Men will be transferred to the Villa before marriage girlfriend girlfriend: only you as a brother

[Abstract] man will be worth 4 million Villa transfer to his girlfriend before marriage, and sign a contract. After two people fell out, the girlfriend said “we can only do brothers and sisters”, the two sides officially broke up. Then Villa girlfriend replaced the lock cylinder, the men out the door.

In March last year, Mr Zhao Villa name worth about $4 million, in the form of commodity transfer to a girlfriend’s House, now split, but has experienced “get out of the family with nothing.”

Zhao said that his family was good, in 2009 in the North Shore road, 1 million down payment to buy a set of the sea • Riverside first, worth about $4 million Villa. During 2009 to 2016, Mr Zhao started mortgage more than 1 million.

In January 2015, love comes under the neighbors, Mr Zhao xiaoxie met and fell in love with his girlfriend. Talk about girlfriends xiaoxie, Zhao said, “like sweet, left-right for you”. Girlfriend’s favorite friends show their affection, occasionally buying small gifts for their mother for hearts.

Two people love plain sailing, Ben married and all the way to. Parents of girls, want two people to have a home of their own. In March 2016, Villa of Mr Zhao’s name in the form of commodity transfer xiaoxie gave his girlfriend’s younger brother. Seems to be a form of contract, 2.5 million traded and ultimately into the hands of Mr Zhao’s 200,000.

Real estate closing, two more tenderness, to Italy to shoot the wedding … … But recently, love boat said. “By June, when it started giving me that, we can only do brothers and sisters.” Emotional pull for a month, the two officially broke up. Unlucky in love, shopping malls and setbacks, Mr Zhao had nothing, living in the “transfer” Villa. Ex-girlfriend has suddenly changed the lock, he must be shown the door.

Mr Zhao was very depressed, has invested 2 million houses how to say no is gone. Mr Zhao’s former girlfriend xiaoxie believes that real estate transactions, find Chong loan company Chong 2.2 million loan, pay off the Villa completed the transfer of loans. For interviews with journalists, Shay was adamant: “you can not solve, directly through a lawyer and sue them. ”

Property disputes against Zhao, Zhang Fenghai in counsel’s view, from the perspective of civil cases, Mr Zhao is true for housing purchase contracts on the surface, so wanted to get back to real estate, it is necessary to overthrow the purchase contract signed by both parties, but this process is a complex and very difficult.

Love is precious, house prices are high. Real estate closing is no small feat, especially in the absence of prior to marriage. If is empty, don’t really say Too young,Too simple?

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