Men’s shop started 82 years old father kidnap the civilian police to help find lost

Recently, Haiyang, Shandong tourist resort, a man lost his father, thanks to the met police and kind people’s help, was able to return safely to homes for the elderly, no serious consequences.

The same day, Haiyang ju resort receives masses of the police station to ask for help: in a shopping mall whose father Zhang lost in the car at the gate, asking for help finding. After receiving the police, resort police station immediately organized civilian police arrived on the scene, the on-site investigation, reporter for the old man’s son, its in-store shopping, his father Zhang (male, 82 years old) placed in the supermarket car park inside the vehicle because it can come out soon, so it does not lock the doors. But someone is around an hour out of the supermarket revealed that the father has disappeared.

XXX older fathers are often unconscious, afraid of missing what will happen after, Zhang then asked police to help search for the son. Police learned that the old man’s physical features, dress after dress, actively looking for the old man in the patrol and reported 110 command center, in the city for investigation.

On 21:30, when police patrols to the area of a small supermarket, says an elderly man unconscious inside the supermarket, was lost and asked for police help. Police ask, talk to the old man semi-conscious, and what don’t know, such as names and home addresses. Careful police found the elderly man’s physical features and dressing well and lost a very similar call immediately the situation told Zhang’s son Zhang. Confirmed, the elderly man was his father, saw his father was safe, continue to thank police and supermarket staff.

The police prompted the general public: in everyday life, have aged out, preferably with family; limited skills, people with dementia and other symptoms of the disease of the elderly, usually placed in the old man’s pocket a identity card, write clearly your name, home address, children and family contact phone number, place of work, and so on, to allow police or people with good intentions to help. Once upon the lost time the police or dial “110” police.

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