No one kept by thieves stealing 100 bun for breakfast eat discarded

(Original title: Sun no one defends the four thieves stole hundreds of buns for breakfast eat discarded)

News-today in the South of Guangxi liuzhou (reporter Huang Yuanlai correspondents Lin Yang) April 10, 4 men to complete a home network from Internet cafes, after Tan Dong Road, liuzhou, Guangxi China International building nearby, saw sunshine breakfast stall by the roadside unguarded, and approximately 100 bun stole. So many buns there will be unlimited, they are leftover buns all dropped. To this feast for doing nothing, and they paid the price. At present, 3 thief was Liu dong police station has been held in administrative detention.

About 4:30 A.M. April 10, Tan Dong Lu near the Watson international, Liu dong police station received a sunny breakfast stall alarm calls, 100 bun on his stalls were missing.

Liu dong police station in response to the report, after command and control room of judge in time attack, on April 13 in the Internet, long, sweet, yellow, theft suspect caught 3 people. It is understood that about 100 stolen two drawer bun, value of 200 Yuan.

Long after arrest of a confession, midnight, long a 4 people from Tan Dong Road, liuzhou city, an Internet café, because Internet access for a long time, 4 people feel a little hungry. When they ride the electric car when it passes near the Watson international, just in time to see a sunny breakfast stalls on no one. 4 people total, and thought it was a good opportunity, thus the two drawers bun stalls all take away. 100 buns were too many and 4 there will be unlimited, they had to leave leftover buns on the side.

At present, the Dragon and other 3 people for theft offences, has been sentenced to 5 days of administrative detention by the police.

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