Men earn money home, a lot of killing for a living cat cat person besieged daza

“Big head” says home furniture is “cat people” destroyed

Community suddenly poured into many cat lovers

“Big head” doors and Windows of the House also suffered damage to the pictures/morning news reporter Zhang Jiaqi

Morning news reporters Zhang Yiwei

Overnight, Xin Zha Lu Jing ‘ an district, a district in the center of the vortex of public opinion. Here, even on weekdays during the day, now wandering with a lot of young people. They stared at the door of a building in the district, observe the trouble inside. Community security and residents, is staring at them. Today, the residents of the community, in a State of conflict. On one hand, they talk to active recuperation, reluctant to say more on the other, every now and then they can’t help, rushed out of the initiative and “wait and see” theory of young people.

And all this comes from the evening of March 16, a cat person downstairs in the community found a freezer full of dead cats. The dead cat, proved to be one called “big head” for catching the cat, killed for the sale.

Gates put the cat catchers equipment

On March 16 at 6:40, it’s already late, cat lovers Abai while an aunt and her boyfriend take out the trash when you open the iron gate, slipped into the Jing an district Xinzha road within a community building. On the site there is a freezer, freezer has a large collection of cat carcasses in the message has been spread in small animal protection circles for several days. Just a day ago, netizens Patty has been confirmed on the ground, there is a freezer. Is there a cat corpse in the freezer? Abai decided to find out.

“Circle of some of the information is false. Need to look at. I would later find out one day, cats will die a few and came. “Abai said.

Get in the gate, white heart, very close up: hammers, knives, fishing cat cages placed in the staircase Hall. Under the staircase of the first floor, being pulled up in a blue curtain and a white freezer, behind the curtain looms.

“I opened the freezer, rushing a smell. Was very dark, I was taking pictures with the camera, the Flash flashes, to see the scene scared me. “Abai said.

Abai Flash, show bags by a yellow plastic bag “meat”, while in the yellow plastic bags are out one section of the furry tail.

Abai photos confirmed that circles the rumors are true. Photo is a white hair to a group made up of animal activists, news soon detonate the whole circle.

“The photos in your circle of friends, Twitter, and social networking software group, will soon be forwarded everywhere. “Cat lovers” pork, “said he was believed to be the first evangelist.

Half an hour later, cat lovers surrounded the gates of the building. Volunteers found more traps near cat cage, as well as other cat catchers equipment. After you take a good picture, they smashed them.

Police arrived on the scene, filled with freezers of cat carcasses, was moved out of the building.

Animal protection circles, “the old man” soon recognized these cats belong to a nickname for “big head” for catching the cat, he has caught the cat for many years, animal protection circles he has been approached several times.

Siege of cat person “killed a cat Devil”

After the hero of the killing a cat was found, things get a little out of control. Many cat lovers flock to the Xinzha road is located in this neighborhood.

“Nearly 100 people downstairs, they shouted slogans. I told them to stop, they also accuse me sleeping next door to kill cats? “On March 17,” big head “neighbor, a woman, dressed in a blue suit to the reporters tell the story of the night.

Don’t know what broke the “big head” ‘s doors, cat lovers in “big head” was found in the home of two live dogs and lots of catching a cat cage, you start to lose control.

“If you look at my home. They accused me of killing a cat, why not write what you have to do on the Internet? “The afternoon of March 17,” big head “to show reporters his home: TV was thrown to the ground, and pigeon food were scattered all over the floor, sweet garlic and soy sauce you get in bed … …

“Big head” himself, is is described as growing up in the context of love, no family of the addict.

“I am willing to bet they: I’m going to go pee, my drug use, I let the police arrest me; I have no drugs, they pay the testing fee. “” Big head “, told reporters.

His wife on one side and Pack home things, father-in-law looked a mess room to sulk.

“Big head” window, several neighbors and standing in the community of the animal activists bitterly quarreled. “Big head” was born in this community, longer than that of the community. His neighbor, not elders who grew up watching him, and he grew up with friends.

