Men at the Qingdao Zoo to feed the bear bites off finger, Park officials: stop failed


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    Qingdao network radio and television news on May 17, over the weekend, 28 men and friends to Qingdao Zoo. Xiao Zhang is unexpectedly, close contact with bears, was scarred by his finger bitten off.

    The same day, he and friends went to the Zoo bears exhibition in Qingdao City, prepare to do this when you feed yourself with a twist, accidents happen.

    Small one on my right index finger knuckle, instantly swallowed into the stomach by bear, immediately bloody. Little panic and pain, found the staff in the Park.

    Zhang said that he informed the person managing the bear cage, asks what if bitten by a bear, the answer “I don’t know what to do.”

    Helpless, he himself hurried to Qingdao 401 and took a taxi to the hospital. Hospital diagnosis of fracture of the little finger has been unable to recover, only to the rabies vaccine, over time the corrective surgery.

    Zhang said, brown bear cage perimeter there is a fence, there is barbed wire, but the hand one can feed the bears. And he is, after all, bought a ticket, the Zoo has an obligation to protect the safety of tourists.

    Really like what Zhang said? Zoo safety precautions in place?

    Reporters came to the Zoo in Qingdao brown bear Gallery, cage against the feed, slogans across the fence, are clearly visible.

    Zhang said he did not cross the fence, are from outside the fence reaches the past to feed the bears.

    Qingdao Zoo staff was discouraged too small, “we were there to stop you, so that you do not feed, you go from there to feed. ”

    There are warning signs, keeping workers are also discouraged, in this case, also bitten, if personal behavior?

    On the surveillance video of the incident, the staff said it could not provide, however, explained that small violation of fed that day, they stop tragedy failed to occur. For animals in the Park area, they have done sufficient protective measures, security does not exist on the omission.

    Staff said, “net so thin, we add a layer of mesh, is fear (fed) the situation. ”

    Staff very helpless, despite protection work can not be convinced or have visitors, throwing things into the bear cage. In an interview, a woman ventured into the fence, turn a blind eye to warning signs.

    Qingdao Zoo Chief said, “tourists don’t listen, we discourage, we cannot argue with people. Visitors sometimes do not understand do not listen, instead of fighting with us. ”

    One of the visitors surveyed said visitors quality should be strengthened and should be avoided (animal feed) this situation. Follow Park rules, well, everyone.

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