Men waste was scolded by his wife stole baiyujian adult swing home “appreciate”

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Chutian metropolis daily, April 13 couples bicker, wife called her husband “waste” in retaliation for his wife, the man stole more than 100 pieces of adult products filled the room “Watch”. More than adult convenience store was robbed, police dressed as take-out, squat, eventually catch this thief. Today, jianghan police detained Ni Mou was suspected of stealing other people’s property.

March 18, at 4 o’clock in the morning, jianghan District Public Security Bureau “community police” police CHOW Vivian, Marconi.Beckham and others the night watch to Hankou air path, find a convenience store several containers prized. Fuzzy surveillance video shows police obtain: a man wearing cap, holding a long screwdriver into the store, forced open the doors, stole more than men and supplies, driving an electric car to leave.

Subsequently, the revitalization of three road, Po Fung Road and a number of adult convenience store items were stolen, exactly the same modus operandi, rogue crime, will ride the electric vehicle fled to port disappears.

Police believe the same man, would mobilize 6 civilian police officers posing as takeaway ride electric vehicles visit squat.

12th, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Hu Yao village visits to development a downstairs, found a suspicious black and yellow electric car parked in the shed. After a while, a man from the building-sloshing in and out, riding the electric car and roared off. The man is dressed in “a company selling” black and yellow coat, the police was riding a borrowed “take-away” electric cars quietly relay track.

Sure enough, the police guessing wrong. 13th, at 2 o’clock in the morning, the men sent after you finish the take-out, driving electric cars soar to aeronautical path that self-service shops, quick pick 4 containers stolen 38 boxes of condoms and other adult products, is driving away, 4 civilian police suddenly captured and taken to wansong Street police station.

Upon examination, the 33 years old Ni Mou who developed village, a takeout company employee, was detained for 15 days because of drug addiction. According to his account, on March 16, he had words with his wife, angry, his wife called him a loser, like crap. He can not do anything, evil, while delivering a takeaway, stolen convenience store early this morning adult per night more than 100 pieces, placed in the family “appreciate”, in retaliation for his wife.

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