Millionaires are settling in their hometowns when village officials in Sichuan Province: drove luxury cars work the full donation

(Original title: multi-millionaire village official in Office pushing a “new deal”)

“Driving a car to work a month all”, this sentence is the Fushun County in zigong, Sichuan, Li Qiao Zhen Shi Shu Weixiao, villagers on the village Director of evaluation. On February 27, the stone village over more than 2,100 villagers live voting, Shu Weixiao with more than 1800 votes was elected Director of the village. Director of identity on the other side of the village, Shu Weixiao, Yunnan is a furniture manufacturer and several furniture stores, head of asset of millions.

Return home

Multimillionaire elected village Director

11th at 8 o’clock in the morning, 44, Shu Weixiao Shi Cun Cun Wei, Q7 sport utility vehicle came to Office, to start the day. Deputy Mayor Li Qiaozhen Peng Chuanze said in September 2015, Yunnan stone village of Shu Weixiao undertaking for more than 10 years returned home, hoping to investment projects. After 1 year of investigation, demonstration, Shu Weixiao decide upfront investment of 50 million Yuan, rural hometown into a tourist destination. Peng Chuanze said that through long-term contacts and observations, he discovered Shu Weixiao not only have good ideas and thoughts, and there is no shelf, can become one with the local villagers, has been accepted. In early February this year, the stone village election, most villagers like Shu Weixiao election become a bellwether.

Shu Weixiao told Chengdu business daily journalist, at first he was reluctant to run, due to “lack of time”. But back home investment in rural tourism, is the direction of business transformation, they can return home. To this end, the son Shu Weixiao business entirely responsible for, a person back to their rural homes.

“I was 16 years old to work, back to a hometown a few years or even more than 10 years. “Shu Weixiao field visits found that 13 groups in the village, 3081 people, 806 households, and more than more than 1800 people year-round migrant, left in the village are the elderly, women and children. Young people who work at home, children do not have access to the care of the elderly, idle uncultivated land is not used, a pity, really helpless. “In my opinion, village Director job should be to serve the villagers, with everyone to get rich with my investments have similarities in their hometowns. “Shu Weixiao said that after much reflection, he decided to run for election.

“Entrepreneurs who meet the election criteria for the position of village head, is good for the development of a village. “Peng Chuanze said entrepreneurs when the village head, will not only bring new ways of working, and more importantly can help and guide you to get rich.

The full donation

Office pushed two “new deal”

After taking office, Shu Weixiao introduced two new deal, is to set up a “Chamber of Commerce”, the second is the implementation of village cadres “performance appraisal” System.

The so-called “Chamber of Commerce”, Shu Weixiao, said as far as the present village, it’s difficult to think and grow rich, needs outside resources to promote and help. So he let all the village head of collection development well in the village of migrant villagers who built an Exchange Group, in the group to exchange information to help widen the village road to riches. For example, recommending projects, encourage successful investment in their hometowns, for villagers in a home business with new ideas, new information and new channels. Currently have collected links to more than more than 20 of the village’s success.

Followed by “performance appraisal”, Shu Weixiao said he found in the practical work, most drag beyond idle problems of village cadres, to that end, from the meeting on time, door communication policy in place and other aspects, establish a system for in years rate assessment, “hold a punishment 10 or 20 Yuan, specific rules being negotiated.”

Furniture business in Yunnan province were in a State of steady development, annual output of 8 million Yuan. In 2015, will retire, Shu Weixiao staying in his brother’s House for a long time, few returned to Yunnan. As the village head, monthly salary is more than 1400 Yuan Shu Weixiao, “for over a month, I haven’t seen wages. “Shu Weixiao said with a smile, and served on that day, he had indicated to the financial sector, did not receive a penny of wages, all donated to charity. 1400 Yuan into two parts, one as subvented homes for the elderly, a job arranged by the school for needy students.

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