Guangdong Jiangmen “best” traffic violations: 8 884 points penalty 74,000

Jiangmen, Guangzhou daily news (Media reporter Yan Jianguang correspondent Peng Xuan) yesterday, a reporter from the Jiangmen Lianjiang police brigade that morning of March 16, the Brigade in Jiangmen city pengjiang district du Ruan du road Zhenjiang set up checked posts when searching the car, seized a motorcycle officer Pan without a license. Upon enquiry, the police found the driver of the motorcycle was not examined for many years not to buy insurance, and 370 traffic offence untreated, accumulated 884 points, fined 74,000, is 17 times more than double the value of vehicles.

According to pan (Guangxi, 28 years old) account on December 8, 2009, he takes 4200 Yuan to buy a brand new men’s motorcycle, started if not obtain a driver’s license. 3 days later, he produced a first offence, to today’s total of 8 years, a total of 370 cases of illegal raw, 884 points. “My work time is particularly long, at six in the morning, and often work until two or three o’clock in the morning, so can often avoid police checks, thinking that it can be safe, really only be photographed by electronic monitoring. ”

Lianjiang, Jiangmen, according to traffic police, the traffic Police Department would give owners of illegal to send text messages on a regular basis, but some owners have had contact and not reported to the Police Department, leading to violations and does not know. At present, the Pan has been public security organs held in administrative detention for driving without a license and fined 1000 Yuan, also has to bear up to 74,000 in traffic fines.

Harbin railway station reconstruction of monks doing? State-owned enterprises involved: the pot back


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    Recently, some media reported, Harbin engineering commencement ceremony at the train station, had some monks practice, while the project was undertaken by 22 Bureau of State-owned enterprises, the message is issued, immediately triggered netizens comment. 18th, iron in 22 innings in its official concerned responded on Twitter, involved in the scene isn’t in the company section of this paper, by events beyond the company’s. The micro won the SASAC official micro-micro-forwarding and China railway construction Corporation and reviews.

    Media the night of March 17, said Harbin train station recently started the renovation project, netizens revealed video showing the station’s reconstruction of the ceremony when doing the ceremonies. Video shows Harbin train station waiting room in front of construction machinery at work, while in the waiting room door, there are three people do move, set off firecrackers on the ground debris and firecrackers cartons. A banner hanging in the waiting room on the second floor, told passengers the station reconstruction starting from March 1.

    Network renovation site of Harbin railway station project

    22 Bureau of response on its official Twitter

    18th morning, involved iron in 22 innings in a clarification on its official Twitter, after investigation and verification, the company bid for Harbin hub renovation project I section, involved in the scene isn’t in the company section of this paper, by events beyond the company’s, not those of the company, to clarify, thank you and welcome the media attention and supervision.

    The SASAC official Micro-Blog “new State-owned assets” forwarded to the micro-blog

    The Twitter also @ the SASAC official Micro-Blog “small State”, and subsequently endorsed by the “small State-owned assets to the new” forward. Meanwhile, weibo by China railway construction Corporation official Micro-Blog “China railway” forward and commented that “the monks practice, the Pan we don’t”. New latitude and longitude in the client solution 22 Bureau under the China railway construction Corporation.

    According to the media, according to the construction announcement, Harbin railway station renovation project is in progress, this century-old station will be the estimated total investment of 2 billion yuan in construction funds to achieve the “Pimp”. The project undertaken by iron in 22 innings, and entry of construction team currently has under construction.

    Discourage parking security micro-red rain comfort wounded residents


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      Owners will be parked on the sidewalk in the community, when security going to dissuade, from trunk-man took out a club to hit people. Community after the other owner was informed that, in micro-letter groups denounce the person and offered condolences to the wounded security master red hair.

      Two days ago, at the Emerald community of Silver Lake scene, dongxihu district, Party Secretary fan master both anger and moving.

      Security discouraged parking was wounded

      Yesterday morning, the chutian metropolis daily when the reporter went to the Emerald community of Silver Lake, dongxihu district, many owners are still talking about the previous afternoon security guard was playing event occurs.

