Men’s for KTV “Miss” affray “Miss” scare diaper crotch

On April 22, the Public Security Bureau official Twitter @ Guangzhou Railway Police online reported that shimen County, changde city, Hunan province, a man on suspicion of affray in the KTV rooms Liu, was captured April 12 in North of Hunan shimen railway station.

Reported, according to the review, suspicious man Liu, 27, linli County, Hunan province people. This year, the evening of January 22, until Liu Sing in the KTV rooms, shimen. He called his boss, and that such “young lady” Yang sang with him. While Yang has accompanied Huang and others in singing. Liu hearing very uncomfortable, he relied on the wine immediately shouted to a group of friends, ready to directly grab Yang’s private room singing. Hwang also doesn’t like it, obviously first asked Yang to accompany singing, by what you said to take it away?

Suddenly, the “young lady” Yang was killed, causing both fights, instantly becomes more than 20 people of affray. Not only smashed private dining facilities, causing injuries to many people on both sides, Yang was scared to pee his pants on the spot. After the incident, Liu met make it big immediately fled the scene.

On April 12, said that wind has the Liu, shimen back from the field, was discovered by police on duty at the station appeared and arrested on the spot. At present, the shimen Huaihua railway police have a suspect Liu handed over public security organs.

Police crouched in the rain if I stayed all night just to catch away from suspect’s son

Chutian metropolis daily

April 20 at a community in Huangshi, Hubei Province, after police found the suspects rented house, worried about damage to the son of the suspect was on the third day, starting at 6 o’clock in the evening in the rain, squat down until the next day at 8 o’clock in the morning, after suspect son to school, to begin making an arrest. After the arrest, suspects that the capture of the truth, was moved to tears: “Thanks so very thoughtful of you.”

Woman was online casino Chase

In 2012, Huangshi city, Hubei Province yangxin County Police received a report in yellow catfish, pelteobagrus fulvidraco in yangxin town, Wei Yuan Kou Zhen, Fu Chi town and rural, it was private to open casinos, “pumped” for profit. Police investigations, 6 people, led by Deng, a Department of the Group Organizer. Yangxin county police to arrest Deng and others, Deng and other 5 people have been arrested, but of them, a woman surnamed Liu has been on the run, police repeatedly fruitless Hunt, hence its inclusion online fugitives.

According to the police, Liu is Fu Chi town half Pik Shan farm people, born in 1973. Her husband worked in Wong Shek Pier, Yellowstone renting for a long time.

“We never give up on her over the years to catch” yellow catfish, pelteobagrus fulvidraco introduced instructor Huang Xigang Town police station, they will be regular door-to-door surveys each year to persuade Liu husband told his wife to surrender, but Liu husband refuses to cooperate.

“She had a son, 10 years old, elementary school grade 4” Huang Xigang told the chutian Metropolitan daily reporter, Liu left his son at home, had been hiding in the field, is afraid to go home. 5 years, police arrested repeatedly descended empty.

Follow it to find suspect addresses

On April 19, Huang Sangkou Cheng Hongwen, Director of the police station and get a clue, traces of Liu was found in Yellowstone. Police found, son of Liu Xiaohua (a pseudonym) in Yellowstone in a middle school reading in grades 9, will take part in the examination, in order to take care of his son, Liu rented a house in Yellowstone to accompany us.

That morning, pseudobagrus town were sent immediately to set up the capture Panel, by Director Cheng Hongwen, instructor Huang Xigang, Deputy Director Chen Kai-Yu took two police went to Yellowstone to catch. After arriving in Yellowstone, capture the Panel encountered the first problem, because Liu is rent a living capturing group did not know where she lives, to catch Liu, Xiaohua who must begin.

“But if Xiao Hua out of the classroom, then took them to his mother, cruel! “Huang Xigang proposed that no action for the time being, until 6 o’clock in the afternoon after school, Xiao hua, tracking to find Liu’s hideout.

