Nanjing subway encounter a woman “groping” Chase all the way to the men’s room blocking the door catch

Modern Express () on March 16, reported that recently, in Nanjing Metro Line 2 subway trains, passenger Wang suffered sexual harassment, she in a rage following each other off, plugging into the men’s room door, suspect arrested.

The morning of March 8 nearly 8 points, people Miss Wang Xin Jie Kou station Line 2 subway train, leaving for mochou Lake to work inside the morning rush hour was so crowded that Miss Wang felt a hand rubbing my thighs and hips. “Is a man dressed in yellow, I don’t care, that is they do not care. “Let her imagine is that the yellow-clad men continued to the restless, has been close to the King standing in the carriage. Ann suddenly alert, has been looking for each other’s actions, when the man, get off at the firm, even in the car of the moment put his hand into the skirt of Miss Wang, pinched, and quickly got off the bus. Miss Wang at that time to react, she shouted: “you’re a pervert, you stop right there! “She followed each other in Shanghai Road station, the man went straight to the men’s room at one end of the platform, Miss Wang at the men’s room door, and took the opportunity to ask the station staff for help. After a few minutes, the yellow-clad men came out from the toilet, stopped by Kings and miss the platform personnel and control.

Modern Express Reporter, yellow-clad man surnamed Jiang, aged 23, from Hunan, a technology information company in Nanjing. Jiang called on the former Wuhan University have seen someone molesting a female passenger on the subway, and the other completely secret, ginger in xinjiekou in the day while waiting to see Miss Wang is beautiful and dressed in short skirts, heart or bad read. First he Miss King did not respond, thinks each other insults and then went on to gross indecency. But other brave, in the men’s room door he also reported to the police.

Since ginger was arrested for indecency, Metro Police in accordance with the law on administrative penalties for public security penalties sentenced to 5 days of administrative detention.

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