Media reality: MLM why Guangxi into China’s first hit

[Abstract] from Guangxi, travel to visit the large number of foreigners doing business for local marketing activities provide a “human resources”. State preferential policies, become a marketing person trick “downline” header. Local tolerance of MLM, MLM local flood played a contributory role.

Recently named “mount and a woman married artist sisters to come to the wedding” video widely disseminated on the Internet. Videos men and women in a hotel in mostly shaved, wearing dresses in all colors.

At this point, Mount Wutai Buddhism Association said in a statement, the video is a so-called “five dollars” illegal pyramid scheme organizations, engaged in direct sales party at intercontinental a video.

This MLM topics into public view again. Two days ago and there were media reports said Xuzhou, Jiangsu 25-year-old man Xiao Yang went to visit the sick in Guilin’s girlfriend, but into a pyramid, one is six months old. Even more surprising is, under coercion, Xiao yang, and 8 women are not the thing.

Some netizens commented: “not unexpected at all, Guangxi is the pyramid sales dens the most.”

Guangxi is specifically in reference to our MLM

There is a saying in the MLM industry is very famous is the country of Guangxi, Guangxi North and South, that is is illegal pyramid scheme, the first in the country the worst-hit areas in Guangxi. Pyramid selling activities for a long time in parts of Guangxi, the North Sea, guest and other places used to be called “multi-level marketing paradise.”

In 2015, the anti-MLM Association released a report “China MLM distribution map”, is listed as one of the worst-hit areas in Guangxi.

In March this year, a social networking platform, according to report clues, publishing in its official letter of a map of the high incidence of the national pyramid scheme. According to the map display, 30 cities across the country are classified as “pyramid selling high”.

Among them, the largest number of top cities in Guangxi, fangchenggang, Guilin, Beihai, Guilin, Nanning, guigang, 6 cities, one-fifth.

Other pyramid schemes to be sources in recent years, the platform personnel investigated 13,603 suspected pyramid selling, from Qujing, Yunnan, Guangxi, Guilin, Guangxi, the largest of the three regions of the North Sea, respectively, and 9.8% and 8.8%. Guangxi is still “the disaster” the most affected provinces.

Specific case, since the founding of one of the largest pyramid selling cases also occurred in Guangxi.

In April 2014, xixiangtang district of Nanning city, Guangxi courts at first instance publicly listed as “first pyramid selling cases in Guangxi”, “1·18” MLM organization, leadership series, 118 defendants convicted.

Development of large scale of the Organization, members of the MLM system over 1900 people, 7300 people involved, Anhui, Sichuan, Shandong, Xinjiang, Gansu and other 17 provinces (autonomous regions), and network levels greater than 40, charged off the purchase, payment referral commissions bank account funds amounted to 2.3 billion yuan, were classified as “first pyramid selling cases in Guangxi”. Police said the case national rare.

Guangxi suffered the worst setback for any MLM?

Geographical conditions of “development”

Is located in the southwest of Guangxi, and have more than one kind of port through Vietnam’s border, Dongxing, Beihai, Fangcheng port, this special location off the coast along the border between Guangxi business, tourism, visit the large number of foreigners, which also includes many people of Guangxi’s visit to ASEAN countries.

10 years ago, 5 fair following direct flights between Nanning city in Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City flights have opened more and more guests came to Guangxi-ASEAN travel, Nanning, there is an increasing number of domestic tourists from abroad.

Starting from around 2006, several small cities in Guangxi became excited.

From Dongxing port departure to Vietnam, with passport visa, or id go through passes. This border travel off-site accreditation policy, in 2013, with Vietnam in Chongzuo, Guangxi Beihai, fangchenggang, Baise and 4 cities are allowed to carry out.

Fangchenggang is only connected to the sea between China and ASEAN cities, border tourists accounted for the entire 80%, near Guangxi, at the end of April 2015, received 39,500 people returning to border tourism, accreditation 3.958 million yuan of income in different places.

These data suggest that a large number of field populations from Guangxi, for local marketing activities to provide a “human resources”.

Outsiders not familiar with the local culture and environment, easier to “talk” and control, Guangxi Beibu Gulf have been popular MLM “day trip” prove this.

While travelling from Wu in fangchenggang, Guangxi, Hunan, attended the local “tour” organized by fangchenggang, Dongxing “day trip”. Nearly 50 people on the bus ride from all over the country, “guides” do not speak of attractions, but preaching the Beibu Gulf in Guangxi “development opportunities”, introduced rich “three-pot of gold”.

“The Guide” on the highways, billboards, Lenovo’s interpretation of the large public buildings, holding a loudspeaker proclaimed in a loud voice: “fangchenggang in gold” “Beibu Gulf is financing the SAR” … … There are a lot of “old friends” with a “new friend” come visit.