Japan is now rare “legs kite” paintings Claire Roberts shocked friends


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    Beijing, April 19, according to foreign media reports, recently, there has been thousands of Japanese net friend, Shizuoka Prefecture Numazu, Shizuoka in the country this bang, play, see this scene: a painting of Claire Roberts appeared in the sky “legs kite.” Netizens took this group picture, and caused no small concern on the social network.

    Photo: social network

    It was reported that day, named @ this far really wild show thousands of viewers to the country of Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture Numazu, Shizuoka this bang, that is just a can at the same time enjoy the sea with views of Mount Fuji famous sightseeing spots.

    Photo: social network

    At that time, many people were flying kites, but have a kite is particularly striking, that is a strange kite shaped like a man’s leg, and even socks, shorts are fully equipped.

    In this regard, many Japanese friends are the painting of Claire Roberts “kite” expressed surprise, saying that had never seen anything like this “works”. However, it has been said, after France, the United States has a similar kite, in fact, is not new.

    Hong Kong, 15-year-olds suspected of indecent assault with a knife the stepmother arrested

    Juvenile hand injuries in hospital

    Overseas network on April 20, according to the Sing Tao Daily News of Hong Kong reported, 19th, Chai Wan, Hong Kong, a 15-year-olds with a knife threatening 43 stepmothers, and engage in wantonly to her of indecent assault, the stepmother frightened shouted, rushed to the scene after residents heard the Suppression and alarm in a hurry, young was arrested after police arrived at the scene.

    It was reported that juvenile hand cut by knife, the stepmother also felt unwell, both admitted to hospital for treatment.

    According to the Ming Pao Daily News reported police on suspicion of indecent assault and possession of an offensive weapon the juvenile was arrested on the spot. Investigations by Hong Kong second-team by the District Crime Squad, Eastern are proceeding. Investigating a motive.

    It is understood that the 15-year-olds arrested Wang, a third year of secondary school in the district, Tsui Wan Village, living with their families. 19th at about 8 o’clock, when other family members are already out, leaving adolescents and their stepmother. Stepmother dressing to go out after work, how suddenly is stepson to head neck. Stepmother in the juvenile during touching the body, then defiance and shouted for help.

    The teenager then remove adhesive tape and tried to tie each other up, female party struggle, chaos men’s finger was injured by a knife. Neighbors heard cries for questioning, and police.

    Neighbors said the teenager had been giving a good image, nor heard the sound before the crime was committed, was surprised at the events.

    Transparent than mysterious creatures appear in Myanmar Beach globefish poison hundreds of times

    “Burmese Chinese” this time, East Bay of Bengal forming storms Maaratha, suddenness, swept Myanmar in Beach famous for attractions. Inhabitants of the sea, in addition to losses, also brought a number of mythical creatures.

    After the storm, these transparent with a purple “little guys” gathered on the beach, attracting many people watching.

    Little partners will certainly say: “small, why isn’t this jellyfish, a cow! “By the relevant departments explained, this little guy is called jellyfish, Jellyfish of the genus, is live in the intestines of a cavity in the sea mollusk, a hemisphere-shaped body.

    If you are on the beach, seeing these beautiful little thing, would want to reach out and touch it? If you have the idea, small advise you, don’t do it! Because you may die!

    Jellyfish toxin toxicity of Tetrodotoxin 450 times

    Fresh jellyfish nematocyst containing poison, toxin by many kinds of polypeptide composition. Toxicity of jellyfish toxin Tetrodotoxin is 450 times. Jellyfish tentacles on the cnida to protect themselves, tentacles come here, will be wound up and POPs a balloon barbed wire, into the body, releasing peptide toxin, which is the way jelly fish to protect themselves. When people break tentacles, it still stuck to the wound, continues to poison. Regardless of the jellyfish anyway, even into debris washes up on the beach, its tentacles can sting.

