Nurse who submitted his resignation letter says object not found hospital: it may be joking

“Dear leaders, because I can’t find the object, these remarks, hope. “In recent days, a letter allegedly was the resignation letter of a nurse in Wuxi in the network spread, the resignation letter dated March 15, 2017.

On March 17, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) linked to Wuxi 101th hospital advocacy section, a staff surnamed Li confirmed, is a nurse at the hospital in recent days to “object not found” for a letter of resignation.

However, the staff believes that the reasons for resignation of nurses may be “a joke”. He said the nurses just to work soon, the separation should not really quit because of the object could not be found, “arguably, this occupation is relatively hard to find objects by medical staff, never before heard of delays and busy hospital because of love. ”

On March 17, the surging news through the nurse believed linked to this resignation, she confirmed that the claim is “excuses”, resigned because he has found a new job, and continue to be engaged in medical work.

Parties: the object was not found to be an excuse

Surging news notes, March 15, certification Twitter @ Wuxi city will release the resignation letter photos, and with “a touch of sorrow sang, Wuxi some hospital staff have quit in object could not be found”, at the time already had more than 200 times before forwarding.

Among the many comments, netizens suspected resigned the party @ plus add reply said: “this, quit here, I would. ”

Another Viewer responses in the comments, “said as if resigned to find” in this regard, @ plus add reply said, “this is just an excuse, really bad”.

Surging news give users @ Jia Jia Jia and Jia made a direct message, but as of press time ago have not yet received a reply.

However, a micro-blogging before the hospital is certified as a nurse and “v” netizens commented: “this girl I knew the school, working in a hospital, really, in fact object could not be found. ”

In addition, another Netizen called reply also quit the party for their friends, and interaction with the @ plus plus plus.

After one day, the evening of March 16, Twitter @ Jia Jia Jia and Jia said: “this statement: I March 15 has resigned from the hospital. They look fun. After all I am still small objects can be found in the future. Working pressure, not resigned to dull. After all, life will go on. ”

On March 17, the surging news through contact to the nurse who resigned, she said she “had found work, object could not be found to be pretexts.”

She also said that thing was a colleague who is not familiar with the resignation leaked to the media, she did not know, is not willing to voice on the matter.

As to whether such micro-blogging for his own hair, the nurse did not explicitly confirm, but according to photos published their circle of friends, and pictures posted in a micro-blog like the same person.

“Medical staff, OK looking for” controversy

At this point, many netizens have commented supporting, argued vehemently that the medical staff busy.

“Really, my cousin went to the Hospital since, I haven’t seen her in two years … …” “go home Chinese new year day, ate dinner and went to the hospital in a hurry”, “I was 102 (hospital) of single dogs, find health care” … …

However, there is one think, the medical staff is not hard to find: “my parents think I didn’t go to the school nurse or teacher, dating two of the most popular on the market, there is no third”, “hospitals are the best looking for careers, is on our side. ”

Network in December 2016, according to the South reported that in the last survey in a dating site, single people in all walks of men singles focused on the Internet industry as IT engineer, followed by manufacturing engineers mainly concentrated among female single for sales jobs, followed by financial professionals.

And mate the most popular professions, accountants, nurses and personnel administration of the most popular and professional managers, advisers, civil servants of men’s most popular.

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