Old man reports girlfriend wants to break up the traffic in his own son

(Original title: crazy lover for money erupted to break up trafficking infant case)

Rule of law-the Straits, Fujian, April 17-year old Lee finally found a girlfriend Deng and cohabitation, however Deng wants to break up with himself, in February this year. In retaliation, Li Deng, a son of trafficking “secrets” were reported to the police. After a through line tracing, recently, Shishi, Fujian Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade uncovered a case of child trafficking.

It is understood that in May 2015, the Sichuan men Lee Hunan and 42 years old woman, Deng met and live together. As long ago as cohabitation, Deng has been pregnant, but not Lee’s flesh and blood. Meanwhile, Lee for the woman’s reproductive paid a lot of money. However, shortly after Deng a birth to a baby boy, taking into account the financial burden, proposed to sell our children. Lee thought, after selling the children, and money can be paid back. And the two of them proceeded to find a buyer for the children.

Coincidentally, hired to take care of a confinement nanny Deng Qiu around Quanzhou has introduced a family to adopt a baby. Nurse assisted by Qiu, Deng, Li in September 2015 with 80,000 yuan price newborn baby boy to sell to youth. Nurse high gain 1000 Yuan fee.

Recently, in February of this year, Deng proposed breaking up with Lee. Li angry, made a report to police of the Lions, Shishi City Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade immediately set out to investigate. Civilian police based on the clues in the high a home of LongYan changding captured, and in its statement to the Yongchun find abducted baby boys.

By the investigation, public security authorities on suspicion of child trafficking suspects Deng Mou, Li, Qiu 3 persons taken under criminal detention.

Recently approved by the public prosecutor’s Office, Deng, Qiu was arrested for the crime of child trafficking was arrested by the public security organs according to law. Lee for actively helping in trafficking, also suspected of child trafficking crimes, but have surrendered crime plot, the public prosecutor’s Office reviews have concluded that no arrest necessary, being a guarantor of public security organs.

Case police deliberately reminded, August 29, 2015, National Standing Committee 16th times Conference considered through has criminal amendment nine, which No. 241 article sixth paragraph modified for: “buy was trafficking of women, and children, on was buy children no abuse behavior, not hinder on its for rescue of, can lighter punishment; according to was buy women children of wishes, not hinder its returns original live to of, can lighter or reduce punishment. “Clear to whoever buys an abducted women and children will be held criminally responsible.

Above the provisions came into effect on November 1, 2015, and buy time for September 2015 in the case, it would not apply the provisions.

In addition, stressed that although the case did not accept the buyer’s criminal accountability, but whoever buys an abducted woman or child into the punishment determined, once discovered buys an abducted woman or child in the future, the public security organs will be severely punished.

(Reporter Ye Xin Ye Huanan correspondents)

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