Old man in Jiangsu Province 90 birthday donated tens of thousands of Yuan to help others

Jiangsu Yancheng 92 scrimped and saved for the elderly love

“You want to report the good person! “On March 16, Jiangsu Yancheng Dongtai shiyanzhen Wang Xiaolin, President of homes for Hong Kong after the modern Express () told the journalist he was touched by a thing: on March 8, the local King baht 92 years old, sent money home for the elderly in person. “King Daddy have to scrimp and save, or even 90 birthday are reluctant to do, but to help others. “According to Wang Xiaolin introduced, starting in 2010, donating every year nursing home for the elderly and helping the villagers, total contributions of more than 10,000 yuan.

According to reports, the King Daddy used to work in the supply and marketing cooperatives, leading pensions after retirement. One day in 2007, father Wang read a report in the newspaper: a more than 70-year old woman, with more than 400 Yuan pension each month, but also actively to help others. “Someone younger than my age, brought less pension than I are able to help others, I am a man, but also to do good things to help people in need. “The story touched the King Daddy, but when his wife became seriously ill,” and pension is around 600 Yuan each month and is not. ”

In 2010, the life is picking up the pension increase. King Daddy began to deliver on their promise, he contacted Hong Kong after Wang Xiaolin, President of homes for the first time, donated 1000 Yuan to homes for the elderly, by the standards of 30 yuan each, the SHC 50 Yuan. “King Daddy contributions for seven years, always called me to give me the money in his house, take me back to the old people. ”

Careful Wang Xiaolin and each will write a receipt and homes for the elderly the detail to get the money for the King Daddy. Modern express reporter noted that receipt is full of creases have yellowed, but the handwriting is clear. It is understood that the nursing home is now concentrated in Hong Kong after the 50 elderly people, everyone received the King father’s help. “This year, the King Daddy and home for the money. We invited him to a nursing home for a walk, a chat and the elderly live there, because we are very grateful to him. “Wang Xiaolin said King when it comes to Dad, all thumbs.

On a table in the King’s father, a thin layer of green glass pressed the two letters. A letter signed by “Qian Qian”, a letter was signed “old King baht”. “Like little girls College now! “King Daddy’s face lit up, whispered-while-read the letter. In January 2014, Torre heard the neighbors talking about Wang Qian Qian, died in the traffic accident happened to her parents, she was an orphan, and his grandfather had each other. In high school, Grandpa, too, suffer from a serious illness, and family is difficult. Father Wang Qian Qian is sympathetic, and Trustees contacted Qian Qian family, you want to send some money to a child, but Qian Qian high self-esteem, refused to accept. Later, the father wrote a letter to Wang Qian Qian, encouraged her to have confidence and work hard. Qian Qian also wrote King father, expressing gratitude, also promised to remember her well, study hard and repay society.

“He not only to elderly people, neighbors are in trouble, he would send money. Usually reluctant to eat, to wear it, but never skimp to help others. “WONG and Big Daddy’s daughter-in-law received, 90 birthday, grandchildren wanted to give him make sushi to-do, he is very stubborn and how does not agree,” he was always talking with us, to spend the money wisely, don’t waste, if you have the ability to help others. ”

Villagers told the modern Express Press, the old man is very good, as long as he knows who one has a serious illness, such as cancer, and poor family, he would personally send hundreds of Yuan. Diddy’s son Wang Lixin, Wang said, father when young went private, the classics read it many times. At home, fathers often take to teach younger generations the Analects, benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, faith, all respected father, willing to follow his example to constrain your behavior, positive life.

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