      See a news video on residential property, shortly after 4:50 P.M. the day before yesterday, a white car parked on the sidewalk, then comes a uniformed security guard. After the driver and security guard said a few words, pulled out from the trunk of a 50 cm long sticks, several dozen from the security. At this juncture, another a security guard ran to hug the driver.

      Security Fan Kaichen, 51, is native, dongxihu district, reporters saw his left hand is markedly swollen. Fan Kaichen said, the entire left arm swollen, feeling pain, lift is very demanding. Hospital preliminary test results showed no obvious fracture.

      Fan Kaichen introduction, when he saw a car driving on sidewalks in the district, then ran toward the truck, shouted here cannot be stopped. Driving man about 30 years old, got off with him after a few words, from the trunk, took out a suspected baseball bat stick waving at him, his left arm had been hit 4 times.

      Another security guard Huang Jinzhou teachers introduce and found two people after a dispute, he immediately ran over. When he arrived, drivers have used Bonzi Fan Kaichen, he hugged them, advised them not to mess things up.

      Subsequently, the community arrived more than security men and police, police rushed to the man taken in for questioning.

      Under owner condolences to red rain

      After the incident, someone hit the man sticks the security video to micro-owners group, the owners have criticized man’s mistake, and the master was fan.

      Reporters saw in the owners group, once upon a time day at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, to midnight yesterday, owners of more than more than 100 fan master, give red envelopes. Over a period of time, full screen are “comfort Fan Kaichen master”. Landlord bursts of three envelopes, each message “condolence security master”, “renewed sympathy for security master”, “three condolence security master”.

      Owners say spontaneous sympathy for security “red rain” was under two hours, I felt warm. Owners say this community is responsible for security.

      Residential property owners said Xu Jie, Director of the Commission, after the owners know about it, and the teacher dutifully praised, expressed condolences about his experiences, red packets are just a way of caring. As of yesterday, the probe into the more than more than 100 people have this gift to him, let him over to fan master, total amount of over 1000 Yuan.

      Fan Kaichen describes, last night after he was taken to hospital by colleagues, there have been 5 I do not know the names of the owners to visit him in the hospital. “Really touched! I was a little security, and do the things he needs to do, people will care so I did not expect. “Fan Kaichen said after the injury, he will work harder, nice owners.

      Man hit the parties do not

      Yesterday morning, the reporter in the video to see the license plate number, driver, the parties reached a man Xu.

      Xu said over the phone, he has a house in Silver Lake Emerald community, but few live here. The day before yesterday afternoon, he drove back to get something, and it was raining, he was in a hurry, so cars temporarily parked on the pavement in the community, ready to go upstairs and take things away. At this point, yelled for security to let him take the car, very bad attitude, he is emotional, took out a stick of security several times. “I hit really wrong, but security management methods and tone problems. “Xu says he is willing to sit down and fan master face-to-face consultations, and subsequent processing.

      Head of residential property said Hu Chunlin, Fan Kaichen in the community for 4 years, have always been conscientious and good, that is when his voice, never assailed the owners. Hu Chunlin said master fan is in working hours by the injury, the company will cooperate with the treatment.

      Teacher teaches Pinyin “snapping guess dope” controversial Professor is reading correctly

      Recently, many micro-Bo users have forward has a video, in this paragraph one minutes of video in the, one has South accent of primary school female teachers is class led students read sequencer table, but heard of is not majority impression in the of “Ah glass female have goose Buddha brother, drink clothing jikele touch ne……”, but “o broke guess clip-Oh f the, drink a disaster open AI myself Ai Mu is……” according to one forward of users said, this paragraph video in parents group in the mad biography, video in the teacher of pronunciation caused some parents questioned, think its pronunciation strange.

      Reporters found that in the title of this video made it clear that, a local researcher said the teacher read and there is no problem, only part of the pronunciation not so standard. Video that teachers teach phonetic 26-letter “sound name” learn the pronunciation of the system make it easy to follow a sequencer is the benefit of fast and accurate dictionary.