Due to some outsiders inexperienced, lack of discernment, in addition to wealth, dreams of his unrealistic dreams, causing them to eventually be brainwashed by pyramid into a cycle of thinking and from the original pyramid scheme victims turned into perpetrators later.

National preferential policies be treated as obtaining property by deception coat

Guangxi and ASEAN countries connected to the land and sea, Beibu Bay development, promotion of the China-ASEAN free trade area construction, MLM opportunity to ever-changing pattern, transform methods, call deception in the name of the country.

Guangxi Beibu Gulf economic zone was the only Chinese while enjoying the great development of the western part of the country policy, open policies, ethnic minorities, border areas along the coast area of the open policy, is a national main-functional zones to determine the key development area, is one of the preferential policies for domestic enrichment.

Countries strongly supported the development of Beibu Gulf, clearly giving five major areas of policy support: comprehensive reform; major project layout; bonded logistics systems; financial reform and open cooperation.

As the country “along the way” the release of the strategic vision and action, many cities in Guangxi to increase the infrastructure of cross-border economic cooperation. Only in 2016, Dongxing border economic cooperation area build 18 key projects, a total investment of nearly 4 billion yuan.

These preferential policies, become a marketing person trick “downline” headers, form the basis for many people choose to believe that MLM has said.

Many MLM coined a number of leaders, said Guangxi, capital operation of our country to introduce “new thing”. They state “Western development” or “secret government project” to raise funds on behalf of the said investment 698,000 RMB per person for North Bay construction, each of three people, three years to earn 10.4 million Yuan.

China-ASEAN international walking Street in Nanning are important tourist attractions in Nanning, Guangxi, but here, some mystery books in a public sale. These books are pyramid used to brainwash the illegal publications. In the mass of evidence seized by the police in Nanning, pyramid selling groups on behalf of the relevant ministries of the State forged a large number of files.

Pyramid used to brainwash the illegal publications

Face the hype of “national policy” and an attractive return, many people embark on this “rich”.

Marketing-driven GDP?

Said to some extent, prevalence of some locals tacitly encourages the habit of MLM.

“The capital” in areas prone to Guangxi several MLM is not only an open secret, and has been integrated into the local economy, to some extent, to create business opportunities.

Critics of zhangnan once wrote, locals MLM tolerate or even welcome to some extent, to MLM in local flood played a contributory role. Record display once on each side of the Virin Avenue, guests only, about more than more than 2000 family of pyramid sales dens.

So many people with so much money pouring into guest, clothing, shelter line consumption alone is enough to bring considerable income to the local people – marketing’s impact on the local economy, was quickly pulled from the local housing prices and rents are also shown.

MLM in Guangxi when the most popular, restaurants, KTV and hotel business is very good, “MLM people had dinner several times a month, singing, then, and would like to order a box is very difficult. “A hotel workers said.

Zhongnan University Professor Qiao Xinsheng said, after a direct sales company to a certain size, can really bring economic benefits to the local, even pushing up GDP, policy makers and academic researchers can not be avoided.

Prices in the North Sea was once ranked first in the country in a row, alerted the Ministry of construction, when a large number of marketing staff is considered one of the high prices force.

Special geographic, policy and culture in Guangxi, causing rampant pyramid selling activities for many years, deeply rooted.

Although pyramid schemes still exist, but in recent years the whole country in Guangxi have made certain achievements in combating such activities. In March this year, against pyramid schemes Office of Guangxi has issued the 2017 district-wide fight against pyramid selling points, from 4 aspects of the deployment of the 18 key work against pyramid schemes.

Crime to crack down on pyramid sales, still have a long way to go.

For people who are to be drawn into the pyramid, MLM’s magic is that it is not only a deception, an “illegal fund-raising, absconded with” fraud; it’s more like a cult, it is a very strong religious, ideological brainwashing of the delicate, closely, striking weaknesses.

For pyramid selling “turn a blind eye,” people, MLM is another way to stimulate economic growth, and can even extend a tourism, housing, shopping, dining, including a gray industrial chain. They don’t realize that, only to create a favorable market environment can be conducive to the long-term development of the local economy.

“Guy to Guilin girlfriend stumbled into MLM Wo, 1 month and 8 women having sex” seems absurd, but interest in it must not stop at poking fun at.

MLM now means the times, maybe one day he will unconsciously fall into the trap … … In addition to mind their own, do not believe that “pie in the sky”, the entire social pyramid of vigilance and resistance are more important. After all, we cannot manage their own care of relatives, friends and loved ones.



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