Man teaches children to read not wives next door “single dog” hit their motorcycle

Red NET Rucheng, April 25 (reporter Bao Libin leaves red Bao Guodong) men to vent their anger after an argument with his neighbors, with a hook knife to the neighbor’s door, motorcycle tank destroyed. On April 24, Rucheng county, Hunan Province Public Security Bureau promptly investigate and deal with vandalism case, arrest illegal suspect one.

April 24 at 8 o’clock, Hao Xiang village, Rucheng and where some kids don’t want to go to school will educate the children in the home, and said in a loud voice not to marry a wife after reading words. Lived next door he has not married, and after hearing what a letter alleges, considered to be scolded himself, then stormed to the last had a big fight. He went, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, when he is not at home, picked up his family’s home in Hook knife for doors, Windows, motorcycle tank smashed.

Police informed, immediately headed home, to be brought back to the police station for investigation. Trial: how he destroyed the letter home doors, Windows, iron, motorcycle tank confessed illegal.

At present, he has been by the public security organs in accordance with the administrative detention, the case is being further processed.

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