      Journalists to verify

      Hiraizumi, nanguan district, Changchun City elementary school teacher–few people read

      The morning of March 17, reporters came to hiraizumi, nanguan district, Changchun City elementary school, teaching at the Valley of the language teachers and teachers said after watching video, they never learn the phonetic pronunciation. “I just learned that most common reading, glassy female geese FOGE. “54 summer teacher said she did not have that set of pronunciation in the video’s training,” I have heard such sounds, but very few people read. ”

      Valley teacher said, she grew up exposed to a phonetic reading, “we conduct academic exchanges with schools around teacher, nor heard of such a law. “Subsequently, the reporter took out a Chinese phonetic alphabet table, two teachers said the letter in the table below the phonetic symbols to spell up to video of teachers in reading, but at present only in primary school teaching Professor” glassy female geese, drink clothing jikele touch ne…… “it’s a read method.

      “Elementary first grade students is of the utmost importance by an initial and a final spell achieve literacy objectives. “Valley teacher, elementary school first grade students learn initial consonant and vowel table a table, started learning the alphabet a sequencer for the next term,” dictionary order is sorted by alphabet sequencing, remember the alphabet to facilitate students to look up in the dictionary. “Valley teachers think and learn two sets of pronunciation is not good for students to master the phonetic alphabet.

      “Is necessary for students to learn pinyin, which may help them more quickly read Chinese characters. “Summer teachers expressed, as pupils now learn Pinyin and English is almost the same time, students are prone to capitalization and pronunciation of two languages confused” when combined with the pronunciation in the video, students are more likely to confuse, is not conducive to primary school students to acquire knowledge. ”

      Researcher in Department of Education Bureau of Changchun City–read law does exist in the video

      17th at noon, reporters came to the Department of Education Bureau of Changchun City, the researcher Bai Shumin after reading the video says there is a reading phonetic way, “I heard this reading before, but nobody has read for a long time, I don’t remember. “Bai Shumin teacher, primary school students to learn two reading easily confusing, Changchun almost all primary schools are teaching a read method. “The standard is explicitly required by the national curriculum, pinyin is the basis of teaching. Pupils to spell literacy as the Foundation, videos of that law and of no practical use, and too much for first grade children. ”

      Bai Shumin believes that pupils can as long as you know the order of the alphabet, do not have to force two pronunciation, “video on the pronunciation of the primary schools are not, undergraduate graduate level involves the written Chinese language is covered. ”

      Afterward, the reporter with a phonetic alphabet table random members of the public to read, and most members of the public talk is “Bolivian female geese, drink clothing jikele touch ne……”, members of the public, Lu said only that a read method, reading is the first time I heard in the video. Zhao and the public was able to fluently use pronunciation to memorize 26 Chinese phonetic alphabets printed in video, “my father taught me as a child, classmates would laugh to hear me say. Father says this is his primary school teacher taught him, his teacher now had eighty or ninety years old. ”

      Changchun Normal University Associate Professor – reading for “sound name” is the correct reading of the alphabet method

      The afternoon of March 17, contacted early teaching college Chinese teaching and research of Changchun Normal University Associate Professor Li Wei. Li Wei said videos of female teachers in reading is the reading of Chinese phonetic alphabet.

      “She read is correct, but most people do not understand the law. A letter with name pronunciation, pronunciation, pronunciation of the sound of three. ”

      Li, the “sound name” is the name of each letter in the alphabet of Hanyu Pinyin and “glassy female goose drinking clothes touch ne jikele” was “sound”, “sound” refers to the actual pronunciation of the consonant in a syllable. Consonants vocal cords do not vibrate at reading, don’t make a sound “when consonants with different vowels, pronunciation of read is called. “Teacher Li says, because primary schools pay more attention to students ‘ spelling and literacy, in order to facilitate teaching, some schools only teach” pronunciation “-read.

      Li was considered necessary for pupils with learning names sound, “the Chinese phonetic alphabet pronunciation of the alphabet is identified, the subject is the voice name. Like who has the same name, each letter has its own pronunciation. “Miss LI said a letter identities are diverse, just as a person’s identity is at times the children, sometimes the parents, so choose according to the correct reading.

      Online statements

      @ YL rose: I learn pinyin in primary school is also adjustable, and there’s nothing wrong with it, just had a local accent.

      @ANDGDRAGON: why do I remember my elementary school is “be stab Fe hungry, and thirsty ne”?

