Men don’t think 2000 to settle after the crash too expensive, alarm to expose his drunk driving

“Recently, Jingzhou, a driver in car accident, requests for pay 2000 Yuan over each other, call police said they drove while drunk. ”

Chou complained, what is this? Estimated traffic zombie received such a call, the heart is silent!

Police asked if he does not know how to deal with drunk driving, the driver actually said–“detention, I now think is quite simple, I should detain me. But he told me, his voice was too scary…… “

Driver said angrily: “he’s a van, Paint didn’t go, he asked me to pay 2000! “

My car like a ghost! ‘

Eventually the driver was suspended driver’s license for 6 months for drunk driving, deducted 12 points and fined 2000 Yuan.

This this this … …

Would rather be punished by penalty points, but also does not want to be! Determined not to contribute to evil!

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