Nanchang men to satisfy their craving homemade Sparrow trap

In order to satisfy their craving, self-made trap tool to capture the Sparrow, Lonchura 46, only to suffer in jail. On 24th, the reporter learned from the Nanchang Anyi County people’s Procuratorate, the Anyi County prosecuting attorney, and court order against illegal bird poaching the Wang verdict according to law.

The investigation, September 22, 2016 at 8 o’clock, Wang without going through special hunting permits, hunting licenses and other licenses under carry Skynet, a bamboo birdcage birds came to long Xiang Anyi County, 3 Skynet in long sections of paddy next to net catching birds, bird hit after Skynet was Wang into a bamboo cage.

At about 11 o’clock, Anyi County Police Chief Police patrols to long sections, defendant, Wang was arrested and seized birds, 46 birds are captured and set free. Identified, Wang captured 45 birds Finch birds in the genus Tree Sparrow, 1 birds for birds in the genus Lonchura. Tree Sparrow, is listed on the national protection of useful or important economic or scientific value of terrestrial wildlife list of Jiangxi province and the non-directory of wildlife, Lonchura Jiangxi province, has been included in the non-directory of wildlife.

After transferred to the Anyi County people’s Court in the case, Court Prosecutor charges according to law and fact finds that defendant Wang sentenced to criminal detention for three months, and bird shall be confiscated.

Prosecutors reminded the general public, the sparrows, frogs, geckos, toads, pheasants, hares and a variety of snakes, although not included in the national wildlife protection list, but it is equally protected by the law. Arrest of wildlife in sanctuaries or hunting, catch a () unlawful, arrest 20 () is filed, may be about to go to prison. Here, I call on members without trade there is no killing, protection of the ecological environment, we need concerted efforts.

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