Octogenarian taking a taxi every day for fracture diagnosis doctor food: always wanted to repay

Doctor Wan Jinxiang and Wang Yu. Southeast University affiliated hospitals in cardiovascular medicine the physician Zhu Jiantu

From April 10, the hospital in the South-East University (hereinafter hospital) in cardiovascular medicine clinic, can often see such a warm heart scene: an old man, smiling and sitting on the sidelines, watching the doctors around for dinner, quiet atmosphere and warm.

Surging News (www.thepapeper.CN) learned that the doctor was a cardiovascular Physician-in-charge of the hospital Wang Yu, the old man is Wang Yu had known for years–eight years in patients with old Wan Jinxiang.

“Always wanted to reward him, no chance, saw his foot was broken, inconvenient, I wanted to give him a meal. “When journalists in an interview with the surging, Wan Jinxiang old man looked a little embarrassed and said:” it’s a piece of cake, not worth a mention. ”

Wang Yu said that medical workers around him, such a lot of stories. “The Department of health, and life entrusted. From the patient’s perspective, empathy, how to care for patients, the patient will trust you. ”

Doctor Wan Jinxiang and Wang Yu. Hospitals in cardiovascular medicine the physician Zhu Jiantu

8 years old for the injured doctor meal

Wang Yu told the word news, April 8, Wan Jinxiang in clinics for the elderly see their feet broken, say to his own meal. “In fact, I can order lunch, or cafeteria, but old my mobility, determined to send. ”

According to Wang Yu introduced 4 years ago, he met Wan Jinxiang elderly at a reception, is responsible for the condition of the elderly during treatment, “then I gave him my phone, on condition he can ask if you don’t understand the problem, I. “Even after discharge from hospital for the elderly, he kept in touch with old.

Old Wan Jinxiang is a heart failure patients and hospitals in cardiovascular medicine “regulars”, every year to several homes. “I heart failure is serious, then falls at home, if no one is found dead in a timely manner. “Wan Jinxiang surging on news that sick in hospital, Wang Yu speaks a lot of heart, I always wanted to do something for doctor Wang Yu. “There are a lot of times 11 or 12 o’clock, disturbed doctor Wang, he rushed to the hospital overnight, there are many delays he rest. ”

“I’m 80 years old, take him out to dinner he didn’t eat, a gift he did not receive, can only do some things in return for him. “Wan Jinxiang said his doctor Wang always wanted to return, but not much of a chance.

On April 8 this year, Wan Jinxiang in cardiovascular medicine for the elderly doctor clinic saw Wang Yu.

“It was his foot in plaster, in reception, so hard. Fracture of his back and forth action inconvenient, is a thing to eat. “Old Wan Jinxiang immediately decided to send rice to doctor Wang. “Although Wang did not let me, but I would also like to table my mind. He saved my life, I gave him some rice and count what? ”

From Monday to Friday, old Wan Jinxiang have been sent a week, usually two of meat and two veg soup, buy food, wife to Cook, do tricks. Elderly also have to add one egg in the soup, doctor fill for the King himself.

Meals cooked, Wan Jinxiang older people who never took a taxi over, so that I could make Wang Yu ate rice as soon as possible. Wan Jinxiang around 12:15 arrived at the clinic for the elderly, so as not to delay Wang Yu. He was on the outside of the cooler in a sealed plastic bag and then covered with a new towel, “to the hospital, he ate the food hot, much better. ”

“My son was on a business trip, come back, a few days will go to doctor Wang to dinner by his son. “Wan Jinxiang said the old man, more than their own, the family are very grateful to Wang Yu, whether cooking for him, or give him a meal, and are very happy. By the end of April, should have been transferred to the ward Wang Yu, a foot injury is better, is not sent.

Doctor Wang Yu. Hospitals in cardiovascular medicine the physician Zhu Jiantu

“How to care for patients, the patient will trust you”

42 years old Wang Yu from 2005 on the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, has 12 years, rarely during vacations.

On April 4 of this year, he feels it hurts a bit, thinking may be careless foot ankle the day before. “But when there is a emergency operation, not too much, wanted to persist in a few days. “Endure sore feet, Wang Yu on the 5th day and outpatient clinics.

On April 6, he is badly hurt, to filming, as a result, is a fracture. Medical scheduling are well established, Wang Yu April arranged in general outpatient clinics, departments of shortage of staff, despite the fracture for several days, Wang Yu still work.

Now, leg in plaster, Wang Yu also examines more than 100 people a day on average, opened at 7:50 A.M., up until 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Sit for a few hours, the blood circulation for a long time, his feet local edema. Because of the limited time, Wang Yu use the toilet in the middle of the scratch, on crutches and move about.

Journalists in the interview that the surging, it was not Wang Yu work with illness for the first time. Wang Yu said the hospital usually if the disease is not serious enough to not be themselves is not going to leave.

“A leave of absence would increase the burden on others, things they can do, is to do it yourself. “Wang Yu said that in addition, there are so many patients require treatment every day, as a medical practitioner, but also to take into account the needs of patients. Wang Yu and Zhu Jian with the clinic doctor told the surging news departments of shortage of staff, doctors even sick, if they can work, or to continue to work.

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