Man picked up the phone to owner of girlfriends accompany sleep nude “is not about the money”

Hua Sheng online lost phone finally has fallen in changde, changde, but young students are not happy, because someone up with retrieve cell phone conditions more and more rude, and even asked his female friend sleeping and nude. On April 17, the reporter learned that young students have been reported.

Young student and his girlfriend is a student of the College of Liberal Arts College of changde Fu Rong. On April 7, the young students in schools have lost an Apple SE phones, that night, lost his mobile phone shop mobile phone pattern lock your cell phone, and leaving a girlfriend’s phone number. The next day, a stranger called me. “The telephone is a girlfriend, said as long as a pack of cigarettes is to return the phone. “The two sides arranged to meet, but when they reached after the rendezvous, but never appeared. A week later, a strange phone call, know the whereabouts of mobile phones.

“I’m not sure if these two people. “Dr classmates memories, man on the phone said it was holding the phone asking if he wanted, he sees Dr classmates message, open the phone call came. Rangyang student is strange only girlfriend answered the phone, the other side will open. Man and stressed repeatedly that they pick up the people who were his friends, but cannot tell each other the phone. After talking to a few comments, both sides agreed to interview the next day.

The man said, “his friend asked to meet at the hotel, not to sell your cell phone”, and says the friends do not want, as long as the young student’s girlfriend to accompany sleep time, not only the return of mobile phones down to 600 Yuan. Angry young student and girlfriend are going to meet the man, then pretended to down. Unexpectedly, the man still does not give up.

Hang soon, the men came and put forward new demands: Dr student girlfriend topless. After the rejection, the man to sell the phone as the threat. After the intolerable, young student girlfriend offered to spend 2000 Yuan back to the phone, but is refused, and said “this is not about the money.”

The afternoon of April 17, the reporter called the man over the phone, had been displayed as shutdown. Reporter Zhou Ling

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