      @ Hao hao Hao hao: learning the phonetic reading method can correctly spell a word correctly read the law?

      @ 楊 foreign language: I have no right to say that the teacher teaches in the correct context, but this teaches children really useful?

      Car top bag upside down looking for pregnant women to fool men wine police

      • Incident site

      March 12, at 2 o’clock in the morning, Xinglong Gong tour of Yubei District Public Security Bureau police detachment Brigade received the alarm a lady said, driving a car in paragraph 210 national highway CI Zhu a subversion at sharp bends of steep slopes, to civilian police force disposed.

      Recognize insurance claims top package

      Police rushed to the scene and found a car, “upside down” and “lying” on the road, was seriously deformed, almost useless. Standing next to the vehicle, two alcohol fumes all over man and a young pregnant women, there were no casualties. Pregnant woman claiming to be her driving caused the accident. But the police see the shuffle, indefensible, they obtained surveillance video to see the truth.

      When the police are investigating, standing man Wang head admits, is to run his own car, he drank, drove over and fell down, looking for insurance, the insurance company is required to pay policemen will only issue a certificate of liability claims, so he called his friend’s wife Zhang for “pervert”.

      Wang begged police to let him go, the police refused, Wang and quietly put two in the police car, Zhonghua and 2000 Yuan in cash. After the police found, cigarettes and cash were returned, and rightly criticized the King, ordered to cooperate with the investigation, bribe shall not interfere with law enforcement.

      After the education of civilian police, Wang realizes his error, with the civilian police conducted a breathalyser test, the result is 54mg/100ml, a drink driving.

      Do not scatter forcibly driving car accident

      Upon investigation, 30, Wang, Yubei District in a company as a full-time driver. That night, invited by the friend of Zhao, he drove the company car to the CI Zhu Zhen’s house party, Cho is located in the Yubei District, 12 o’clock at night, Wang before driving home.

      It is understood prior to departure, friend Zhao Zhang worried that Wang and his wife driving unsafe, Wang to stay living at home one night. Wang said patting his chest no problem, forced to drive home. Who would have thought, Wang had just less than 10 minutes drive away, eyes, limbs stiff, and no advance slowed down at the corner, skid the car crashed into the side of a slope, Subversion became “upside down”. Fortunately, Wang wearing a seat belt and was not injured, was being scared sober up.

      Wang climbed out of the cab, was anxious to call the death curse Zhao Mou and his wife. Because cars are the company’s almost scrapped, and can’t afford to lose, just like insurance. But because it is drunk driving, insurance company won’t pay, so Zhao Mou and his wife to the scene of the accident to help find “pervert”.

      Zhao and his wife hurried to the scene, Zhao to drink wine that night also cannot “pervert”, after deliberation decided to let a wife Zhang Zhao soon had just got his driver’s license to “pervert”, some five or six months pregnant, afraid of police, patrol officers will find out the truth, some hesitation. At the request of Wang, Zhang was made warning phone call. Civilian police arrived on the scene investigation, Wang was afraid betrayed, or is admitted.

      Accidents caused by Wang drunk driving and improper operation, Wang held full responsibility for the accident. Pursuant to section 91st of the road traffic safety law of the provisions of the first paragraph, Wang Jiao Xun punishable by 12 points, fined 1000 Yuan, withhold the penalty card 6 months, Zhao Mou couple illegal “pervert” warning.

      Chongqing evening news reporter Chen Ying correspondent Ge Shengdong police photo

      Sophomore girls middle child stabbed them to death in the trunk back to home

      Angolan online according to Anhui daily news recently, Hefei College campus tragedy happening again, Wang a College sophomore girl in the dormitory bathroom has given birth to a baby boy, holding a pair of scissors to stab our children, and stuffed into a suitcase and take it back to the yellow mountain home. The case was exposed after Wang surrendered some parents took their, the police have been involved in the investigation.

      The tragedy took place on March 15 at noon, Wang was one person in the school’s dormitory, after their baby boy in the bathroom, crying for fear that the boy will be exposed, scissors and stabbed a child to death in the panic, then put it in the trunk. The next morning, Wang took the suitcase back to the yellow mountain home to inform her parents. Wang’s parents after learning of the situation, police immediately rushed to the area with her Yixian County surrendered, followed by Wang, a local police control.

