Men take contraceptive cheat more than 80 million being arrested only 50,000 of investment

(Original title: men take investment contraceptive cheat 80 million)

Defendant commit the crime sketch practice drawing/Pan Yang

Legal evening news (reporter Hong Xue intern Anton) medical devices company of Manager, lied about father-in-law is drug enterprises executives, take investment medical devices, and drug, and borrowing, name, to high profit or interest for bait, Dr a respectively cheat victims thanks a, 14 people amounted to more than 80 million Yuan, was cheat of people in the both he of sent small, and students, and good friends, also has cooperation partners, even also has he of Qian Yue parents. To being arrested, Yang only 50,000 yuan in bank card, all the money he received had gambled in Macau.

The legal evening news reporter was informed this morning, Yang pleaded not guilty in court, a court sentenced Yang to life imprisonment on charges of fraud and confiscated all his personal property, be seized, things changed after the price, in proportion to reimburse victims, and the gap, ordered Yang continued to pay compensation, reimbursement in proportion to each victim.

Case lie more than 10 people caught more than 80 million only 50,000

The Court found, during October 2010 to April 2014, 32 year old Yang lied about investment in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, borrowing, and return to high profits or interest as bait, defrauding victims thanked some 14 people, including money, respectively, Xie had been tricked up to more than 23.33 million Yuan, Li has cheated at least 90,000 yuan.

In addition, in March 2015, Yang respectively in the company capital, tender need money on behalf of defrauding his father-in-law Xu b, to whom some 1.5 million yuan of illegal possession.

Yang total fraud of more than 81.85 million Yuan, in connection with the money being used for offshore gambling or overspending.

After the incident, investigative organs seized Yang’s name is located in Haidian District in Northwest Beijing Wang Hai feng Lian in the heights estate, and detained Yang to swindle money purchase registered at the time the wife of Xu somebody move the range Rover Aurora car a car and freeze Yang move money within bank accounts of more than 50,000 yuan.

Testimony lied about investing in contraceptive small cheated more than 30 million

Thanks to some of the victims, he and Yang had known, a good relationship. Yang has medical device company, is able to earn money.

In April 2013, Yang said his friends need to do business with 500,000 Yuan working capital for a month, 50,000 yuan of interest. After he lent money to Yang until January 2015, Yang has been returned on time interest, initially to 50,000 yuan of interest over one or two times, then dropped to 25,000 yuan, 500,000 yuan to the principal outstanding.

In early 2014, Yang said his father-in-law was the head zizhu pharmaceuticals in North China, yuk Ting can use this relationship to do birth control pills medicines business to make money, transfers to the public, apart from uncertain payment time, no risk.

Since then, thanks to Yang commercial bank account transfers of 2 million Yuan, Yang gave thanks after some 2.3 million Yuan, said principal and profits. Looking really can earn money, thanks to Yang Hui 5 million Yuan, and two months later, Yang returned to thank some 5.5 million Yuan.

Xie Mou said he believed that Yang can really make money, Yang sent dozens of times in succession, the last time on March 24, 2015, sent 1 million Yuan. Since then, Yang find all kinds of reasons not to give back, he later learned through friends Yang did not use that money to do business, but went to Macau Gambling all lost. Xie Mou said he gave Yang more than 33 million Yuan.

Student investment with friends and family was cheated a total 23 million

Zhang and Yang were classmates, he says he and the relatives, friends, altogether more than 10 people have been defrauded of more than 23 million Yuan.

Zhang a said, June 2013, Dr a said father-in-law is zizhu drug industry led, charge national of sales, a years returns 200 million Yuan, can got Yu Christine pill of cost price, again increases legal sales to around dealer, can got Middle profit, needed large of money investment, let he investment with money, each two months for a period returned investment principal and the 2%-7% of profit.

Being borrowed 16 million Yuan to Zhang Yang, Yang and Zhang later bought zizhu pharmaceutical shares, fooled 4 million Yuan.

In February 2015, Yang said money is needed, find a borrowed 3 million Yuan. Zhang said he gave Yang a total of 23 million Yuan through money transfer.

Zhang said Yang mentioned include zizhu pharmaceutical drugs and the original shares, 309 big infusion, six car rental and Yang company oxygen cylinder, Haidian District. After him, his relatives and friends directly to the Yang account remittances, except him and his lover, sister-in-law, cousin, uncle, cousin, aunt, cousins etc 8, Qiu a couple of his friends, such as 5, and even his mother and remits the money to Yang.

Beginning of April 2015, Yang did not return as agreed, Zhang asked what happened, Yang said his father-in-law had a problem over there, let him wait two days. The next day, Zhang that friend song Yang is also a lot of money there, both feeling suspicious, to call Yang asks what’s going on, Yang said he lost all his money in gambling in Macao, and tell them the investment project is false.

On April 4 of that year, Zhang reported, after he contacted Yang.

Later song a let Zhang a to will Taiwan Xiang see Dr a, night 12 o’clock more, he see song a, and Dr a and Dr a with of woman Luo a, on in he and song a in housing in asked Dr a Shi, Luo a said first go has, later Luo a alarm, police put three people with to police station, he told police Dr a scam of thing, and said has in Haidian Ma Lian WA police station reported, police verified Hou, MA Lian WA police station police then put Dr a away has.