“I grew up with him, how can you describe him as a mother don’t want, malformation of medicine grow? “A volunteer men and heated arguments. He told reporters that the “big head” is a dutiful son, not only parents living very filial, after his parents died, “big head” on the first and 15, will be limited to my parents.

Existing laws prohibit killing a cat

“Big head” stressed that he did not break the law. However, in the eyes of Abai, cat lovers, “big head” behavior has seriously battered their bottom line. “We call for animal protection legislation, prohibit acts of cruelty to animals. ”

However, shanglun Zhou Yunzhu law says: “the legislation prohibiting killing pet cats, it is still too early. ”

“Cats are a very large number, breed animals very quickly, so far no legislation prohibited killing a cat. If prohibited killing a cat, it is not prohibited to kill rabbits? But the rabbit if you prohibit the hunting, and in some areas can lead to disaster. ”

Zhou Yunzhu believes that our country still does not have to include pets such as dogs and cats protection: “China is a large agricultural country, dogs and cats, in many regions belong to domestic animals, rather than human partners or family members. Prohibit the killing of dogs and cats, dog and cat breed too much, even more than the people, and for some families, the overburdened. In addition, due to dogs and cats is cute and prohibit the hunting, cattle and sheep are cute, is should not be allowed to kill them? ”

Zhou Yunzhu told reporters that under the existing law, “big head” killed a cat does not break the law.

Dialog “big head”:

I catch the cat, are to make a living

“Others can. “This is the neighbor of” big head “harmonization of evaluation. However, there is one point, and “big head” grew up together neighbors cannot be denied, “big head” actually killed a cat, and for a number of years. In addition, the “big head” also went to prison. In the eyes of head, his past was the reason why he had to make a living by catching cats.

Shanghai morning post (): you killed a lot of online cat, this is really you?

“Big head”: I caught the cat, catch the cat, is to make a living.

Morning: you know a lot of people are against killing a cat?

“Big head”: I know. However, in legal terms, first, there are no clear provisions, instructions to catch cats is illegal. Morally speaking, we don’t talk about chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, cattle and goat the Chinese traditional food, the quail, why are you alive, not cruel? The lobster, why are you alive, not cruel? Or animal rights activists think quail and lobster are food, our pets. Why do pigeons can eat, not cruel?

Morning: catching the cat is your only source of income?

“Big head”: at present, Yes, but it seems I can’t eat this bowl of rice at an end, Shanghai to the new food safety regulations if banned, I’ll eat this bowl of rice at an end.

Morning: so this cat is eaten?

“Big head”: it depends on what. In Shanghai, the law does not allow the sale. In Guangzhou, the cat is eating. Catch the cat to the canton.

Morning: that cat in the freezer is to be sent to Guangzhou to it?

“Big head”: those aren’t cats are more than more than 40 cat’s skin, skin can be processed into a number of products.

Shanghai morning post: cat skin to where?

“Big head”: this bad talk, I talk about the rivers and Lakes of moral.

Morning: do you catch cats are feral cats?

“Big head”: the Wildcats are not Wildcat, which ran out of something, no law can not catch.

Morning: you catch how many cats every day? You catch hundreds a day online?

“Big head”: how is this possible, do you know how many places 100 cats need? How do you digest? How much meat? I will eat cat meat? I which killed one or two a day or two or three cats.

Morning: why did you choose to catch the cats for a living? Rather than the other way to make a living?

“Big head”: all I can say is, people in the political arena, involuntarily.

Morning: people in the political arena, involuntarily, refers to the existence of pressure?

“Big head”: 80% is live on the pressure 20% is also discouraged. Although I have only read first grade, but you listen to me, you know I was capable of. But there are useless, I went to work, I see are good to people, agrees. But my early mistakes, and people at my ex, you don’t want me. If I don’t catch the cat, then what? Still need to survive.

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