      At present, Wang School of Hefei baohe police criminal investigation departments have rushed to the Yi Xian, in conjunction with the local police to investigate the case.

      Women addicted to gambling claim to any lie to her upper body 3 year nearly 4 million

      A woman claiming to be followers of Buddhism are guilty of greed, preaching the name of the law in practice, fraud themselves, gambling addicted to have cheated his sister-in-law three years nearly $4 million in cash and lost them all. Recently, the Shunde District Public Security Bureau detected a large fraud cases, arrested suspects Feng Mou (female, 45 years old, in Shunde, Guangdong).

      Heart of greed took aim at Buddhist sister-in-law

      Feng XING Tan in front of the temple selling incense, sometimes people pray, do this for a living. His sister-in-law Li (female, 58 years old, Hong Kong people) believed in Buddhism, especially the “any”, by Mr Frederick FUNG is trust, on several occasions by Mr Frederick FUNG seeking a blessing prayer.

      April 2013, Mr Frederick FUNG and Lee says he recently “any” growing every bet will win, and said he hasn’t been to Macao, wants to see in Macau. So, Lee and her husband Mr Frederick FUNG went to gambling at a casino in Macao, and won 800,000.

      Later, von guise of “any” instructions to Lee went to the Bank to get a bank card that offered “security and peace” will win money in the “library”, not only will accumulate fortune and win more money.

      Lee and his wife see it a matter they won 800,000, superstition, its “boundless”, he readily agreed, and bank cards and passwords to Feng a custody. However, Mr FUNG successfully cheated Li trust began plotting his calculus.

      Masks lose money “in any” frequent upper body

      In January 2014, Feng repeatedly asked Li to accompany its travel to Macau for gambling. By March, before the “report as finished” 600,000 all lost. “Safe” money without a penny left in, while holding a sister-in-law to hide the fact of losing money, Feng then revolves around “green” did this article in an attempt to hide the fact that lost money.

      Lee claimed that “any” apparition said to “library” adding more money, more everything. Listen to “any” after Torre, Lee will pay 650,000. Happens to be, Lee’s son, married for a long time had no children, Lee after saving, Lee son gave birth to twins, Lee on what Mr Frederick FUNG said is true.

      Zhihou, Feng Lee continue to save “storage”, and “report as finished” after the money, von continue to gamble in Macau, by the end of 2014, the Honourable Frederick FUNG has lost 1.6 million Yuan.

      For the fact that delay and conceal one’s losing money gambling and in front of Lee and his wife Feng “practices”, so that “any” attached, and if not go to Macau gambling, Lee’s twin grandchildren ranging from dull, you will die. Feng under a carrot and stick approach, Lee had no choice but to continue to “warehousing” of 1.3 million.

      March 2016, Mr Frederick FUNG today has lost Lee has more than 3 million Yuan, Feng continued to fabricate lies, but claims that “library” has some 7 million Yuan RMB.

      In order to win back the “capital”, von a borrowed friend 300,000 yuan to Li on behalf of the couple. But in the end, the cost did not win back, 300,000 loaned are entered. Feng an unpayable debt, creditor door several times to recover.

      So, von Goo, “any” upper body again, Lee and his wife put their xingtan town in a property, von some debts, “any” ride out the storm, opening next month and then returned. Lee and his wife once again believe that transfer the property to the creditor, credit Mr FUNG a 300,000 yuan of debts owed.

      “Any” drama distracts arrested in Temple

      Lee Feng after debt repayment, Feng began to hide them. September 2016 onwards, Lee several times to demand to see how much money you have in the bank card, but Mr Frederick FUNG are an excuse to evade, it saw the light. On October 27, Lee xingtan, Shunde District Public Security Bureau police said was fraud of 3.9 million Yuan.

      In 2017, the folk of the Rong Gui Guanyin opening activities, the police was informed that suspect Mr FUNG will be “the worshippers” in Rong GUI set up stalls selling incense, and immediately pre-v. February 21 at 9 o’clock, clerical love von, caught by the police in SHUNDE Rong Guirong road, Temple, and confessed to his crime.

