Middle school principal 470,000 grant squandered some children drop out

(Original title: 470,000 grants are the principal to squander an empty)

Each poor student grant from the year 1250, steep, guanyun, Jiangsu Province, hundreds of poor health in middle school but didn’t get one. Some children drop out … …

Where did the money go?

“My kids declare grants for poor students, but has not received a grant, and the school’s other students declare a grant also did not get the grant. “In early 2015, guanyun, Jiangsu Province, discipline Inspection Commission received reports.

Dougou, guanyun County middle school is an ordinary high school, the existing junior and senior middle school 40 classes, around 2000 students, which include helping the relief of poor students each year around 200. 2008, Jiangsu province introduced on issued Jiangsu Province compulsory education stage school family economic difficult boarding health life grants funding management approach, 2012, the province and introduced has Jiangsu Province compulsory education learning family economic difficult students life grants funding management approach (provisional) expressly: on orphans students, and single parent families of students and the urban and rural Lo-family of students, family economic difficult of students give life grants, junior high school students each health annual 1250 Yuan (daily 5 Yuan, annual by 250 days meter).

According to the measures, steep Shen of the academic year in secondary schools receive 150,000 yuan of grants for poor students. Grant did not get a penny of poor students. Investigators check out the steep middle school in its annual financial statements, nor any traces of 150,000 yuan, about where the money has gone?

Possession of money

“In principal, grants for poor students of the last report, what should I do? “In 2012, that the school, which is in charge of the financial Vice President Zhang Yongmin took office of President Yu baojun said the report.

“Directly to the student. “Yu baojun replies without hesitation.

“These grants for poor students cannot be made, the former President has no now to the students would cause confusion. “Zhang Yongmin whispered recommends said, Qian a any principal didn’t sent, but through school logistics accounting will all poverty health grants of bank card unified custody, then again arrangements people unified signature punch, money not to students hands, as has students parents asked has, on said grant didn’t down, such school on more out has 150,000 yuan of mobile funds, and annual education financial audit is acquaintances on acquaintances, risk not too big.

Yu baojun is silent. He knew poverty grants State relief for students from poor families, is not violating, but issuing bad “unspoken rules”. Then, after he’s thinking repeatedly called in charge of logistics accounting Hu Fangbing, Hu Fangbing before disposal.

From 2012 to 2014, is trapped by steep middle school grants the bank card.

“Early is in 2012, one day, Yu baojun called me into his Office, I arrived, he had a big bag on the desk, bag a bunch of bank cards, when he let me put the cards away. I asked him what it was, he said to me is financial aid, school is difficult for the time being, there is no money, take time to withdraw the money. I accept the card. Yu baojun I found in a few days, said he would take me with you to the Bank. To the Bank, he found the Bank staff were stuck by them in the name of the school uniform. In this case, each time the money, as long as the initial password can be provided by the Bank. Later, when Yu baojun to participate in activities or a business trip, he would take me on, in order to pay for his spending. He smokes cigarettes are Chinese and other high-end cigarettes, drinking wine is good wine on the market, values ranging between hundreds of thousands, a table is generally not less than 1000, and often took me to famous attractions around the country explore, big spenders like a big boss. Until July 2014, the money is baojun was used up before out of the steep middle school. “The school is in charge of logistics accounting Hu Fangbing account.

Check after all does not hesitate

“After receiving the report clues of the masses, we immediately deployed personnel on three roads for investigation and evidence collection. Check out way to steep middle school-related accounts, and to visit to verify the accounts list involved students; the other went to the County Education Department taking steep grants issued vouchers for poor students in middle school; finally rushed to the Bank all the way to see the steep middle school-related financial income and expenses. “The County discipline Inspection Commission, said officials,” according to the survey summary for nearly a month, we have initially mastered the steep secondary evidence of diversion of grants for poor students. By request, our baojun, Zhang Yongmin, Hu Fangbing and others case review. ”

Discipline inspectors in view of steep high school scholarship distribution accounts.

The investigation, from 2012 to 2014, former President of the steep middle school Yu baojun used his position to engage in charge Zhang Yongmin, Vice President of finance, arrange logistics accounting violation Hu Fangbing interception school grants for poor students a total of more than 470,000 yuan, for the school of hospitality and travel expenses. Among them, entertain at a total cost of more than 320,000 yuan, on business travel expenses totaling 148,000 yuan. Three were expelled from disciplinary action, Yu baojun and Zhang Yongmin were transferred to judicial organs for handling according to law, former principal also is under investigation.

“Families poor children access to school hard, long as a school, I often requires the teacher to all the students at the faculty meeting, and I’m poor students belonging to grants of public money being used to travel, eat and drink, squandered, some poor students drop out, not only has the potential to ruin a student’s future, also destroyed their own future. More important is to have a school originally fresh positive teaching environment suffered devastating damage. “Yu baojun confessed during disciplinary review. (Reporter Ding Jing and Tian gang Yuan Haitao correspondents)

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