Online chat to get to know Shandong man threat be raped and nude photos of female college students

Victims of female college students

The night of March 19, in Yantai, a sophomore on the University’s Wang met for two days in the dating software male friends meet Zhang nan, was raped by Zhang nan, also threatened him nude. Qing Quan Zhai border police after receiving the alarm, quickly dispatched, and captured zhangnan.

On March 16, in Yantai, a sophomore on the University student Wang through a dating software matches a named “big son” of people, the two began chatting. Wang told the “big son” Yantai City, she was a college student, “big son” told her his name is Zhang nan, in the Sun around 100 jobs.

The afternoon of March 19, zhangnan suddenly through the live chat software to contact Wang Yue, ask her to play, Wang told thinking their location. Zhang Nan driving a grey sedan after receiving Wang, then find a place to eat. At 20 o’clock, thinking to look at the scenery on the grounds, with Wang Yue came to Fisherman’s Wharf, parked in an empty place, and begins to rape. Stylistically, not from, Zhang Nan grabbed her neck and ripping her clothes, threatened her if not from, would kill her. Stylistically, see no one, fearing to endanger their lives, then at the mercy zhangnan. Afterwards, Zhang Nan Wang took 4 topless, and sent her back to school.

Capture the scene.

The next afternoon, Wang by having police clear border after police received a report of the village, after communicating with the victim, thinking about dating software to the school gate after the catch. At present, the case is still under further investigation. (The characters ‘ names in the paper are not his real name)

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