Men’s shot was stopped the same day: the contradiction between the Ministry of public security and Guizhou police conclusion

In early 2014, shiqian County of Tongren city, Guizhou province, two girls were killed while mountain climbing in the evening. After local police collected 8,000 DNA samples, eventually locking the murderer, Chen Quansong, aged 30, this year two was sentenced to death by the Court and by the Supreme Court after a review of the death penalty, will be held on January 23, 2017 executed.

On January 23, 2017, Chen Quansong family has been waiting to be taken outside the jail “final journey”, the executed command was canceled.

Chen Quansong father son living in a detention center.

On April 13, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Chen Quansong was informed by their lawyers and families, in the scheduled execution day, they suddenly notice said, the death penalty was suspended the same day. Father Chen Quansong Chen Yongshuang surging News showed him living on April 7 as the jailed son of payment receipt. He was told that Chen Quansong “still alive, completely healthy.”

Man found guilty of murder were sentenced to death

Case materials show, the evening of January 3, 2014, Tongren city, Guizhou, shiqian County Chinese high school girl Xiao Li, Xiao Ning (pseudonym) was missing. Shiqian County families, and friends and relatives looking for day and night, but only saw two in five’s Cairn video has not found traces of others.

Until February 3, 2014, in two of the five herbs on the Tate’s Cairn, in the bodies of two girls were found in the bushes. Police scene material evidence, check out the DNA, and then by villages and other key population around 8,000 collected DNA samples submitted to to finalize Chen Quansong major suspected of the crime. On March 9, 2014, in shiqian Feng Xiang Feng Jie Li Guanqing private hostels, police have arrested Chen Quansong.

TONGREN city intermediate people’s Court of first instance found that the night of January 3, 2014, Chen Quansong walked to Friday’s Cairn 3rd from the bottom at the Pavilion, and Xiao Li, Xiao Ning encounter down. Due to disputes, Xiao Ning Chen Quansong to be torn down in the Pavilion inside the stone steps up the mountain to their deaths, then bring Mary to the gazebo, Lily caused by head-butting the ground, then pinch the neck to kill Xiao Li.

And when I am in the trial process, before Chen Quansong on guilty confession in court litigation. He argued that he did not kill, as public security officers during questioning by coercion, force myself to sign the interrogation, all inquires are not true. Defender Liu Jingyi and Cheng Ying defended their innocence.

On April 15, 2015, Tongren city intermediate people’s Court made a verdict, sentenced Chen Quansong to death on charges of murder and sentenced him to 2 years ‘ imprisonment on charges of making insults a corpse, death penalty, deprivation of political rights for life. And at the same time compensate relatives of two victims of funeral expenses and other losses amounted to more than 40,000 yuan.

After the first-instance verdict, Chen Quansong appeal.

On February 22, 2016, the Guizhou Provincial higher people’s Court of final appeal ruling, found Chen Quansong established the crime of intentional homicide and insult of a body, rejected the appeal and upheld the.

Before the execution was “gun man”

After entering the stage of review of death sentences in the case, reported to the Supreme People’s Court according to law review. On January 21, 2017, in TongRen, Guizhou Institute said in a statement, the Academy in accordance with the Supreme People’s Court ordered his execution, January 23, 2017, Chen Quansong clarify their identity of offenders, marched to the execution ground and executed.

Executive Chen Quansong death notices of the Court show, originally scheduled for January 23, 2017 on Chen Quansong executed.

However, end the death penalty did not perform.

Chen Quansong’s lawyer, Xie Tongxiang surging told the news, after the Supreme Court approved the death penalty, family emergency Commission as a lawyer. He wrote more than 30 of the more than 10,000 words on the case more than a stay of execution of Chen Quansong the death penalty and revocation of Chen Quansong death penalty counsel submissions, and submitted to the relevant departments.

Xie Tongxiang believes that there are still many doubts in the case, need to be carefully verified. In submissions, he said, after the murder victim’s body by Tongren City police forensic Center forensic examination, DNA typing was not detected; neither the STR on the Ministry of public security on the little peaceful body (DNA). Guizhou Provincial Public Security Department in Mary’s body got STR (DNA). “Why conflicting explanations need to be made, at a time when Chen Quansong was approved the death penalty, should be re-evaluation. ”

Xie Tongxiang says, combing the judgment found that Court found Chen Quansong guilty of guilty according to the public security organs in addition to its statement, a most important evidence that the deceased Mary extracted sperm positive DNA consistent with the Chen Quansong. However, the decision is not the most primitive sperm-positive reports. “There is no report, no traceable work record, how can you prove this test actually does? ”

Chen Quansong’s father to the surge-news, issued by the Supreme Court on January 23 the command of execution that morning, he and his family are performed to the detention center, Chen Quansong was sent out, I suddenly got a call from Tongren hospital, said that the orders were cancelled on the day of execution.

His excellent work in double back surging news show on April 7, he was living on receipts for their son to jail.

Chen Quansong living father to prison for son’s receipt.

On February 7, 2017, the charges issued by the Supreme People’s Court criminal trial first court to Xie Tongxiang listing shows, the Academy receives Xie Tongxiang lawyer commissioned formalities and Chen Quansong request to stop executions and revocation of the application of the death penalty.

Xie Tongxiang said, on April 7, he went to the detention center asking to meet, but was refused. According to his own recordings, detention center introducing Chen Quansong, the police made it clear: “don’t worry, he’s still alive, and is completely healthy. ”

According to Article No. 250 of the code of criminal procedure provides that immediate implementation of the death penalty approved by the Supreme Court sentence and judgment should be longer by the Supreme Court issued the order of execution. Article No. 251, lower people’s Court after receiving the Supreme command of execution shall be executed within seven in the 7th. But found to have one of the following circumstances, shall suspend execution and immediately report to the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Court ruling: (a) prior to implementation decisions may have errors have been found, and (ii) before executing the criminal exposes major criminal facts or renders other significantly meritorious service, may need to be revised; (c) the offender is pregnant.

For the specific reasons why a temporary moratorium on the death penalty in the case, the Court did not give Chen Quansong written answers to the families and their lawyers. Xie Tongxiang lawyer said, highest method recovered death penalty review right ten years to, for each a a death penalty review case are is very carefully of, each a a death penalty review case are to after strictly of multiple program, according to criminal method and judicial explained, the case last May has two species results: by research original referee right will continues to implementation original ruled, if identified original referee does have errors, according to legal provides, highest method will revoked original ruling and law processing.

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