Men alcoholic liquor wife drank two kilos a day but its lock on the bed

[Summary] “he drinks a day on average 2 kg white wine, much of it, to 3 pounds. “Mr Han’s wife, sister spirit not come,” I make money day and night stalls selling eggs every day, my husband has dreams all day, afraid he was drunk and out of danger, only to lock it up. Once he drunk driving gas stove cooking, less of the fire then went to bed, I owe it to the landlord. ”

Men locked in bed by his wife.

Online April 15, Zhejiang (Zhejiang online reporter Huang Na correspondent Aihua Li) 50 year old masters, his neck with a u-lock, the u-lock locks a iron chains, chains on the bed.

Who did it? Turned out to be his wife! Why his wife tied to a dog-like, locking a man?

Man chained up

He was his wife

On April 11 at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Tongxiang, jiaxing Phoenix police station received a report that “I was chained to live! ”

Reporter Han, Mandarin community, Tongxiang, a resettlement of a building.

Police arrived at the scene, alarm, middle-aged man covered with wine, people awake. He his neck with a u-lock, the u-lock locks the longer chains, chains on the bed. Men lose their freedom, urging police to help unlock.

Police asked him, “who gave you the lock? “He replied, my wife locked.

Police called his wife. “Every day drinking, drunk again this time, I was afraid of his accident, to lock up. “Ridicule Mr Han’s wife on the phone, she was selling eggs in the market, has not decided to refused to come back to unlock.

Police looking for a locksmith. Locksmith said, use a cutter to cut u-locks and sparks of cutters is likely to splash to Mr Han’s face. Old Korean but gave up the cutting.

More than 6 o’clock in the evening, the police visit, entered the room, man was drunk lying on the bed. After more than 20 minutes, big sister decided to go home, but she still refused to take out a key solution for u-lock.

Mr Han, a great master, suddenly “splash” kneel, sister still did not budge.

“He drinks a day on average 2 kg of white wine, much of it, to 3 pounds. “Big sister without a fight,” I make money day and night stalls selling eggs every day, my husband has dreams all day, afraid he was drunk and out of danger, only to lock it up. Once he drunk driving gas stove cooking, less of the fire then went to bed, I owe it to the landlord. ”

Supermarket bosses don’t want to sell him

Landlords do not want to rent to him

At noon yesterday, reporters found the Mandarin area. Mr Han “Fame” is very large, see more outfit of his drunkenness, neighbors called him “drunkard”.

Sister opened a supermarket in the community, “people said, ‘ drunk ‘, I go to the door to call him out, don’t want to sell him. “The money was not earned? Elder sister said, which really do not want to earn the money.

“He will pay money, don’t put money straight to the counter and picked up a bottle of 35 ° strong wine, back neck, loud splash down, second bottle was gone, just like drinking mineral water. “Elder sister said, she gets all down,” However, he does not owe the money, waiting for someone to wake up, to pay for the drinks. ”

“His wife hates him, and several supermarkets have said, do not sell alcohol to her husband. “Elder sister also sympathized with his wife,” is not easy, one person earns, and stands on a ‘ drunkard ‘ approach at all. ”

Auntie Shen is a “drunkard” landlord, filed the tenant, is dumbfounding. “He is very nice, also greeted the initiative, a drunk arrived. “Auntie Shen said tenant rented house more than two years, had four drunk impressed her.

“First times is a night, sound is big, down a see is couples both in fight, he drink have drunk of, took up knife to cut himself hand, also really draw has blood cut, later was neighbors advised live; second times is last year heat days, drunk has shirtless sleep in Sun under Sun have dehydration has, wife home received children to Tongxiang had summer, thanks to neighbors found have early; third times he drunk has wail crying, whole building floor are heard has; recently once he drunk has open gas cooking, didn’t shut, OK I husband timely found. “Auntie Shen said 350 Yuan a month rent, just like a” time bomb “, she did not want to rent to them.

Drank two kilos of white wine

Mr Han’s neck was locked

Yesterday about 12 o’clock noon, evening news reporter found Han Jia.

The family from Anhui Province, and t for many years. Rent is more than more than 10 square, stacked a lot of eggs, duck eggs, a piece of debris piled on the bed against the wall, in addition to cooking utensils, no other valuable appliances.

Mr Han is 50 years old, hair baicha, old, still is a liquor, u-lock hanging in the neck, locked a long chain, which he carried in his pocket. Probably afraid of being seen sorry, his coat collar, trying to cover.

“Why are you carrying? “The reporter pointed to his neck.

He was a bit embarrassed, “last night, drank two kilos of white wine. ”

Patients with alcohol dependence syndrome, no alcohol in the body do not apply

Jiaxing Kang Tzu Chi Hospital Chief Physician Zhou said Han alcoholic is ill, and in all likelihood suffer from alcohol dependence syndrome, the disease, the body does not apply without alcohol, and drug abuse, smoking addiction. After the old, physical decline, “don’t drink no, drunk a drink.”

Alcohol dependence psychological dependence and physical dependence. Physiological rely on refers to on drinking of time, and way and control force declined, not drink no, dang he stop drinking 24 hours-48 hours, body will does not apply, like tension, and anxiety, and nausea, and vomiting, and sweating, and hand shake,, serious Shi will appeared tremor delirium jump, as heartbeat accelerated, and large sweating, and body tremor, and consciousness not clear, even appeared depending on illusion, and listening to illusion, so he to kept to drinking, to maintained body alcohol of concentration.

Long-term excessive drinking is very harmful to the body, can cause liver damage, liver cirrhosis, then develop into liver and ascites, liver cancer, will have a digestive system, diseases of the nervous system.

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