Masseuse guests cash stolen Tibetan in the chest, after learning of the lien-4100

4100 massage technician had stolen guests, all hidden in the BRA.

Recently, Mr Liu in Shanghai PuTuo area to massage a massage shop nearby, found stored in a laptop bag when you leave the hotel a lot less million yuan in cash. After receiving the alarm, police immediately rushed to the scene to help Liu find the 4100 of the missing money, the thieves captured on the spot.

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN)-reporters learned from police that, on March 16, Liu and friends, eating a good meal to spend money in massage parlors. According to Mr LAU, who under the guidance of a mechanic, carry-on computer bag on the seat opposite place on the massage table, he then massage into a NAP. Was surprised by Mr Liu was the technicians repeatedly demanded he lay back and asked if he’s been drinking.

After the police’s understanding of the facts, that technicians suspected a larger, to simple questioning, but denied it. Mr Liu said, 10,000 Yuan within its computer bag is removed from the Bank the same day, notes number are linked together.

Hear the notes, even, a look of panic, eventually confessed his thefts, and took out their own bra 4100 money.

According to an account she Liu massage, that he drank with friends in the evening, let it lie on back, nodding quickly took the money in his computer bag and hiding inside the BRA.

At present, PuTuo, has been detained by the police on suspicion of theft.

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