but holding the money, was not satisfied with how small: “so little money, how to buy a House. “Flay, Nanimatsu sent a note message to parents, has since disappeared.

After an investigation, police soon found little in the Xian Lin accommodation. At the beginning, sleepy little impatient to see parents, who come from the field. Later under serious criticism of the civilian police, small realized his error, promised parents will go to have a good job, and positive attitudes towards life.

Not unique. What parents just received little warning a few days ago, forest police station received an alarm of the young teachers in colleges and universities, saying the pan on February 25, 2017 at 14 o’clock the students leave the school has not, in the dormitory, leaving behind a suicide note.

After the alarm is received, the police attach great importance to. Pan note mentions that his parents have been working outside, from lack of affection to him. His graduating, afraid to look for a job, afraid of society to bear so choose death. It is understood that the Pan came from a poor family, both parents working in the field to support his school. Pushy parents after each finished living will tells him to study hard to repay the kindness of parents in the future. Pan is not happy, they did not want to take care of their parents, do not want to become parents aged machines. Young officers from using the platform of public security found a 26th Pan towards the direction of Bowa walks, then contacted authorities, culminating in the night of 28th find hotels that pan. With the help of the hotel staff, police found pan, and found a bottle of pesticide and a front opening knife. Yang said, “if one o’clock in the evening we arrived, the consequences could be disastrous. “On the way back, police officer patiently taught Yang Pan, still kept in touch with him. Through a few days of comfort, Pan’s mood began to calm down, began to go to school.

“My three years at University City Community police and police who went missing have run many college students leave school. “Yang said,” now, most of the parents are teaching kids how to spend money, not teaching them how to make money, some responsibility for getting closer to the social needs of students lack sufficient psychological preparation, even parents to feed them for life. Once they are on society, they live, they will run away. ”

Police hope to parents and the school attaches great importance to children’s education and character formation, if it is found that children suffer mental anomalies, be sure to attach, asks a psychologist for help to prevent the tragedy.

Jiangxi, a woman dressed as a male “fall in love” or swindle money

Xingguo, Ganzhou city, Jiangxi province, a woman dressed as a man and a person “fall in love”, but also posing as government workers to help run property lies on the money. On March 14, the reporter from Xingguo County Public Security Bureau was informed that the miracle behind this fraud.

In the incident on February 28, Xingguo victim is a victim of a police report, said his friend Lee’s boyfriend, “Liu”, to help to handle the title deed for the defrauded 22,000 yuan.

After receiving the report, police immediately suspect around victims “Ryu” investigation on the information. The preliminary investigation, the police failed to find suspects, “Liu” identity is the person with the information. Then, police from the victim’s friend, Lee set out to investigate, and quickly determine the alias as “Liu” Liu Mei have a major crime suspects.

On March 5, the well-have been supervised, police in Xingguo County of lianjiangzhen in a hotel room on an American arrested Liu. After interrogation, Liu Mei confessed to his crime.

It turns out that in late 2016, Liu beauties to dress like a man, hairstyle, dress, manners, and so deliberately disguised as men, met Li through social media. Pursuit pursuit, Liu Mei won Lee’s love and trust, both established shortly after “love” relationship. In December of that year, Liu Mei by “girlfriend” Lee met Koo, and was informed that the victim wanted to handle the title deed, so saying they are government officials, can help the victim a processing certificate and defraud a victim three times a “management fee” of 22,000 yuan.

At present, criminal suspects Liu Mei has been detained for alleged fraud, the case is still under investigation.

Net villager Han Guosheng beaten was asked to name the “South Korea defeated” the police rumor

Twitter screenshots

China Youth Network on March 15 Beijing (cub reporter Liu Liying) March 14, honghu, Hubei Province Public Security Bureau official Micro-Blog @ Twitter rumor peace Hong Hu said, net villagers from the great Lake “South Korean won” were asked to name a rumor.

Recently, a name for “South Korean won” identity pictures and jokes circulated on the Internet, ID pictures show male Han was born on September 8, 1985, honghu, Hubei Province, Cao municipality of residence in a village. Joke referred to “South Korean won” is likely to be, requires renaming.