After losing money gambling in Macau has said the defendant tried to commit suicide

Zhou said the witness, he and Yang were friends, he was not involved in Yang’s project, is to accompany Yang to Macau for gambling. From 2010 end of, he and Dr a to Macau gambling, play hundred home Le about 60 times, Dr a a began play 50,000 yuan around, has win has lost, about from 2013 began lost money, Dr a play of amounts also gradually increased, sometimes 5 million Yuan, and 6 million Yuan has been to more than 10 million Yuan, lost have also on more more, last total lost off 50 million Yuan around.

The end of March 2015, after the two men return from Macao, Yang told the other tried to commit suicide, the home of the money lost, House mortgage, victims of many, cheated people to find him after he didn’t know something Yang kite.

Former father-in-law: no and he did with Yuting sales

Xu b said, he is Dr a of Qian father-in-law, in Beijing zizhu drug industry limited work, specific is responsible for Yu Christine pill in Hebei of sales personnel of management, Dr a no and he with do sales project, he has never are no with Dr a mention had this thing, he cannot directly from zizhu drug industry mention drug, also no and Dr a with do had other project.

Witnesses Liu a said, he and Dr a is awareness 10 years of friends, usually just eating, no do had business, Dr a in a assembled oxygen cylinders of company Dang Manager, Dr a no with he said 309 Hospital of investment medical project, December 2014 and January 2015, Dr a with he said two or three times Yu Christine pill or zizhu drug industry of related project, Dr a said himself of father-in-law is zizhu drug industry of led, Dr a store drug Hou sale money has, asked he whether has interest, he think not mark on refused to has.

Ex-wife says mortgage investments were tricked into court has not been found

Court also found that Yang and Xu person married in May 2013, two of them by November of the same year Xu somebody purchased a building as a property of the CAI Lu, Haidian District, mortgage 4.59 million yuan from the Bank and transferred to a Beijing company accounts.

In April 2015, Yang and Xu somebody divorces, June of the same year, Xu unrepaid loans repayment of the loan principal, interest, and penalties totaling more than 4.24 million Yuan. On July 15 of that year, Xu unrepaid loans in 3.3 million price of the homes sold, somebody told the police that Xu, Yang investment front room to earn high profits, before she married real estate secured loans, Yang to defraud its money.

In this regard, the Court found that Xu somebody said that investment-front room, but hard-front room, the location, size and other specific circumstances, incompatible with the common sense, for the facts of fraud, the Court shall not be recognized.

Statement had said lied to 130 million patacas has gambled more than 80 million

Yang earlier statement said, in 2011, he in the name of partnership the business of company oxygen and first aid kit, and undertook two months pay 10% an excuse to profit, begins to people such as Zhang, song rip-off.

In July or August 2013, his father-in-law zizhu pharmaceutical industry managers, customers and resources in hand, to cover high interest returns, to borrow from Xie and others were lied to about 130 million Yuan, he took out 80 million Yuan to Macau for gambling, 30 million Yuan as a higher interest return to these friends, also he is now uncertain, can’t remember where.

The end of March 2015, these people get their money, he said business did not return the money, gave these people a promise to elaborate, later is really perfunctory is not passed, said he lost money gambling.

The afternoon of April 5, 2015, song asked him for money after he was blocked there is no way, gave himself up to the police station. These people give him money through bank transfer, now has no money in his account, he lost, yuk Ting drug projects such as he had had nothing to do.

Yang said that he in Haidian District, Northwest Wang Hai feng Lian village in a House was mortgaged to the Bank.

Exit records issued by the public security organs of Yang, Yang during the period from 2010 to 2015, to Macao and Hong Kong amounted to 66.

Tribunal pleaded not guilty in betting on repayment of principal

In court, Yang argues, he did not in fact of fiction to victims, to hide the truth, based on actual needs to borrow from the victim, he later engaged in the gaming industry can reap high profits, to repayment of the loan principal and interest. Moreover, he has been active in raising funds to repay the money before the crime, many victims know that he use the money for Macau’s gambling industry.

Yang said he didn’t defraud his wife Xu person, Xu b, father-in-law and mother-in-law, in loans and mortgage loans, to inform him the other reason. He gave himself up, should be recognized as the surrender. Therefore, requests the Court to declare his innocence.

Yang’s defenders said Yang only loans made up when reason to victims for the first time, borrowing is not fictitious reasons multiple times, so he borrowed for the first time shall be deemed to be fraud, but because he had all returned to the capital after borrowing only for private lending behavior multiple times, prosecutors alleged fraud amount in error and should be corrected. In addition, after somebody to marry Yang Xu, real estate mortgage, should not be identified as fraud, Yang is active surrender surrender, requests the Court to a lesser punishment.

Decision to stand trial or not guilty of fraud sentenced to life and confiscated all his property

Courts believe that Yang fictional facts to defraud other people’s property, their behavior constituted fraud. Prosecutors accuse Yang incorrect amounts of fraud, court to remedy the situation. For Dr a and the Defender proposed Dr a to police organ active surrendered, should finds has surrendered plot of justified, by check, April 5, 2014 late, Dr a and song a, and Zhang a for arrears occurred disputed, and Dr a peer of woman Luo a through others alarm said Dr a was detention, Hou police will 3 people with back police station accept survey, Dr a at has not has active surrendered of conditions, and Dr a in a trial during always not pleaded guilty, cannot finds surrendered.

In the first instance to defraud sentenced Yang to life imprisonment, and confiscation of all his personal property be seized, things changed after the price, in proportion to reimburse victims, and the gap, ordered Yang continued to pay compensation, reimbursement in proportion to each victim.

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