Old diplomat recalled Hong Kong’s return: I 16 rounds of negotiations for 2 seconds

Last night, the reader is the keyword of “that day”, China’s senior diplomats, the former Director of An Wenbin, told from the return of Hong Kong in the first half, received the plan in early 1997 preparatory tasks for the Hong Kong handover ceremony began, carries the Mission of country, full of fight and win the real experience of fighting.

Reading is An Wenbin Fang zhimin’s swan song in prison of the lovely Chinese

He was Hong Kong’s return to the “hero” does not appear on the image data

On July 1, 1997 0 minutes and 0 seconds, at the Hong Kong handover ceremony, the Chinese flag rises on time, sovereignty over Hong Kong to the motherland.

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Flag, after the ceremony, he was in tears, had no idea also has its own day, because too nervous and too focused, he felt everything does not exist.

In his eyes, only the five-star red flag. Looking at the five-star red flag waving in the air, he was finally relieved.

This person is the senior Chinese diplomat, former Foreign Ministry Director An Wenbin. In order to make the Chinese national flag in Hong Kong rose over at zero zero zero seconds, his 16 rounds of talks with the British representatives.

Fighting for Hong Kong’s return two seconds before anger either intentional or accidental, British

The end of 1996, An Wenbin led a preparatory group to enter Hong Kong for the handover ceremony started preliminary work. However, such a world, the transfer of sovereignty, there is no any one country or region held a similar ceremony in precedent. So, everything is done by their own design.

In the specific arrangements, the key is to complete a central to the preparations for the Group of heavy tasks: ensuring China’s national flag must be zero zero zero seconds on July 1 rise on time, so that Hong Kong’s sovereignty on time to the motherland.

On the show scene, recalls An Wenbin, “each time we negotiate only for 2 seconds. I told the British side said that our national flag must be zero zero minutes and zero seconds, the return of sovereignty, every minute counts, this matter is beyond doubt. So your flag must be landed 23 points 59 minutes 58 seconds, at that time, the British side not agree, they didn’t give us the two seconds, so we back and forth countless times of negotiations for this matter. ”

2 seconds, what it means to the Chinese? Means that the return of Hong Kong on time! Flag 2 seconds after the British colonial Hong Kong more than 2 seconds.

General negotiations they are sitting, wearing suit crisp, very calm conversation. Although An Wenbin has thousands of waves of thousands of mountains, but he was diplomatic demeanor, on behalf of the State.

According to media reports, during the last negotiations, he solemnly stood up, the British negotiator, said the statement.

“Hong Kong has been your occupation for more than 150 years! And now I’m going to just 2 seconds, you are so unreasonably turned down. I would say that the British not only the Chinese people cannot tolerate such attitude, people should not be tolerated. ”

Hong Kong return a long bumpy road, and will forward, but also countless unsung heroes around the history of blood and tears.

If it is not a Chinese diplomat in a firm stance, tough attitude for States just 2 seconds, even the return of Hong Kong will also leave irreparable pity.

An Wenbin

July 1, 1997, at 0:0 0 seconds, the moment when the flag and national anthem was played, An Wenbin was exciting, moving, feel proud and elated. He was excited to tears, said to herself, you finally came back in Hong Kong. Recalled of that day in the national interest to win the 2 seconds, An Wenbin tears again, can’t help it. “Was not on the scene who are not experience that feeling. ”

At that moment, An Wenbin tears.

Let us review the July 1, 1997, at 0:0 0 seconds that was a sacred moment:

For 20 years, grow up in Hong Kong with the motherland, and on July 1, this important moment, will be recorded in history, it will always be remembered for the people!

On the show, An Wenbin was wearing a suit, not willing to wear a suit. He remembers that the handover of Hong Kong on that day, heavy rain sent Prince Charles, who sailed back to England when soaked by rain. Subsequently, countries in Hong Kong, and to give him one, he could not bear to wear!

User reviews

Love the deep friendship: see documentaries, in order not to let China, Britain deliberately played the national anthem, there has been a vacuum for five seconds.

Rain and snow or deformation of 1234: rotting flesh, immortal spirit.

To-iroT: 20 anniversary of the reunification of Hong Kong immediately, after reading the statements inside the complex for the elderly …

Twilight: the old circles of red, I had red eyes.

Wang Ruixing I: Fang zhimin: China has a bright future of praise.

Qingqingqing XI: revolutionary predecessors, uttering loud, still excited to read now. I love my sweet China!!

And the silk-worms of spring will weave until they die, wax torch ashes only dry tears

After the smooth return of Hong Kong, An Wenbin in China Dragon’s diplomatic allegiance to the think tank.

He has visited the United States five times, visit, Russia and other countries in Asia and Africa. These visits are, without exception, was a complete success and become a model for China’s diplomatic history.

In 2001, the Asia Pacific economic cooperation (APEC) Summit to be held in Shanghai, China. Needless to say, is responsible for coordinating APEC organizing Committee was An Wenbin.

He uses his own sincere patriotism and outstanding diplomatic talent, China time and again on the world stage show big country style.

Old handwriting: the seconds will be the return of sovereignty of Hong Kong

Fang zhimin martyr had foretold: “by then, China’s landscape will be refurbished by us. At that time, was active all over creation, filled with rapid advances, singing instead of lamenting, smiley face instead of a crying face, rich instead of the poor, health will take the place of suffering, wisdom will replace ignorance, love will take the place of the vendetta, joy in living instead of dying sorrow, beautiful gardens, will take the place of a desolate wasteland! ”

This prophecy have realized today. And this can not be separated from countless Patriots like An Wenbin, they worked hard, tried hard to do, bite, sheshenqiufa … … They are the backbone of China in Lu Xun’s works!

This year is the 20th year of Hong Kong’s return, every nation here to pay tribute to the heroes! Patriotic salute you!

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