    One medical experts said, because human skin thin tender at most easy sting injury, Sting injury Hou General can in number minutes within appeared shock like of sting sense, number hours Hou injury district gradually appeared line-like arranged of has Erythema of blood rash, like was whip beat had like, itch and burning, light who can in 20 days around self-healing; serious who will occurred allergy sex shock symptoms or acute pulmonary edema,, if rescue than Shi, this class sting injury patients can in short time within death.

    Bloody case: from curiosity to pick up a piece of jelly fish, aged 4, Sting, death

    This doom and gloom began, from a trip! Family with a 4 year old daughter to the beach to play. 4 beauty her hand holding a jellyfish asked her mother: “MOM, what is it, what is it? “Mother hurried past and sees that, and kick the jellyfish, but because of a leg injury.

    On shore, families found on mother and daughter both legs are jelly fish sting out of the Red “lock” and the child was crying with pain crying, mother is the pain is unbearable. Subsequently, the family drove children to local hospitals. However it is unfortunate children rescue is not valid is passed away.

    Please remember, jellyfish’s most lethal to children!

    A doctor said children likely to be a jellyfish sting, because more infested with jellyfish in shallow water, adults like playing in the Sham Shui Po District, and most of their children due to reasons such as height, can only play in the shallow water and compared with adults, compensatory weak heart and lung function of children, severe Cardiac involvement after being stung, prone to life-threatening. Therefore, the child should pay attention to after being stung, adult after being stung, don’t be too scared, because only a physique very sensitive person can cause serious symptoms, and most people will not die.

    Stung by jellyfish do after?

    Visitors to sea water, once stung by jellyfish, conditional, and wear gloves to remove the tentacles, or use a thick coat, tweezers, small sticks, gently detach the jellyfish tentacles from the skin. Do not use hands to touch and rub the sting site, this will accelerate the toxin release.

    With a dry towel along in the same direction, put the thorns capsule dropped, if there are no towels, clean with sand where the spiny capsule. Then, with SOAP and water, soda, or other alkaline substances to reduce the absorption of toxins. Don’t get mineral water or alcohol rinse, or thorn capsule will release toxins in the body.

    What symptoms appear after sting?

    After being stung, the patient will feel tingling, burning or itching, Sting appears at cord-like arrangement of erythema, papules, if multiple stings by jellyfish, occurs in patients with difficulty in breathing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or heart failure, shock, drowsiness, edema, severe will die.

    How to avoid jellyfish stings?

    Jellyfish live in the intestines of a cavity in the sea molluscs, hemispherical shape, so when you’re at sea phytoplankton, jellyfish-like objects, not driven by curiosity to touch them, it is the best way to avoid.

    Now comes as the hot season, the parents take their children to the beach to play, but have long had in mind!

    Men passed away because of illness in the bank card is fraudulent by old friends of 60,000 yuan

    [Abstract] the investigation, in February 2017, a Liu card back after Liu, inadvertently found himself micro letter can still be imposed on Liu’s bank card transfers, and idea theft. Subsequently, high over the one from Liu’s bank card to your micro account into 59000 Yuan for its own waste.

    Linyi authorities wide nets April 18 (reporter Lin Yanyin correspondent tuyulong Jiang Chenglong) using iron man’s bank card, bank card number and then be bound in their own micro-signals, via micro-letter transfer fraudulent cash 59000 friend card. Recently, the Shandong linyi city Lanshan police uncovered through fraudulent credit card case.

    Lanshan district of Liu and Gao have been very good friends, in 2016, Gao needed liquidity, and Liu to lend her a debit card high use. In January 2017, Liu found had cancer, family and friends after that have contributed to Liu, since there are more cash, Liu Gao back to lend his bank card, and received more than more than 100,000 yuan in contributions into the card, but does not change the password. Unfortunately, in February that year, Liu eventually died of cancer. Zhihou, Liu’s brother intends to remove the cards remaining contributions returned to donors, but when he went to the Bank to withdraw money, only to find the card that had not a penny, then immediately called the police.