      At present, the suspect Mr FUNG a suspicion of fraud has been detained and the case is under further investigation.

      Semen can be yaoyinzi? Men’s awareness of “immortal” cures fraudsters

      Factually known “immortal”, “immortal” fortune telling can improve relationships, healing, disaster, Deng to cheated more than money, even cheat with village women to trust her to have sexual relations. The legal evening news reporter was informed this morning, cloudy and Court of first instance sentenced Deng a two years in prison on charges of fraud, be fined 2000 Yuan.

      Deng, Miyun district, one is a village in door son-in-law, met later married into the village. Zhang and her husband have a bad relationship, Deng in a swoop, lied about awareness, “immortal”, “immortal” fortune tellers can help her improve marital relations, Deng repeatedly citing this Zhang asked for money.

      Later Wang Mou, Zhang brother Deng several times, Deng a “fairy” fortune to curing diseases, disaster, Deng also charge a fee.

      A few months later, Deng said Zhang divorce and elder, Zhang and her husband really divorced, making Zhang Deng believed, and even took a liking. Deng said “immortal” helped heal a mother, but his sexual relations with Zhang, using sperm as a yaoyinzi, a do it all the time. Since then, Deng with his divorced, married to Zhang lie in the future.

      Later Zhang found Deng still lives with wife, only to find bait, then alarm.

      Beijing Safari Park confirmed that Tiger has got off the first time discouraged not listening

      Whistle-blowers take tourists to get off the field. Whistle-blowers photo

      CNS, Beijing, March 19 (reporter Lv Chunrong)-users today leaks, at the Beijing Wildlife Park Road in Daxing District White Tiger, a family in the play to get off on the way, this sparked media attention. In this regard, the Beijing Wildlife Park Beijing, confirmed the incident and said did not cause accidents.

      Today noon, burst material who to Beijing, reporter revealed related details, said the event occurred in 19th morning, has visitors driving a car SUV into since driving district, in first a waterfowl district got off, was staff discourage, in Hou a white tiger district, they again got off, then in work personnel discourage Hou Shang has car, zhihou this a home people on didn’t again Xia had car has.

      Why choose to expose this thing? Whistle-blowers, “said what some visitors not long memory, hope the visitors pay attention to safety, improve quality. ”

      Whistle-blowers take tourists to get off the field. Whistle-blowers photo

      In this regard, the Beijing Wildlife Park this afternoon made a note on the tourists get off to Beijing, reporter: media on March 19 “Beijing Wildlife Park car family several times to get off in the resort area, staff to discourage” reports, verified to be true.

      Park officials said March 19 10:20, get off at the White Tiger family viewing area after coming to a stop watch, staff required immediately to discourage, visitors did not listen to discourage, duty manager on duty about 2 minutes in the region, to dissuade tourists on the train continues along. No security incidents involving tourists occurred.

      Earlier, media reports, as long as there is in the Park Drive area animal display area has a moat, the beast separated from visitors. Trench the perimeter network, can be used in emergency situations to prevent the beast out. Beast side more visitors at the top side of the trench to the top is a little lower, so design, see beast as being in the car.

      Whistle-blowers take tourists to get off the field. Whistle-blowers photo

      Reports also pointed out that the Beijing Wildlife Park Drive area, garden parties, allows visitors to tour during “drive window, open a window”, but specifically requested “no car”. In addition, mengshouqu also sets the grooming, the location is 20-50 meters, and there are few blocks, can see each other. As long as visitors get off at least 2 channel will see. Whenever you see tourists off the dredge will be discouraged.

      In recent years, the Safari Park gossip. On July 23, 2016, three of Zhao with mother, driving to visit Beijing Badaling Safari Park. The Tiger Park, Ms Zhao off the bus was towed away by a tiger mother Zhou Keqin got off the rescue, was bitten by a tiger. Events culminating in MS Zhao severely injured mother Zhou Keqin were killed. (End)

      Shooting on the run too much just out of prison in Hunan province sentenced to 10 months ‘ remission for the 6 day 2 time

      The morning of March 19, informed the police in Shaoyang, Hunan province, Shaoyang, Dongkou Shi Jiang Zhen Shi Tiancun 18th occurred in gun-related homicides, criminal suspect Zhang Bai homemade gunpowder to shoot one person and run away, police are trying to capture the perpetrators. Police surge of opening News (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed that the criminal suspect Zhang Bai sentence out of prison only 6 days.