Police rumours Twitter show recently, network transmission Cao town patios, honghu village, called “South Korean won” villagers often being beaten, to the police station to request renaming. The investigation, the identity real name attached to the post to Lee, honghu city, no-name for “South Korean won” of personnel, police never received anything from the great Lake “South Korean won” an application for renaming. This post is purely rumor, not rumor, not mass transfer rumor of the masses.

Chongqing picked out walking a big bomb nonchalance turned over to the police to destroy

Fresh big pick up shells. Police photo

Dragonsoft March 15 12:09 (reporter Jue Ying) a few days ago, Chongqing Wansheng fresh uncle when walking in the river found a lump of rusty iron, picked up a watch is actually a rusty shells. He calmly carrying rust bullet had referred it to the village, and finally handed over to the US police safe destruction.

Fresh Uncle more than 75 years old lived in Wansheng Eastwood town, usually like to go out walking. The afternoon of March 2, when he walked along the East town railway, walked to a sewage pipe construction when a lump of rusty iron caught his attention.

“Gee! Here seems to have a piece of scrap iron. “Thought this piece of scrap metal can be found to gather the other things a selling point, but fresh after Uncle picked up the iron and shapely, turned out to be a bomb.

Due to transport a child seen army shells, and uncle did not feel strange. He said the shells more than more than 30 centimeters long, almost 4 kilograms, tail of the shells had badly rusted, judging from the shape most likely to be a mortar shell.

“This guy has potential risks, at home easy. “Fresh old man picked up the shell to the village Party Secretary and village Party Secretary, turned it into the hands of the Eastwood police station police on duty.

After us security police verified by the police, the shells of a mortar shell. After investigation, although the tail wire rusted, but does not eliminate the possibility of explosion.

Recently, the police immediately blasting units destroyed the shells moved to a safe location, and find the construction of shells along the Dragnet investigation, eliminate possible hidden dangers.

Police advise: bomb as a highly dangerous goods, the general public found the bombs, bullets, please report to the police the police. Don’t move or knock a leader, no possession, handed over to police professionals in a timely manner.

After the matricide case sentenced the defendants a trial reprieve

Yesterday, the Yangzhou city intermediate people’s Court on the case publicly, Lee found guilty of murder, sentenced to death, suspended for two years and deprived of political rights for life, and Court restrictions on Lee commutation. For this verdict, Lee believed that the Court sentenced to light, can be imposed on him (the death penalty) execute immediately.

Theft mother several times for the lottery money was found

Kill mother and attacked the stepfather

Lee, born in 1990, who lives in yizheng Chen JI Zhen. Last February, Lee is unemployed and addicted to buy lottery tickets, many cheat Wang of identity documents, drew tens of thousands of Yuan in cash from the deposit.

After Wang found that certificates of deposit withdrawals, to keep track of Lee, and claims that if Lee does not return, she alerts. Lee promised to return on a regular basis.

12th, Lee is still unable to repay their loans, recourse by the Wang, promised to go home and talk. Meanwhile, Wang stabbed to death on the spot and buried elsewhere.

On July 13 last year at about 9 o’clock in the evening, to yizheng Chen JI Zhen Cheng’s home, Lee holding a stick beating stepfather Zheng and lied that Wang was kidnapped by others are required to pay the ransom, Jeong hypocrisy agreed, and promised to take Lee to Yangzhou city collection.

Around 11 o’clock that night, Jeong in cash on the way, around a nearby barbecue restaurant, please call the police boss. Police rushed to the scene for investigation, Lee truthfully killed Wang’s behavior.

“The trial”

Trial indicated its willingness to accept sanctions

On January 6, Yangzhou yizheng city intermediate people’s Court in the court hearing the case, Lee went on trial. During the hearing, Lee of the public prosecution service accused of the crime and charges have raised no objections.

Meanwhile, he described his upbringing. “When I was a kid most of the time living with grandparents, parents often out of work. “Lee says, 10 years old that year, his father died, after which Lee sometimes live with grandparents, mothers go out to work, only when the holiday was able to reunite mother and son.

Usually, he is mother to pay college costs. When you live at home, the mother of two and no major conflicts, are generally quarrel like ordinary people. Mother’s education is for him, “said scold scold”, in this regard, Lee or the reverse curse words or loaded didn’t hear.

