Network anchor industry survey: make and taxes are very rare

Some time ago, evening news she is scorers on the gaokao Tsinghua xueba the game aroused heated discussion of the anchor in a clear stream, in recent days, a message of the anchors of the revenue of 390 million collection of 60 million, again to make people curious about anchors in this sector, how many people in charge air? Master multicast can make a lot of money? Tips anchors are people? Reporters found that make more big names host just a few, most anchors were still staying at low levels, or even their own sense of identity to anchor this work is not high.

“I feel decent work”

In the eyes of many, live is not a legitimate job, long live the wild growth of the platform, such as pornographic, vulgar, no limit label with about even the Games host, bad sister is better than a lot of God-level of the boys.

2 o’clock in the afternoon, who opened their own live software, began his work. 1993 was born of Shanshan also with early into social of young, simple of makeup capacity in lens software effects Xia more has a copies bright, she most time are in focused to playing game, occasionally will and fans interactive about, reply some problem, as long as live full 3 hours, popularity reached 500 a even completed day of basic task volume, other time, company does not will do too more interference.

Hear interview, Shanshan seemed a bit cramped, and live less lively and confident. “I studied preschool and kindergarten for a period of time, because she could not stand some of that unit and resigned. But I haven’t talked to the family said, the more afraid to let the House know I quit as anchor, which in their eyes is certainly was not attending, I also feel it was raffish. “He who first laughed.

Master multicast every hope fans can brush a couple of things, because that means that the day’s popularity, that part of the money. One day a succession of fans sent the San 3 500 Yuan worth of gifts, this feeling of being appreciated for her for a long time.

Anchor of income General is divided into three a part, a is brokers company or platform to of floor, most company to out of price is three to 4,000; II is fans playing tours of platform gift, this part to and company and the platform into, anchor himself hand 40% around, this part varies from person to gap huge; three is company will arrangements some show field or other work, similar Yu appearances fee, hundreds of to thousands of ranging.

Such anchors at the same company also has more than 10, all 20-something girl like Shanshan, natural sleep wake up every day, and then the company started broadcasting. Most of these younger anchors carry less than a year, however the initial novelty has started to dribble away, their own future, without much planning, good income and free work environment, giving them far more than their peers in other industries Stayin ‘ alive. Many people say: “I would certainly change my job, but for now anyway, no place else to go, do it, earning enough money to spend. ”

Phones can be an anchor

Live platform after years of development, the current anchor number has numerous, Yang Zhitai anchor brokers entered the industry for 7 years, changes in the industry also look in the eyes.

“Early like Sina show, 9158 platform is based, such as broadcast entertainment, in addition to a dedicated space and equipment, anchors must have a certain amount of talent, when anchors are more like small artists, companies these anchors will also be a certain amount of training, make broadcasting there is a threshold. “Yang Zhitai said, when anchors are usually held by some brokerage firms and associations.

With the development of e-sports, focus on game content, more and more people, together with many competing players after the retirement transition difficulties, when anchor into a simple and quick way, flag, Tiger and other broadcast platforms began to emerge during this period, also attract a lot of capital.

And now, as long as you have a mobile phone can be an anchor, is almost zero threshold.

Broadcast platforms have sprung up from the open user registration system enables anyone to become an anchor and live the phrase eat, sleep or even just sit and chat with people.

Yang Zhitai told reporters, “is basically two kinds of people will pay for, is a big fan of God, occasionally spending when support Idol, the esports industry more, their frequency and amount of consumption is relatively low, but the base is big. Another a most is hand in has money of three or four line city of small boss, most is see some beauty, and adventures, Pan entertainment class of live, this shots on will compared generous, we will was specifically maintenance this class often consumption of customer, if we for platform has will greeted these customer to new of platform consumption, I here has a customer up of when one months to anchor playing tours has more than 1 million. ”

According to the third-party analyst reports showed 2016 currently altogether there are more than 200 number of live companies on the Chinese market, in which the webcast market size of about 9 billion, webcast platform number has reached 200 million users, and live more than 3,000 rooms.

Paid little, pay little

With an “anchor revenue of 390 million collection of 60 million” news broke, anchor industries have once again become sensitive to the issue of income and host industry insider also surfaced.

From a legal relationship, anchor is generally divided into three groups, one is the engagement model, network anchors and live platform or “associations” signed labor contracts, anchor for the company’s services, platforms pay a certain remuneration; the second is a partnership-sharing model, live platform with the host agreement, mutually agreed percentage. “Both of these quantities are small, are generally better resources to do so. “Yang Zhitai said.

According to a survey, 33.1% of network anchors a monthly income below 500 Yuan, 14.6% of network anchors monthly income of 500~1000 Yuan, 15.9% of network anchors monthly income of 1000~2000 Yuan, 18% of network anchors monthly income of 2000~5000 Yuan, 10% of network anchors was not monthly income of 5000 RMB ~1 million, network anchors a monthly income of less than 10% million Yuan. These basically belong to the third category of income less than 5000.

Yang Zhitai said brokers generally are less likely and the anchor of the company signed an employment contract, a brokerage firm will tend to collaborate with five hundred or six hundred host, if you signed an employment contract, social security costs will reach a high level. “Addition said truth, anchor are most also not willing to such do, because has employment relationship of words will means with to through company paid personal income tax, and now they and company Zhijian only cooperation relationship, on personal for by of constraints and regulatory compared small, earned more earned less are is himself of, not tax of also is common, this is now industry General exists of problem. ”

In addition, many live platform itself as well qualified in informal, not to mention a sound financial system, a wave of money and ran things, and no less, in February of this year, according to media reports, has 500 million valuation of the IRIS live fail, also owed around 3 million Yuan on employees ‘ salary.

With the live platform development needs, rig come to realize financial, tax and other legal problems, is increasingly tending to formalize in the rules, but for a large number of frequent personnel changes in that part of the individual host, their difficulty is still great.

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