Married women affair with the village bully to break up anti-extortion

On March 16, the reporter learned from the Yilong County people’s Procuratorate, which according to a “village tyrants,” Liu alleged crimes of extortion and illegal storage of explosives approved the arrest.

Liu Yilong, June 2015, their adoption of social software married Mary he met with village, developed into an affair. Improper relationship to Mary he husband two ears, Mary he quarrels with her husband after renting in town for a long time. In the meantime, Liu asked Mary he to live with her husband or even meet. Mary he take into account the family and reputation problems, put forward Liu Qiang is cut off from the world by thought, this request was strongly denied by Liu. Liu Qiang to prolonged occupation of Mary he end, with Mary he reputation and his family life threatening.

First half of 2016, Mary he was fed up with Liu entangled, once again to the requirements of his proposed cut affair. Liu hit, threatened to blackmail Mary he delivered 50,000 yuan for her fee as compensation, or do not agree to break off the relationship. Mary he considered the reality of compromise, paid 20,000 yuan in cash to Liu, Liu Qiang after making a written guarantee is no longer a threat after the break He Li. But after receiving compensation for 20,000 yuan, Liu Qiang, continued threats against Mary he entangled, Mary he is under pressure, and continue to maintain extramarital affairs relations with Liu.

Paper cannot wrap fire in recent days, when Liu and Mary he was crashed by her husband, fierce fighting between the two sides, Mary he reluctantly choose the alarm. Meanwhile, police suspect Liu home to conduct a search in accordance with law, detonators found in a metal cabinets at home 13 Gold, detonating 33.5 meters. At present, the case is under further investigation. (Characters in the alias)

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