Debate in court, prosecutors recommended the death penalty Li Mou; Lee’s defenders suggested that Lee has frankly mitigating circumstances, relatives of the victims expressed understanding, given a suspended death sentence.

During the trial, Lee has looked indifferent, as if to tell other people’s stories. In the final statement, he said, “(for the public prosecution service charges) I where there is no need to rebut, I know they are crimes, I accept the sanction of the law. ”

After a day of the court hearing, was not in court for sentencing.


Understanding multiple relatives received a suspended death sentence

Yesterday, the Yangzhou city intermediate people’s Court of the case publicly. The Court found that Li embezzled money was found by her mother because of financial constraints, to stop the alarming facts, and sharp spines, cut-throat means killed his mother, his behavior had constituted the crime of intentional homicide.

Sentencing issues disputed by the prosecution, the Court held that Lee to hide the fact that embezzled the money his mother intentionally killing his mother, despicable criminal motives, means extremely cruel, and extremely serious crimes, should be sentenced according to law.

But given Lee a justice Hou has Frank pleaded guilty plot, and multi relatives said understanding and requests lenient processing, plot, Court on its sentenced to death penalty not immediately implementation, while, consider to Lee a deliberately killing of causes, and motivation, and means, and consequences and crime Hou of performance, factors, law decided on its limit commutation, so law sentenced to Li Mou death penalty, suspended two years implementation, deprived civil lifelong, while on Lee a limit commutation.

In the sentencing process, Lee and a trial before state similar to marshal when the dock yawned, in the sentencing process, wholly expressionless, no mood swings on the surface. After the verdict, when the presiding judge asked when Lee have any comment about the verdict, Lee said, “were sentenced to light, you do not need this sentence to me, no relatives plead to the judiciary, I can be executed immediately. ”

To the police-run residence permit online fugitives were caught red-handed

March 14 at 10 o’clock in the morning, a man wearing a black leather appeared in the XI ‘ an city public security Yanta branch drive residence rooms residence cards of the police station, but a few minutes later but was retained by civilian police into the, put in “the cage”.

According to household room auxiliary police Zhang Ning introduced, 10 points more, a dressed in gray black leather of men to household room handle live card, can on in on its information for audit Shi, computer is appeared has somehow of “fault”, after times attempts to “fault” still constantly Flash, Zhang Ning immediately will the situation reported to has household police Hu Guifang, dang police on he for than on verification Shi, found the men Lee a was online Chase escape personnel.

In order to avoid sleeping dogs lie, police on network fault grounds, try to cheer Lee. And then promptly notify the police on duty rushed to the residence of reinforcements, and after 1 minute, supporting civilian police in Hu Guifang, auxiliary police officers of Zhang Ning, together with the successful cyber pursuit officer Lee arrested.

The investigation, suspects Lee, male, 36 years old, in September 2015, on suspicion of “gambling” Cyber pursuit by police in Dongguan, Guangdong. At present, the case has been transferred to police in Dongguan.

Treatment of children with cerebral palsy are more than 4,000 kilometers apart between yuxin knot “in-laws”

Distance of more than 4,000 kilometers of ruzhou, Henan heptyl rehabilitation hospital and Xinjiang hetian Luo Keman hospital, starting from 2015, treatment of children with cerebral palsy, helping them through.

These two days, 4 reyimai out of my very first steps alone.

Reyimai mother of Guri: almost 1.5 years, and have been treated, I saw her obvious effect, I felt happy.

Reyimai suffers from cerebral palsy, in hotan of Xinjiang, has more than 2,700 children with more than one like her. A private hospital in Henan after understanding the situation, take the initiative and twinning of hospitals in Xinjiang, have now set up three rehabilitation hospitals, underlay, hotan Prefecture, rescue of children with cerebral palsy.

Heptyl rehabilitation hospital director Song Zhaopu, ruzhou, Henan Province: cooperation of our two hospitals is in Han and Uygur family, like relatives, talk talk, what you can exchange.

So far, Xinjiang has 640 been successful treatment in children with cerebral palsy.

Xinjiang hetian Mo heptyl Luo Keman Hospital Director haibaer·HA Rick: cerebral palsy cause even bigger, earlier rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy, joined early society.