Men’s for KTV “Miss” affray “Miss” scare diaper crotch

On April 22, the Public Security Bureau official Twitter @ Guangzhou Railway Police online reported that shimen County, changde city, Hunan province, a man on suspicion of affray in the KTV rooms Liu, was captured April 12 in North of Hunan shimen railway station.

Reported, according to the review, suspicious man Liu, 27, linli County, Hunan province people. This year, the evening of January 22, until Liu Sing in the KTV rooms, shimen. He called his boss, and that such “young lady” Yang sang with him. While Yang has accompanied Huang and others in singing. Liu hearing very uncomfortable, he relied on the wine immediately shouted to a group of friends, ready to directly grab Yang’s private room singing. Hwang also doesn’t like it, obviously first asked Yang to accompany singing, by what you said to take it away?

Suddenly, the “young lady” Yang was killed, causing both fights, instantly becomes more than 20 people of affray. Not only smashed private dining facilities, causing injuries to many people on both sides, Yang was scared to pee his pants on the spot. After the incident, Liu met make it big immediately fled the scene.

On April 12, said that wind has the Liu, shimen back from the field, was discovered by police on duty at the station appeared and arrested on the spot. At present, the shimen Huaihua railway police have a suspect Liu handed over public security organs.

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