      Surging news judgments from China online search to Zhang hua, Bai’s sentence, the judgement showed that 34 years old Zhang Bai was in jail on two occasions, accomplices under 5 count. According to the commutation of award shows, Zhang Bai sentence date is March 12, 2017. Judgment documents displayed, Zhang Bai-long gun-related criminal records.

      A criminal suspect Zhang Bai

      Jail only 6 days involved shooting, guns have long criminal records

      According to police, after a preliminary investigation, Zhang Bai (Shi Jiang Zhen Woods, Dongkou village) due to disputes with the victim Chen (Zhenjiang Shi Jiang Tan, Dongkou village) conflicts, Zhang Bai homemade powder gun shooting Chen, causing Chen to death.

      At present, Shaoyang, Dongkou county level public security agencies are pursuing too much Zhang Bai. Dongkou county public Security Bureau issued a reward notice to provide clues to assist individuals, units of public security organs captured too much, will reward of 30,000 yuan.

      News judgments from China surging NET search to two judgments about Zhang hua, Bai. One case number (2014) criminal sentence 155th in early books, one for the Zhang Bai’s commutation decision, file No. (2016) 1200th Hunan 13 penalty.

      Dongkou county of the people’s Court (2014) 155th in early penalty criminal verdict show on August 30, 2010, Zhang hua, Bai found guilty of affray, the crime of intentional injury, illegal possession of firearms, was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months. On January 13, 2014, Zhang Bai, on suspicion of intentional injury, extortion, illegal mining crime criminal detention. On August 15, 2014, Zhang Bai was Dongkou county court of first instance committed the crime of intentional injury, extortion, illegal mining crime, crime and punishment three concurrently sentenced to 4 years. Two jailed, Zhang Bai accomplices under 5 count, one of the charges for illegal possession of firearms.

      Both judgments shows that after Zhang Bai was sentenced for the second time, was sent to Hunan province loudi prison, his sentence date stamped January 12, 2018. But after serving more than a year, on December 28, 2016, the loudi city intermediate people’s Court ruled that “criminals Zhang Bai minus ten months ‘ imprisonment” sentence until March 12, 2017.

      On March 19, the police surge of opening News (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed that the criminal suspect Zhang Bai sentence out of prison only 6 days. Zhenjiang Shi Jiang Tan, Dongkou village heads to surge-news, Zhang Bai on March 12 a too hard out of jail, the deceased Chen is a 25 year old “young man”, to get open on weekdays, after the incident, the public security organs are organizations to capture the perpetrators, disputes as to why Zhang Bai “not clear.”

      Three crime recidivism was sentenced to 4 years for “repentance” 10-month reduction

      Surging news cleared Zhang Bai’s criminal conviction, found Zhang Bai committed intentional injury, extortion, illegal mining crime crimes are related with coal mines. According to publicly available information, of Dongkou county, Jiang Zhen coal abundant coal resources, reserves, Shaoyang city the most, “Shaoyang coal town” said.

      Dongkou county people’s Court, on November 17, 2011, Zhang Bai Shi Tian Cun coal gangue mountain mining site in order to charge contractors protection money gathered staff and guards of a company coal gangue Hill site of the staff fights, Zhang Bai Deng was stabbed with a dagger, Deng grabbed Zhang Hua Zhang Bai Bai hands the dagger stabbed. Zhang Bai, Deng injury is identified with severe injuries. In August 2011, Zhang Bai planned jointly with co-accused Yang, in the village of Dongkou county, Shi Jiang Zhen Shi Tian gangue mountain of gangue transport truckers to make extortion charge one Yuan a tonne of coal gangue in protection money. In addition, the September 2011, Zhang Bai Shi Jiang Zhen Shi Tian, with others fleeing to Dongkou village digging coal, gangue, and profit from it.

