Men too get a penny of bonus too each other injuries caused by major-general

CNS, Nanyang, April 18 (reporter Liu Peng)-too little too get a penny of bonus, drinking and flees to the other quarters to be bashed, after the fugitive by the police as the Internet. During the flight, driving overloaded, and seized by police. Nanyang, Henan down a final French Open.

18th, neixiang Henan police news release, April 11 at 15 o’clock, in neixiang County Hospital intersection, a red light van-type truck caught the attention of the County’s traffic police, this pickup truck loads of room sit 2 people driving the 3 people, police inspected forthwith require the car to the roadside.

In the process of inspecting the car registration and driver’s license, the pilot shall actively cooperate with, claiming that there are a lot of customers waiting for their delivery, and hope that the police will process as soon as possible, and expressed its willingness to accept punishment.

Police found the driver in a speech carefully looked flustered, and hence on its identity further online than on, and discover that a fugitive is one of the Internet.

It turns out that Tian was wancheng district in Nanyang city people. Prior to that, fields has been working in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. One night in May 2016, drunk some friends grab a red envelope, grabbed a one-cent envelopes. Red envelope too get too little, while wine, through video and red hair Lee one of cursing, then flees to the other quarters to be bashed.

After the incident, due to intentional injury crime police detained by Changzhou, was released on bail pending trial. During the bail, some because they are not subject to management, Changzhou police fugitive as the Internet.

2017 after the Spring Festival, has been on the field a thought is over, hold chances, began driving the delivery of small business. Unexpectedly, driving overloaded and eventually seized by police.

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