Net villager Han Guosheng beaten was asked to name the “South Korea defeated” the police rumor

Twitter screenshots

China Youth Network on March 15 Beijing (cub reporter Liu Liying) March 14, honghu, Hubei Province Public Security Bureau official Micro-Blog @ Twitter rumor peace Hong Hu said, net villagers from the great Lake “South Korean won” were asked to name a rumor.

Recently, a name for “South Korean won” identity pictures and jokes circulated on the Internet, ID pictures show male Han was born on September 8, 1985, honghu, Hubei Province, Cao municipality of residence in a village. Joke referred to “South Korean won” is likely to be, requires renaming.

Police rumours Twitter show recently, network transmission Cao town patios, honghu village, called “South Korean won” villagers often being beaten, to the police station to request renaming. The investigation, the identity real name attached to the post to Lee, honghu city, no-name for “South Korean won” of personnel, police never received anything from the great Lake “South Korean won” an application for renaming. This post is purely rumor, not rumor, not mass transfer rumor of the masses.

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