Nasal Tip After augmentation from the MS head scars cannot be recovered

Young lady went to a beauty salon to do “lines carved nose”, but nose fester, constantly rising from the tip of the nose line, Salon can’t handle. The day before yesterday, Miss Yang helpless zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, helped her operation to remove the remaining 7 nose line.

Xiuzhu feels his nose is not tall enough, two months ago I went to a beauty salon want to do rhinoplasty, beauty salon for her to recommend the most popular “lines carved nose”, one can absorb the “augmentation line” a shot to the nose, play a role in supporting tip shape. Heard about this pain, low cost, quick recovery, Yang chose this method of Rhinoplasty.

Finish the nose, the nose does look much better than tall. But 30 days later, nose out a strap blood things like head, Miss Yang cut off head in the mirror, and after two days, and threads from the tip of “grow”. She found a beauty salon, beautician made her put some anti-inflammatory drugs. After more than 10 days and lint out of two, and nose swelling and pain, she found hope get the lint out of beauty salons, beauty salon said there is no way.

In desperation, the young lady found the day before yesterday zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, Department of plastic surgery, doctors from the take out 7 remnants of Rhinoplasty of nasal tip line (pictured).

The branch Deputy Director Huang Lei said, Miss Yang is the recent admissions of his 3rd “lines carved nose” complications of patients with scars left by the nose like Yang may not be recoverable. He stressed that in the process if disinfection is not strict, technical approach awkward, it will cause local infections, coupled with tension that the tip is larger, threads will wear out your nose. He reminded the beauty, be sure to choose a qualified cosmetic body surgery, so that beauty is not a anti-disfigurement.

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