    After receiving the alarm, and police investigation found Zhu, Lanshan district, this bank card bound micro-signals, not a personal micro-signal, stolen 59000 one is micro-signals generated by another transaction. Police judged, person holding this signal may be suspect. On April 15, the police under investigation clues, yitang town is a village in the district within the high theft suspect arrested.

    The investigation, in February 2017, a Liu card back after Liu, inadvertently found himself micro letter can still be imposed on Liu’s bank card transfers, and idea theft. Subsequently, high over the one from Liu’s bank card to your micro account into 59000 Yuan for its own waste.

    Trial, Gao confessed to his crime. Now, Gao has been detained and further investigation of the case.

    Chongqing 3 urban conflict was dismissed with the restaurant owner detained 4 people

    For Chongqing, yuzhong district a catering shop boss Zhao Mr by said of “February 18 for Diners placed and Chengguan occurred conflict, was Chengguan wounded”, April 19, Chongqing liberation Tablet Central Business District Management Committee (following referred to liberation Tablet CMC) related head told surging News (www.thepaper.CN), has on, yuzhong district integrated administrative law enforcement Council 3 name involved thing law enforcement personnel be dismissed, this 3 name law enforcement personnel and Zhao Mr are was police organ administrative detention 5th.

    Mr Zhao’s medical records.

    Mr Zhao said he runs called in jiefangbei zourong branches more “Ya-Ya” restaurant. On February 18 this year, a little after 8 o’clock in the morning, several law enforcement officers to go to the front of the shop, asked him to the dining car to move. In the process of moving a dining car, and disputes between the two sides. Subsequently, he was beaten on the way to the enforcement agency Office.

    On April 19, the surging jiefangbei CMC official told news, afterwards, jiefangbei Management Committee and the public security organs to investigate identified the store nearly a year out of management for a long time, members of law enforcement have come many times publicity laws of persuasion, but Mr Zhao is no match for propaganda to persuade law enforcement players, still operated. The same day, law enforcement officials have clearly told Mr Zhao, Chongqing had operated in violation of the relevant provisions of the regulations of sanitation, but Mr Zhao ignored advice of law enforcement personnel to continue the sale of meals, and abusive law enforcement team of provocation. Law enforcement team was withholding its dining car and notified Mr Zhao to the enforcement agency Office for investigation and settlement. In the elevator leading to the Office, a physical confrontation between the two sides, which Mr Zhao and two law enforcement players were injured.

    According to Mr Zhao’s a surveillance video inside the elevator car shows, Mr Zhao into the elevator, pushed by a Chengguan. Mr Zhao dissatisfaction, pointing to the city, and gave him a push. Then, the two sides grappled with in the process of pushing.

    Zhao Mr provides of a copies Chongqing Medical University subsidiary second hospital outpatient records displayed, its head pillow Department visible long about 3 cm of crack injury, with bleeding, neck soft, right hand thumb swelling tenderness, activities slightly by limited, left thigh slightly swelling tenderness; liberation Tablet CMC provides of Chongqing Medical University subsidiary second hospital outpatient records displayed, injured of players left eyelid swelling with skin Xia hematoma, and vision declined, and eye contusion. After the forensic, 3 people for minor injuries.

    The jiefangbei CMC officials said, after the incident, the CMC immediately to stop gang to 3 players involved, and continue the required enforcement agency special rectification work discipline style. On February 21, yuzhong Public Security Bureau police station an ‘ he’ll croak organization mediation between the two sides, jiefangbei CMC leaders and law enforcement team leader Zhao injured due to conflict to express apology and condolences and said jiefangbei, the CMC has made a stop to three players involved gang and the preliminary decision of termination benefits, public security organs will be made after ascertaining the facts seriously.

    On March 7, Mr Zhao yuzhong district comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau issued more than 2.3 million worth of applications for executive compensation. On March 21 and 22nd, respectively, yuzhong district of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau branch in accordance with law Zhao and three involved law enforcement officers sentenced to administrative detention of 5th penalty.

