Man with 2 ID number 2 wife buys 4 suites 1 parking lots

• Sun revealed a two ID number

Taihai NET on May 17 (the Strait Herald reporter) has a residence in Xiamen, Sun, there are two identification numbers, two of this booklet. He uses both ID number, are married two wives, purchased at least 4 homes in Xiamen and one parking space.

What kind of “immortal”, could be so powerful? How can his legal wife accepted the reality? Lawyers said the men may have constituted bigamy may be suspected of forging State documents repeatedly made in the form of ID card and residence booklet.


Men were found with two ID number two wife

Sun yanling ancestral home in Henan. The 90 ‘s of the last century, the old Sun with his wife and two children, entrepreneurship, life in Xiamen.

People surnamed CAO is a Sun lover, “we got married in May 1993 in the Henan hometown wine”, surnamed Cao told the Herald reporter, and her husband have two of the same name and different number ID.

According to Ms Cao’s lawyer from Xiamen Public Security Bureau information query information: Sun has “refuge” and “usual” two different registration records, including registration of temporary residence status, birth date marked in 1957, the residence address is a village in yanling County, Henan and residence status registration date of birth in 1960, residence address, Huli district, a residential district. “Two” Sun pictures, it can be concluded that is the same person. But it’s the same person, but has a different version number two of the 1957 and 1960 ID number. “Xiamen residence ID card number is ‘1960 years ‘, Henan household registration of the ID card number is ‘1957 years ‘. ”

Cao said that the more outrageous is that her husband did not belong to her alone, he also enjoyed “polygamy” life. “By 2013, he lets the child said to me, he was out, to tell me off. “Ms Cao to Sohn’s company” get a statement “after a physical confrontation between the two sides, surnamed Cao was told the truth,” I knew that he had married another woman. “

Ms Cao shock, “we haven’t divorced yet! From the home to Xiamen struggle, our original intention was to such a life? ”


People registered for marriage in Henan two Xiamen?

Sun Mousheng surnamed Cao and her husband haven’t split, Sun is married to another woman?

“I did not get a card with her, how to divorce her? I was there with her children, have lived for decades, but that doesn’t mean the fact of their marriage. “Sun denies that he and Ms Cao’s marriage.

But Ms Cao: “when it was our account moved to Xiamen from Henan province, handed over to the public security organs, as well as street Office materials, note my identity is ‘ spouse ‘. “In 2006, the Sun and Cao also spoke on behalf of the couple to banks for mortgage loans,” with his wife’s legal status, guarantee signatures before they can get approval. “

Surnamed Cao report, Sun has two ID numbers, Sun told the Herald reporter: “1957 number ID card has no, I am using is the 1960 number ID card”.

Registration information, Sun life and “the second wife” Ms Li yanling, Henan Bureau of marriage registration units. “Sun and Ms LI is Xiamen accounts. Why would two Xiamen, Henan a marriage certificate? Home system in Henan, how can apply for marriage registration of the registered population in the field? “Cao said,” this-the Sun is only possible with the Henan household and Ms LI for marriage registration. ”

But when Ms Herald reporter quoted Cao’s queries mentioned above, Sun is very angry, “that’s my business, have anything to do with her? What does it matter to you? ”


Two ID bought four houses

Sun to have two different identification number what is down? Cao also does not know “after his business and home in Henan had a good relationship, met a lot of friends.”

Lawyers from houses in Xiamen City Bureau of investigation statistics, Sun using two different identification number, purchased at least 4 houses in Xiamen and 1 parking space. “On the registration of property rights, his 1960 number ID in Pu bought 2 houses. Prior to that, he spent 1957 year number ID card, bought 2 homes at the river head. “The lawyers guide reporters to produce evidence.

Jiang Street, one is located in a small house, half are women present address, she lives alone. “His 1957 numbering ID when handling the temporary residence permit in Xiamen, in temporary query table information on the temporary residence address is my address. In this address on account of this, I was headed. “Ms Tso, and the production of evidence.

Cao said that, last year, Sun asked her to move out of the House. Sun said: “we only look at the Court’s decision. As awarded by the Court who, whose, why should I tell her that much. ”

At present, Cao and husband, Sun Court, resolve disputes through legal channels.

Lawyer claims

“De facto unions” established or not is the key

Fujian know Wu Shuixia circle law firm lawyers said during an interview with Herald reporter, using a different number card is aimed at, is to deceive, deception and social, the social credit system is undermined.

According to the second paragraph of article III of the law of the people’s Republic of China resident identity card: “citizen identity number is every citizen only, life the same identity code, prepared by the public security organs in accordance with the national standard of civil identification numbers. “Article sixth of the household registration regulations provides:” a citizen can only be in one place to be registered as permanent residents. ”

Surnamed Cao and Sun’s marriage is legally recognized and protected? Wu Shuixia lawyer, surnamed Cao in this case to use the law to safeguard their rights and interests are lucky. Why do you say it? Because, according to law, bigamy, and required the first marriage to be recognized in law (effective) marriage.

Cases, Sun and Ms Cao lived but no license, legally known as “de facto marriage”. And China on this facts marriage both non-all denied, also not all admitted, but different time paragraph used different of situation–if in February 1, 1994 Ministry of civil affairs marriage registration Management Ordinance announced implementation yiqian life in with, but no led card of, national admitted this is effective of marriage, so which a again and other male (female) people married, is bigamy, constitute bigamy crime.

Living together after February 1, 1994 but did not get a card, the State is not recognized, admitted only after the license. So in this case, if there is no license, one other man (woman) marriage is not bigamy did not constitute bigamy. To accuse each other, only with its license.

So, surnamed Cao as long as real evidence, to prove themselves and before the Sun was born in February 1994 began “de facto marriage” law admitted that this was a valid marriage.

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