      On July 18, 2014, Dongkou county people’s Procuratorate charged defendant Zhang Bai committed the crime of intentional injury, extortion, illegal mining crime prosecutions. Dongkou county court of summary proceedings, the case was heard and ruled on August 15. Because of recidivism, Zhang Bai committed three crimes were sentenced to actual punishment, three merged the crime shall be sentenced to 4 years and fine of RMB 8000.

      Commutation of award shows, Zhang was sent to the loudi prison after Bai was sentenced. On December 12, 2016, presented to the loudi city intermediate people’s Court of loudi prison commutation proposal, recommendation 9 months to 11 months ‘ remission.

      Loudi prison law enforcement agencies suggested that Zhang Bai during execution of offenders, earnestly observes, education reform shows true repentance. Loudi city people’s Procuratorate are proposed to reduce Zhang Bai on the offender’s sentence.

      On December 28, 2016, the 10-month reduction to the loudi City Intermediate Court ruled that Zhang Bai sentence until March 12, 2017.

      Court the reasons for sentence ruling: Zhang Bai of offenders serving their sentences during the renovation, the sentence commuted; scrupulously abide by laws and regulations, accept re-education actively participate in ideological, cultural, vocational and technical education actively participate in labour, efforts to complete work tasks during the trial, take the initiative to pay 8000 Yuan performance upheld the fine penalty.

      The Court found that Zhang Bai of offenders in jail, earnestly observes, education reform shows true repentance, in line with the statutory conditions of commutation.

      Sperm whale stranded dead sea fish and local people involved in the investigation of suspected detonator

      Three days Qian, a sperm whales in Guangdong Huizhou Hong Kong near Daya Bay waters death of message let countless people saddened was, today (March 19), a reflect a ship boat in Beach using detonators fish of video in Internet Shang raised concern, more name Shenzhen “dive love big Peng” public organization of diving lovers told surging News (www.thepaper.CN), video occurred to for Guangdong Province, Huizhou city, Huidong ping Hai Zhen near of Daya Bay Sea, time for March 17 morning.

      In this regard, the afternoon of March 19, Huidong of Guangdong Province fishery Corps Brigade a staff surnamed Lin told the word news, fishery departments at 10 o’clock in the morning today to pay more attention to this video and under investigation, “the phenomenon is so rampant in the video.”

      Surging news in this paragraph video in the see, in a ship contains has 5 people of Gallop boat in the, a people took out a only with dozens of only rod-like objects of bag, in boat deceleration stopped in Coast Hou, a people squat in boat head took out a only rod-like objects threw to has about 10 meters outside of sea, soon explosion sound came, sea provoked a mist.

      “Unspoken love Mirs” surging organized diving Xia Jiaxiang told news, video out today, spread across multiple chat groups.

      “All of us are very angry and very concerned, hope to have strong measures, particularly sperm whales just off of Mirs Bay. Daya Bay as a whole, in addition to Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Huizhou is also should be more related initiatives. “Xia Jiaxiang said.

      News search finds the surging, Daya detonator fish in November 2014 is the Shenzhen evening news coverage.

      The Huidong fishery Department staff member surnamed Lin said, fishery departments last month also caught several small craft using detonators and other fish in the sea, and forfeiture of vessels, transferred to the public security department.

      The staff also surnamed Lin said, hidden conduct for fish, generally at night, fishery departments launched special law enforcement operations since March, the next step will increase the intensity of combat.

      According to Huidong marine and Fisheries Council official website information displayed, March 2, the Council fishery Brigade in Daya Bay waters Huidong tablets district carried out combat marine involved fishing “three no” ship action, and in Huidong waters seized involved fishing “three no” ship 8 ship (which 6 ship suspected engaged in electric fish job; 1 ship for “three no” rubber rafts; 1 ship intends engaged in to cage job of “three no” ship), now has will seized of involved fishing “three no” ship concentrated temporarily buckle to port of clear split Park points, to for further processing.

      Huidong fishery brigade staff member surnamed Lin said illegal fish and an offence under the criminal code, or be sentenced to three years.

      Article No. 340 of the Penal Code, wrote, “the crime of illegal fishing of aquatic products. Violation of protection of aquatic resources and regulations, fishing areas, fishing tools, methods or uses prohibited fishing of aquatic products, in serious cases, to three years imprisonment, criminal detention, control, or be fined. ”