    After the public security authorities make a decision on, jiefangbei CMC 3 involved law enforcement officers be dismissed, deduction of the squadron leader, the Deputy team leader on duty performance for the month, ordered the shift Lieutenant, Vice Captain and team leader in the General Assembly of the Committee on the examination. Cho’s Executive compensation, comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau of yuzhong district is disposed of in accordance with laws and regulations.

    Girls love drinking girlfriends slit his wrists girlfriends accompany cutting knives and one knife

    “Girls love to cut your wrists girlfriends accompany cut true love! “Chen Guniang (Guangdong origin) and Yang Guniang (Hunan-born), are more than 20 years old, had worked in a beauty salon for several years, had a good relationship. Late self-defeating found Chen Yang, Yang took out a beer, let her drink, the more you drink, sad. At dawn the next day, Chen pulled out the knife to cut your wrists. Yang also drank alcohol, pride said, “I’ll cut you” is meant to frighten her. Chen raised is a sword, Dr strong personality, to accompany a knife … … The duo got $4. Eventually informed Chen Yang’s ex-boyfriend, Police rescued.

    Man arrested after gun-related killings fled 23 years married renamed open rental living

    CCTV news clients, April 19, Xinhua learned from the Public Security Bureau in yangquan city, Shanxi province, and local police have successfully captured a murder fugitive fled 23 years of the provinces. According to reports, the suspect has drunken gun-related killings, now married and drives a taxi for a living.

    On April 14, 2017, the outskirts of yangquan City Public Security Bureau branch of the Criminal Investigation Brigade received the Guazhou County, Jiuquan city, Gansu province, the Public Security Bureau (formerly Anxi County Public Security Bureau) letter of assist the Criminal Investigation Brigade, called for a investigation in Lu yinying coal mine on the ground, its likely murder fugitives wanted for the Internet. Lu an external investigation, police immediately.

    The investigation, Lu in online King of the yinying coal mine in 2011, a married settlement here, in 2012 and buy a Chevrolet car engaged in individual rent ever since. Lu claims to be aligned in Xinjiang County, in Wenzhou worked, but the holidays have never been home, never told her story to others.

    In view of its flight for many years, and may have been bleaching capacity, as a precautionary, the Scouts will be Lu’s related material sent to the Gansu Jiuquan municipal Public Security Bureau on the. Through DNA matching, finds Reed in a true Internet fugitive wanted in Anxi County, Jiuquan City Public Security Bureau. Then, the Criminal Investigation Brigade scouts take the nets have been supervised, and monitoring measures such as waiting for an arrest. 2:30 P.M. April 18, 2017, the police will step in as a successful capture.

    Identify suspect Lim (LU a pseudonym, Anxi County, Jiuquan city, Gansu province people) in the afternoon of March 28, 1994, drinking a homemade shotgun in the village of Anxi County, Jiuquan city, Gansu province of nancha Xiang Qi Shi killed, three teams will, after the fugitive. On December 20, 1996, the prisoners were classified as provincial Governor to catch fugitives.

    Currently, any of the suspects detained on suspicion of murder on April 18, 2017.

    Bath 3-year-old girl drowned when their families leave only 2 minutes

    (Original title: family left 2 minutes bath from drowning 3-year-old girl)

    On April 18, the Hunan provincial children’s Hospital, bath if the accidental drowning of small (not his real name) lying in bed treatment. Figure/reporter Hua Jian

    Red Changsha, April 19 (Xinhua Zhang Shubo intern Yi Yongyan) the morning of April 18, at the Hunan provincial children’s Hospital neurological Department, small, 3-year-olds (a pseudonym), curled up on the bed and kept shivering. Already crying MOM busy to tuck her red eyes.

    Little father Chen said, they live in ningxiang, wife working in Changsha, his job and stay home with the two children. Son is 7 years old, little daughter, 3-year-olds.

