Netizens reported officials and female subordinate room caught Street: a I was personnel

Indecent video screenshots

Youth network in China Beijing, April 23 (Xinhua Zhang Rui Yu) for users of reported “real Xin an Zhen politics and Law Committee member Zhang Xinyi pigs with their subordinates in Xinyuan room clerk Lu Moubo, was discovered by the woman’s husband and caught” video. April 23 contacted Xin an Street, Xinyi Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, told Xinhua the online transmission of video, two non-involved Street office staff, have been police.

Indecent video screenshots

On April 21, a Netizen on the Forum publishes a “Government officials under the Open House was caught live” news, April 16 about 5:30 P.M., Xinan Town government law members of a pig, with its subordinate judicial clerks by Lu Moubo Xinyuan Hotel opposite the town Bank the Board room was found and caught by the woman’s husband. Afterward, the reporter saw match video on Twitter.

Video shows a man stands topless from time to time to sit down, next to a woman looks down sitting on the bed. Woman says in voice-over, “how old are children at home, doing the washing, do yaolian? Yaolian do? You do know what it is? “Voice-over from, another woman said,” you know what is the relationship with her? Oh, and do you know what she is? This is my brother! My brother! “

Street rumours

Subsequently, the journalists in Xuzhou, Xinyi, Jiangsu Xin an Street, portal online statements on the matter, said the past two days, there have been Internet users through forums, stick, and friends posted the letter and disseminated an indecent video, videos relating to Xin an Street office staff. At this point, street for speedy investigation, implementation, personnel are not involved in the video I Street office staff. Street had been held on the incident report to a territorial police station, and reserve the right to post people’s right to legal liability. At this point, we would like to remind our users: rational posting, do not believe rumors not rumor.

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