Men as “retaliation” for two years stolen more than 40 hospitals only doctors and nurses steal

[Abstract] the King of some major hospitals have been able to blend into the crime, the prosecution introduced, staff is because he is the hospital, Department of general hospital setting, room arrangements familiar and has used his connections, many times with their relatives and friends to Beijing, Tianjin and other major hospitals, these hospitals are more familiar to.

Yesterday morning, a man in provinces more than more than more than 40 hospitals to steal more than 50 cases of Wang Xicheng Court, and pleaded guilty in court. Xicheng Court photograph

Using his own hospital pharmacist status, Wang two years in Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, to more than 40 hospitals, mainly for theft more than more than 50 medical personnel, involving more than 130,000 yuan. After the incident, police in their homes seized identity cards, bank cards, health insurance cards, hospital access card, shopping malls over more than 500 membership cards and a large quantity of medical supplies.

Yesterday morning, on suspicion of theft, Wang Xicheng Court. Pleaded guilty in court, Wang said the theft because the discontent among some medical staff, taken in “retaliation”.

Stolen hospital accounted for 31

Wang Hebei people, aged 37, a hospital pharmacist Department of Hebei before the crime was committed.

West Public Prosecutor’s Office charged March 2014 until May 2016, defendant Wang in Beijing, Tianjin and other places more than 56 hospitals theft, which commit objects for the hospital staff, concerned amounting to more than 130,000 yuan.

In a 9-page indictment, prosecutors cited Wang two years 56 criminal records, again caught by the police when committing in a hospital in Hebei province. In Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and other places more than 40 hospitals, Beijing hospitals accounted for 31 of them, crime locations mostly in hospital offices or quarters, repeat perpetrators rarely in the same hospital.

Medical staff cash in the wallet, ID cards, bank cards are the King’s main goal, in addition, can consume the meal card, health care card, Wang took to spending. Also need to dispose of the goods, Wang did not start only once, he stole the laptop to sell 600 Yuan.

King of some major hospitals have been able to blend into the crime, the prosecution introduced, staff is because he is the hospital, Department of general hospital setting, room arrangements familiar and has used his connections, many times with their relatives and friends to Beijing, Tianjin and other major hospitals, these hospitals are more familiar to. Wang’s target is often doctors and nurses rather than patients.

Prosecutors believe that Wang to illegal possession of the accused for the purpose of stealing other people’s property, and huge violation of citizens ‘ property rights, should a burglary investigation of his criminal responsibility.

Pleaded guilty in court without the ability for

9:30 A.M. yesterday, at the Xicheng court proceedings in the case. In court, Wang 55 criminal records of the accused pleaded guilty, another case of the sum involved would not agree.

Modus operandi, Wang said, after you know the name and location of the Department of health care professionals, will move to the nurses ‘ station lounges, doctors offices, dressing rooms and other place to store personal belongings, took placed in the room of purse or suit pocket the bank cards, health insurance cards and other items, whole process of stealing, usually no more than 10 minutes.

“Sometimes alone, sometimes with others when the doctor went, excuse to make friends first, he returned to the hospital. “Wang claimed that Beijing hospitals in semi-open area should be monitored, but he was is spur of the moment, did not want too many consequences.

In the final statement, Wang said: “I am sorry, sorry parents, sorry recognized by patients, I would like to apologize to them, I would like to treat more patients and make their contributions to society. “For victims of loss, Wang said, he will compensate them after being released from prison labor. “But now has no money, no book, no compensation”

During the hearing, Wang’s defenders said that Wang agrees larceny, but according to the amount of theft, although it is more than, but shall be taken into account. In terms of sentencing, true confessions of the accused, expressing repentance, good attitude in confessing, no previous criminal record, is the initial crime, wants the Court to its light punishment.

On Wang’s theft facts, the Prosecutor recommended a five-year sentenced to between six months to six years and six months. Case not been sentenced in court.

The Court heard

Hospital items “nothing is stolen”

Cases the Prosecutor introduced, succeeded Wang each time you commit theft of cash is not much, mainly by bank card directly to the ATM machine card cash income.

“I guess”, trial of the prosecutor asked how to know when a bank card password, Wang said is mainly look at the owner’s ID card, birthday to guess, or random to try.

It is understood that, since most people used to ID cards and bank cards in your wallet, so once ID number a few identical with a bank card password, Wang will be able to smooth out cash. Among the numerous victims, 5 people were Wang took the cash amounted to nearly 100,000 yuan. Most time, Wang was fraudulent more than 68,000 yuan.

In addition to fraudulent credit card, insurance card, Wang also did not miss. As part of the provincial health care card has cash, pharmacies can be specified directly to health care spending, and the insurance card of the initial password is relatively simple, and generally people don’t want to go to the trouble to change the password, so many State insurance card is the initial password. Wang was holding stolen Medicare card to the pharmacy to buy thousands of drugs.

“As long as the hospital thing, he is not nothing to steal. “Case Prosecutor said, in addition to theft of cash, bank card, Medicare card, Wang will also” go “hospital disposable gloves, white coats, injection, stethoscope, kettle, medical information, food and so on.

Wang’s crimes on April 29 last year, Wang with a friend this morning after a hospital in Hebei province, stealing the hospital staff meal card, and spend 300 yuan. Victims found immediately after the alarm, and inform the security departments in hospitals.

That afternoon, Wang entered the hospital again, ready to steal medical information, are already eyeing hospital security officers on the spot control and transfer of the public security organs. Beijing police after officers went to Hebei, to escort them back to Beijing.

After the Wang case, in his seized identity cards, bank cards, health insurance cards, hospitals such as access cards, store membership cards more than more than 500 pieces, and a large quantity of medical supplies. “After we contact the owner discovered that King, a greater number than the number of reported cases of the crime, and many victims because the loss is not great, or give up on reported trouble. This is Wang can often succeed in two years, has been one of the causes of impunity. “The Prosecutor said.

After visiting

Said dissatisfaction with the medical staff of stealing “retaliation”

During the hearing, the specific circumstances of the theft, Wang said, too many have lost count, but he confirmed that he targeted the victims of these choices.

Wang statement said, because of his professional reasons, often take friends and family to the hospital, and some resentment of the medical staff, “these poor people take to go to a doctor friend to me, and some medical corruption, my resentment, grew the idea of revenge. I apologize for their behavior. ”

Know that these health care personnel section and name, Wang will find time to get revenge. Go to each other’s offices or places of rest, steal belongings or verbal personal attacks. Beijing News reporter Zuo Yanyan

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