    March 21, at 1 o’clock in the morning, he found his daughter signs of fever, measured with a thermometers with 38.2 degrees Celsius. He is going to soak in a warm bath for his daughter.

    Chen had the usual two baths with locker, put about two buckets of water, and asked her to sit in the water.

    “Storage tank 60 cm long, about 40 cm high. “Chen said normally sons and daughters are the bathroom with, when daughters sat in the water, water about chest position. Mr Chen has settled his daughter, turned and rushed back to the room cold medicine, and accidents.

    “I left about two minutes or so, my daughter drowned. “Mr Chen said that when he went to visit her daughter, daughter floating on the water, his lips pale,” may be the Halo has slipped into the water. “

    Chen quickly picked his daughter up, first lift the foot control, only a little water comes out. In bed, Chen gave his daughter a cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, about two minutes later, the daughter finally had breathing, “she short of breath some, but she did not respond.”

    Chen then contact your local hospitals, he drove his daughter to the hospital, doctors gave her daughter a cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, presided over the daughter to the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

    The morning of April 18, nerve Division at children’s Hospital doctor Chen Mei, Hunan province introduced when patients brought to the hospital, was diagnosed after cardiopulmonary resuscitation for drowning syndrome hypoxic-ischemia brain damage, Central respiratory failure and other symptoms, when in a State of deep coma.

    Chen Mei said that due to impairment of brain function in children with obvious, in Nineth day came to the intensive care unit, but there is still no identification, unable to walk or talk. Further treatment for a patient in hospital, does not exclude the possibility of complications.

    Looking forward to

    Never give up the treatment daughter

    The morning of April 18, in the two wards in the nerve, the little mother Wang tears, a few hours before the incident, she got a call from her daughter, the phone, the daughter said, she was, when she was working in Changsha.

    Wang said that when her daughter said she wanted her home, she promised to buy his daughter loves to eat snacks. Daughter, albeit small, but sensible, sometimes also know how to comfort her.

    “The daughter woke up, but there’s no call MOM. “, Says Ms Wang, the daughter lived in the intensive care unit for nine days, the Nineth day woke up, but absolutely no sense, nor did she react, let alone call MOM.

    Wang said that daughter appeared unabated situation has been shivering, sometimes sleep better at night, sometimes very agitated to bite his finger, “I’m afraid she hurt herself, dare not sleep at night.”

    Standing’s father Chen couldn’t help crying out, saying he was to blame, shouldn’t have let her daughter be alone in that. On the night before the incident, the son also took photos of his daughter. “Kiss left cheek Kiss right cheek before going to bed, and kissed his forehead. “Mr Chen says, felt very happy, but I didn’t think it would be an unexpected.

    Mr Chan said, now wife quit work to take care of children, family has no income, parents are older, relatives and friends are also raising money to help children heal.

    “As long as there is a glimmer of hope, I will do my best to treat. “Mr Chen says, these days, can’t sleep well at night, he would do his best to rescue her daughter, will not give up.

    Reminder not to let children out of sight

    Nerve Division at children’s Hospital doctor Chen Mei, Hunan province, warned that because the infants skin is tender, poor endurance to heat and fever fever, does not recommend use of a hot shower or bath to a fever, “we’re safer with hot towels”.

    Chen Mei, said parents should always have basic first aid, child drowning occurred, if the child is not breathing or shallow breathing, lip cyanosis, hypoxia, recommends the immediate first aid for chest compressions, maintain airway patency, which can reduce the risk of brain damage in brain of oxygen for a long time.

    In addition, after using the tub, bathtub, etc to be immediately emptied the water, do not leave children alone in the bathroom and the bathroom, especially alone in the bathtub, tub, or other open body of water. When the children in the water play or the environment when there are open water, parents should ensure that children reach the distance and do take care, ensuring that even on the phone, talking, something like that can control it.