MS 86 Edition of the pilgrimage Director Yang died at the age of 88

[Summary of]86 version of journey to the West, Director, producer, Ms Yang, died at the age of 88.


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    Yang Director information

    Director Yang

    Tencent entertainment news “Internet male hero’s Crown” broke, on April 15, well-known female directors, producers, Ms Yang died of illness on the Mainland, at the age of 88.

    It is reported that Yang was born in 1929 in Macheng of Hubei Province in China before liberation in the Jin-Cha-JI Xin Hua radio, shanbei Xinhua broadcasting station, radio broadcaster in Jinan, Jinan liberation broadcast was responsible for the task. 1958 liberation, Yang transferred by the Central People’s broadcasting station to the Beijing television station, as a journey to the attention.

    Yang was the first myth series 86 version of journey to the Director, broadcast the show since 1986, dominate the screen 30 years Yang has also selected the new era (1978-1987) national film top ten directors, and ranked first in the top ten television Director.

    Six young Tong Weibo mourned Yang Director

    From Zhongrui Chi Mr at shocked China first generation TV female Director, and respect of Yang Director died of news, exception grief, this is China TV of huge loss [tears] [tears] [tears] Yang Director not only is I of mentor, is I of art and life road Shang of teacher, no CCTV version TV journey to on no today of six small age child, audience are also impossible see I played of screen Monkey King. We will forever miss you … … Director Yang well all the way!

    Six young Tong Weibo mourned Yang Director

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