Men with 8000 Yuan in cash left for the train conductor make 14 phone calls returned

When on a bag on the train with 8000, 60 high has been on the bus, one side of his wife hurry heart beat faster, at this time, the GAO found 14 missed phone calls, playing in the past he also trains the conductor.

Found my bag wife jumping on the train beat

GAO Yulin, is people, March 17 10:38 A.M. K8196 travelling from Yulin to XI ‘ an, ready to participate in the reunion. Because I hadn’t seen for years, he and his wife prepared some specialties of Northern Shaanxi as a gift for students. High bought was soft, and he will be fitted with a small backpack 8000 Yuan in cash under pillows, thinking around at ease. At about 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the train station, mopping up the other big bags, he forgot this little bag. After Exit, the two took a bus to the hotel, cars to the South Gate high when suddenly remembered his bag on the bus. “My wife worried heart beat faster, I was a little anxious. “GAO said, there are 8000 Yuan in cash in the bag, just before he came to take, if not spent would have trouble these days. In addition, the bag has the family car keys, his medicine in preventing and treating cerebral arteriosclerosis.

“The more important drugs, this medicine every day to eat, some pharmacies and not buy. “The GAO said.

Owner took out 2000 Yuan appreciation was declined

Finding lost, Mr Gao quickly pulls out his phone to call the station, they found 14 missed call on your phone, too much noise on the bus he had heard. Call the past, high train conductor Li Chengbin, the conductor checked after the GAO lost items, so he went to the station to receive.

At about 8 o’clock in the evening, Mr Gao rushed to Xian railway station, see the conductor and conductor Wang Yuan Li Chengbin. “I find this bag packed with bunks, is left up to the conductor. “Conductor Wang Yuan, 55, said they together opened the package and found cash and other items, of which there is a phone number on a piece of card, the conductor then made a phone call in the past that is a friend of Mr Gao, Gao’s phone began to contact him.

“Beat more than 10 calls, and after half an hour had finally come. “The conductor Li Chengbin said.

“Thanks I took 2000 Yuan, but they declined. “GAO said, was recovered, thanks to the good people, he was very moved. Greatly to the conductor, of high moral character; the conductor was responsible for, has been called to contact him. Chinese reporter Zhao Ruili owner image

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